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It's Over  by norm
"Floyd, you shouldn't be here"

"Well, baby, if ya ain't returning my calls what's a man in love suppose to do? C'mon deal me a hand, baby."

"You know I can't do that. If the pit boss notices you're keeping the... If he recognizes you he'll call the cops."

"Naw, no one's gonna finger me in this granny slot dump. I wouldn't even be here if it weren't for my undying love of Rena, 'Queen of Reno'"

"Yeah, love and the fact I use to lend you money.  No more Floyd.  So, ya can take your 'love' and find another mark."

"Aw, honey, that hurts.  Hurts me more than pushing on 21"

"Rena, you having a problem here? Need security?"

"Ah, no Frank.  It's almost 11:00 can I get 15?"

"Sure Rena, I understand."

"Floyd, I'm done with you **** up my life"

"You know I can't believe it when you say you don't need me."


"Rena, why so mean? You this mean to your husband?"

"**** him and **** you."

"Maybe I should ask him."

"What and tell him you've been banging his wife?"

"Such an angry and violent man, your husband."

"Blackmail ain't working, Floyd. You open your mouth to Tony he's as likely to bury you out in the desert as me. My 15 minutes are up and yours was long ago.

"Honey you just can't walk out on love like this."

"No, you can't Floyd.  But walking out is all you can do with a loser like you."
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Date created: Nov. 3, 2007
Date published: Nov. 3, 2007
Comments: 7
Word Count: 347
Times Read: 875
Story Length: 1