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yeah. (draft)  by onimusha101


     Chapter 1.


The alarm clock beeped. I rolled over and smacked everywhere possible untill the beeping stopped, and rolled out of bed. God i hated going to a new school. Me and my mom had just moved from sunny california to Cheshire England, and yes I know I should be so excited to move to somewhere so awesome. I  wasnt. My mom and dad just got a divorce and because I **** hate my dad i thought hell, im stuck moving.


Its not like I didnt consider moving in with dad(because I did) I figured the best bet was move with mom. So she packed up and moved to Cheshire with my grandmother. I was enrolled in Wilmslow High School, yeah great name. 


I decided i was putting this off to long, so I finally got up and started getting ready. I know i said i wasnt excited but really, new schools eh, gotta make some sort of impression. So i threw on my black high waisted skirt with my blue corset underneath and my studded belt. I wore no tights with it but a pair of black platform heels. 


I could never decide what to do with my hair so I texted my friend ashton whom I happened to move from a short text, hai babe, what shall I do with my hair for this outfit? Snapping a quick picture of my outfit I sent it. Not even a minute later he texted back "curl it girl". God I loved him being gay, it was the perfect thing for any female to have. So I got to work curling it. On the last curl my mom yelled "Isabelle". "Dammit" I thought "COMING" I yelled back, i finished the curl, threw on my eyeliner, mascara and lipgloss and ran downstairs. 

"morning mother" I said


"morning Isabelle" she said almost whispering "have you brought your ipod?"


"shoot" I exclaimed and ran upstairs. I was very glad at that moment to have her as a mother, as she knew if i didnt have it i would have called her to bring it


we got in the car and buckled up, before she could speak i put in my headphones and turned on my favorite band One Direction and started to doze off. When Harry Styles started to sing my thoughts went all cloudy and I got goosebumps. Oh what I would give to have one small kiss from him.  


My mom pulled up to the school and I jumped out,waved a quick good-bye and ran inside. First period was english which I happened to love, we watched a quick movie on opinion peices and then wrote one that was that. Second period was gym,which I was not attending today. I walked out of the front door to the streets of Cheshire. Walking through the town I did have to admit it was very pretty here and I expected nothing less. I stopped in a shop to look at some of the dresses, I spotted a pretty green one when I seen the clock. I noticed that second period was almost done so I ran out and down the streets. 


After about 5 minutes of running I realized I may have gone the wrong way. "****" I muttered to myself. 


"exscuse me miss" spoke a voice to the right "can I help you at all?" he asked. 


I looked up ready to say no but when I seen who it was I almost fainted. Harry Styles was standing three feet away from me. 



                 Chapter 2.




"uhm.." i started to say " I.. uh.. I think im lost.


"well where are you going?" he asked.


"back to Whimslow high... I left and im gonna be late"


"let me drive you back" he said walking over to me.


I couldnt belive what I was hearing, the man of my dreams was offering my a ride.


"yeah i'd love that" I said almost too quick.


He laughed his sexy laugh and grabbed my hand leading me to his car. My heart was beating so fast I was sure he could hear it. He got in the other side and buckled up.


"Im Harry by the way" he said looking at me " Harry Styles"


"I know who you are" I said with a giggle "im Isabelle Samplonius"


"nice to meet you Isabelle and a fan are you?"


I had to laugh at that "im happen to not only be a fan, but possibly in love with you" I said starting to blush


He laughed again and set his hand on mine "well then Isabelle would you mind putting your number in my phone? I wouldn't mind getting to know you better". He handed me his phone and I added myself under 'Your futre wife ;)' . We pulled up and I was just about to say thank you and shut the door when he said "be here after school i'll be waiting" he winked and drove off.


The rest of the day he wouldn't leave my mind, all I could think about was his laugh, his sexy smile, the way his eyes looked today, and how it felt for him to have his hand on mine. I thought I was never going to feel any better than I did right now untill the final bell rang. I grabbed my stuff and practicly ran out the door to his car.  He was there, waiting just like he said he would be. I opened the door and jumped in, it seemed so normal to do. He immedietly took my hand and started to drive, I didnt know where but iin all honestly i didnt care. 


We ended up at the beach, I had no clue where honestly, I was too distracted by harry. He came around and opened the door for me and took me by the hand leading me down the beach. We sat down at the shore hand in hand and talked, we had just met this morning but it felt as though i had known him forever.


"can I be honest here?" he said


"of course you can" I said slowly


"well its just that... I like you, and I know we only met today but being with you feels so natural" he started to blush "you know what i mean?"


"I totally understand Harry, I feel the same way" looking away i mumbled "probably even more than you know"


He put his hand on my cheek and turned my face untill i was looking at him, and as fast as my feelings had grown for him, he kissed me. It was slow at first then turned more intense. Im not usually like this but it was a once in a life time oppertunity to kiss him and I wasnt going to miss out on that.




                                               Chapter 3.


We drove back to his house and we hung out there for a bit. We were half way through a movie when the door opened we turned around to see the rest of the boys walk in.




Niall and Zayn laughed and Liam just shook his head.


Louis ran over and jumped on Harry he looked at me and said "so who is the beautiful lady who stole my man?"


I blushed and said "my names Isabelle" 


"well I like the name so you can keep him for now" he said as he winked and got up walking away.


For the rest of the night the boys and me laughed and joked, our movie was forgotten and as much as I loved hanging out with the boys I just wished I could have time alone with harry.


"Hey!" Harry suddenly yelled "its 10 what time do you have to be home?"


"shoot!" I jumped up and put on my shoes "I had to be home by 9, my mom is going to freak!"


"dont worry babe" Harry said putting his arm around me "I'll explain to your mom"


We left Harrys place and began driving to mine, we talked and laughed the whole way when suddenly he pulled over and parked. I began to get very nervous, I was only 17 I wasnt ready for anything to happen.


He looked over and chuckled to himself "you look nervous isabelle" he said with a wink.


" I uh.. I am a little" I said blushing "why have you stopped?


He just laughed again and got out of the car. I watched him walk to my side and he opened my door holding out his hand. I took his hand and he pulled me out we walked to his side and he opened the door again.


"Harry.. I.." I began stuttering


"dont worry things are gonna be fine" 


He switched on the radio and found a station that was playing a slow song. He turned around and grabbed my hand and we began to dance. I dont know what it was about this but it was magical, with the moonlight and stars above and him holding on to me I dont think I could ask for a better moment.


I realized I had something to tell him, but the words I wanted to say seemed so soon how could I feel like this already? I'd only known him for a few days.


"Isabelle..." Harry began "I know this sounds silly but, well you see I.. uh.."


"Harry I think I love you" I blurted out before I could think. 


I stopped and stared at him, before I knew it I was out of his arms and running away. I heard him yelling from behind me.


"Isabelle! Stop! Please! You dont understand I love you too!"


I couldnt stop though I was too embarrased. "Im sorry Harry" I thought as I ran the rest of the way home.




                      Chapter 4.


I still felt awful. It had been 2 weeks since I had ran from harry and he had tried to call me several times I just didnt have the guts to face him yet.


I put my ipod on its docking station and turned up the volume. What makes you beautiful was the first song to play. I went through the entire One Direction list I had made dancing and singing as loud and as crazy as I wanted. It helped get rid of some of my stress when suddenly I heard a clapping behind me. I spun around to find Harry standing in my doorway staring at me.


"what are you doing here?" I sputtered.


"I came to talk to you Isabelle" he said quietly


"Uhhh what about?" I asked


"well you ran off before I could tell you" He said, as he began walking towards me. He put his hands on my waist and looked me in the eyes. His eyes, the most perfect shade of green with brown and yellow flecks here and there. 


"Isabelle from the moment I laid eyes on you I knew there was something special about you and now I know what it is. You're made for me specificly. Isabelle Amy Samplonius, I love you and I know its crazy, but the thought of being without you already kills me" He paused and I was compleatly stunned "be mine forever Isabelle, please do me that honour" 


"Of course Harry I'd do anything to be yours forever" Then we kissed like it was the last kiss we were ever going to have. I knew at that moment he was my futre and nothing could change that.


He started to move us to my bed and he threw me down and moved on top of me. I knew what was happening but I wasnt going to stop it. I wanted this almost as much as he did.


He took off his shirt revealing the most perfect body I had ever seen. I could feel his hands slipping up my shirt, slowly taking it off leaving me in my purple bra. I heard his small gasp and I had to gasp back. I've never wanted anything like this in my life but I knew this was what I wanted now. 


He removed my pants slowly and kissed my stomach. He began kissing and nibbling everywhere. I wanted him so badly. Beyond anything. He bit my hip harder and I moaned his name making him moan in response. 


I almost wanted to beg him, to plead for it. He took off his pants, leaving his boxers on but his member was easily seen. I got on top of him  and kissed his neck,collarbone, his cheast, stomach too his v line and his cock, I had never been sexually active with any one. I was scared to mess this up but by his reaction it seemed as though I was doing well. He was moaning, slowly getting louder, my name mixed in the middle and various "****".


He moaned again and the said "Isabelle im going to cum, please dont stop"  I promised I wouldnt, but just as he moaned again I heard something, I stopped.


"Isabelle are you up there?" It was my moms voice


"****!" I jumped up and threw my clothes on "Harry get dressed quick its my mom"


We got dressed and sat on the bed, turned the t.v on just in time for my mom to walk in.


"Isabelle are you..." she trailed off seeing Harry "Oh I didnt realize we had company"


She turned to Harry introduced herself and looked at me again.


"Isabelle im not going to be home this weekend, i'll be going to Dublin for a buisness meeting will you be okay? I will be home monday night"


"of course mom, I'll be fine!" I said with a little too much excitement.


"ok, well I have to start packing, I wont be home when your home from school tomorrow so if theres an emergancy make sure to call the police than call me"


"I promise" and with that she left the room.













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