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A Conversation with a girl on the day of interview working in the same company  by navinkmrdas

It was Saturday.  I was on the bus stop waiting for a bus to board, to attend the interview in a software company. It was very nervous and curious as no bus was coming. I was roaming here and there. Many thoughts were coming in my mind.

“Will I reach on time? No bus is coming. I also don’t know the location”

 Then I heard a sweet voice. There was a beautiful girl behind me. She had worn a blue jeans, and a t-shirt and a jacket. She had long hair which was not tied.

“Has the bus to kalyaninagar gone?” She asked.

“No, the bus has still not arrived. I am also waiting for that bus.” I replied.

 “Are you also going to Cybage to attend the interview?” I asked. Cybage is a software company in Pune, which is located in Vadgaonsheri. This company recruits software professional.

“No, I work there.” She replied.

I was mute for some time. A thought came to my mind that half of the problem is solved. May be this could be my lucky day. Behind every successful man there is a woman. Continuous thoughts were coming to my mind.

“I would tell you how you would go to the interview location.” She said.

Suddenly a bus arrived. She told me that this bus would go to that location. Both of us got on the bus. The bus started moving. She sat 2nd from the front and I sat 2nd last. She waved her hand and called me to sit next to her. I sat next to her. After some time the bus conductor came. She took out the fare from her bag which was Rs. Six and gave it to the conductor. She told me that I should also s give Rs. 6 and take the ticket. The conductor gave both of us our tickets and went away.

 “What do you do in this company?” I asked.

“I am software developer.” She replied.

“On which technology do you work on?” I asked.

“I work on Java Technology.” She replied. From a long time Java was a very promising language. If you are a Java developer, you have a great demand in the market.

“That’s great.” I replied.

“For which post you are going for the interview?” She asked.

“Software tester.”  I told.

I had taken a book so that I could read something on the way. In that I had kept two resumes. Then I took out a resume and showed it to her. She started going through it. She finished going through it.

“It is a good resume but it does not contain the current projects or the projects you are working on.” She told.

Then I took out the second resume and gave it to her. She gave it a look. She finished going through it and started talking.

“You should give this resume as it contains the projects. There are many questions made from the projects. Many question would be asked from the projects. ” She told.

“Could you please give me your e-mail id so that I could e-mail you.” I asked.

I gave her my pen. She wrote her e-mail id in my book without hesitation.  Then there was silence for a moment. After sometime the bus reached kalyaninagar.

“Cybage is also in kalyaninagar. When I first came to attend the interview, I misunderstood the place and came here but as I was early I reached the correct location at the right time.” She told.

“Please don’t get embarrassed. I would show you the way.” She told.

I was happy. This time God has sent an angel in the form of a girl. Gods ways are really mysterious. After some time the bus reached the destination. Both of us got off the bus. We crossed the road.

“We should go from the left.” she told. Both of us started walking.

“You could go to the company by the auto also. You know when the auto wallah finds that the customer is new they overcharge the customer. As we have the time as you are early we can take a walk. It is not far away.” She replied.

We started moving forward. I was silent. She didn’t liked that we were not taking.

“How do you know that you have to develop this software?” I asked.

“She told me that we get the requirement and sometimes we have to do a research on that thing. Once I did a one month research on the project. ” She told.

“I also want to migrate to software testing field. It is a very good field.” She told.

Most of the taking was done by her. I was just listening.

“Be confident and tell them once you are in this company you would also learn automation testing.” She told.

“I am confident because I have thought that I had got the job and I have started working there. ” I told.

“Don’t be overconfident.” She told.

“I am not overconfident.” I told.

“If you need a reference please note my employee id.” She told. She took out her pen and tried giving it to me. I took out my pen.  It was my habit to always take the pen with me. She told me her employee id.I wrote here employee id in my book and that was the second last sentence spoken by here.

“Could you please give me your visiting card?” I asked her.

She hesitated in giving her visiting card. I don’t know why. May be she does not had it at that moment. I didn’t force her to give it to me. Now she has to take a turn.

“Now look. As you see ‘Adlabs’ theatre is here. You think of this as the milestone. Now you have to take a left turn and go straight until you ses the board of the company.” She told.

We had a handshake and she went away. As she was going I looked at her until she disappeared. That was one of the memorable moments of my life.

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