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"Free Falling"

Falling Free  by phirnot

"Don't do something rash," she said, in that way that only mothers can.  Her nagging reverberated in my head in time with the engines revving for take-off.  But then I looked across the aisle at Bryan, and his smiling face and chocolate kiss eyes filled my heart with adventure.  Yeah, I thought to myself, you only live once!  I held on to this thought, my shield of courage, as we climbed higher and higher into a crystal-clear blue sky.

Before beginning our honeymoon in Mexico, Bryan and I had promised each other one photograph of us before and after every adventure we did.  Look, there we are in bright green flippers and masks right before Bryan pushed me into the water.  And that's us sucking down Jose Cuervo after a Salsa dancing contest. 

My mind was playing a colorful slide show of our trip so far as we reached cruising altitude.  Joe, my tandem partner, guided me to the hole in the plane that was supposed to be fun to fall out of.  Wait, wait, first?!  But I don't want to go first!

One moment I was on solid ground (alright, so maybe it was solid ground on thin air, but it was still solid!), and the next I was free falling through space.  "Geronimooooooo!!!" I heard Bryan yelling above, as he came chasing after me.  I couldn't help but be enthused at his enthusiasm as we hurtled toward earth. 

My body jerked as Joe pulled the ripcord and our fall was slowed to a sail.  I looked up for Bryan, and could only stare as he went hurtling by, no colorful parachute in site.
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Date created: Feb. 8, 2008
Date published: Feb. 8, 2008
Comments: 0
Word Count: 329
Times Read: 293
Story Length: 1