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An Unexpected Occurrence  by purelilyrose

Lyublyu began the spell, circling Deana as she stared in wonder. Lyublyu circled quick and neat becoming a light blue blur. From Deana's viewpoint, the circle of light was spectacular. As Lyublyu span, the colors inside the circle changed from light blue to pink to purple to even snot green.

 Deana watched the array of colors until, suddenly, she fell into a deep sleep. 



Deana woke up not feeling any different first thought if it was all a dream and then wondered, if it wasn't a dream, if the glistening heart spell had worked. 

She glanced around her surroundings, expecting her beloved Sam to come bounding up to her with his wet pink tongue ready to give her a bath. No such luck.  There was no Sam, and her surroundings were strange. 

In the corner of the little room she was placed was a teacup made from a tightly woven leaf. Underneath was a  flower in the form of a saucer. Deana got off her bed to get a better look at her surroundings when she began to hear unfamiliar voices chattering from the other side of the door.  She pressed her ear to the door. 

"She's gorgeous!"

"She's our size!"

"She could be the most beautiful pixie in Krasivaya!"

"But how? How did this happen? The spell is not powerful enough to make her small. It is only powerful enough to make her ageless and turn her into a fairy with wings."

A familiar soft twinkling voice spoke. The chattering stopped to listen to Lyublyu.

"The spell has never been carried through to completion. It has only been used once before to cause a great crisis amongst our people. It was a mistake the first time, but we may have found the girl foretold of in legend. Remember, my children, the glistening heart spell was not created by us. It was given to us by the glorious mother in anticipation of the star child. We had mistaken the first child for the star child because she was the first to ever see us, but she became the plague we feared the most. It is Deana who we have been waiting for and Deana who will save us from humans and the kuroi."

"But Lyublyu, how can we know for sure she is the one?" another familiar voice asked, Lily's grandmother. 

"It has been foretold. The spell may be cast successfully only once. The past turned the child into a wicked black shadow, but Deana became the only shining pixie."

Deana backed away from the door. "Shining?" She thought. She hadn't noticed shining before, but she hadn't really inspected herself.

Deana looked in the mirror on top of the vanity made from an acorn and gasped.  


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Date created: Sept. 17, 2008
Date published: Sept. 17, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: child, lights, pixies, spell, stumps
Word Count: 562
Times Read: 408
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 2.1/5.0 (1 votes)
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