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Re-Kindled  by orca144

Have you ever had to say goodbye to a friend as a child? When your young and say goodbye, you really have no idea how long you say goodbye for. At least that is how it is for me. As I grow older I find myself always reminiscing about the good times I had as a child, playing Pokemon and pole tag but now that's gone. A world that was once so much part of our lives is gone.

At least that was what I thought, until I checked my Facebook.

I'm the kind of guy that has always been awkward. I hate to sound like a stereo-type here but I honestly am an awkward kind of guy. I'm the type of guy to just start laughing because I have nothing to say or how to remotely form a sentence. I can be a bit of a loser sometime. Actually a lot of the time, once I graduated high school I followed my future-ex to a university to study medicine, which I had no desire to enter. Turns out as soon as I entered there my Professor wanted to help her get some extra-credit. After that semester I dropped out and transferred to a community college to study art history. A passion that I knew would lead nowhere.


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Date created: Jan. 17, 2011
Date published: Jan. 17, 2011
Comments: 1
Tags: awkward, change, comedy, facebook, friendship, fun, life
Word Count: 225
Times Read: 319
Story Length: 1