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A New Start: Chapter Three (Part Two)  by myrhetorical

I got up and took my bag with me. I set it on the floor by my dresser. I stopped by my mirror and took a look at myself. My hair was a mess from the wind. I’m sure that’s not what it looked like to an accusing father though.

Oh well. I headed to the little bar and told my father thanks. I picked up the sandwich he had made me. He was still putting the condiments up, for example, the mayonnaise. I couldn’t eat a sandwich without mayonnaise.

“I think I’ll take this with me.” I told him.

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Just for a run.”

“Okay, don’t take your time, it’s real cold out.”

“Yeah, I noticed.” I told him in a kidding tone.

I grabbed my iPod and headed out the door. As I was walking toward the elevator, I took a bite of my sandwich. I loved my dad’s sandwiches. He had a way with them. They always tasted perfect. But anytime I tried to make them, they never tasted the same.

When I stepped in the elevator, I pushed the ground level button and waited as it took me down. I walked out and as I did, the wind hit me once again and had me running automatically. I wanted to hurry and get back in the condo.

As I was running, I started thinking about our talk. Why had my father let me out of the house right after he had just seen what he had? He must trust me so much…I would not abuse his trust. I would try my best to be the kind of girl he wanted me to be.

Just then, I saw the lights of a vehicle approaching my behind, so I moved over to the left. I could hear the vehicle slowing, so I turned my head to see what the problem was. I recognized the truck automatically. It was Ian’s. I smiled and slowed my pace. I shook my head at him.

He kept the truck going at the same speed as I was running. He rolled down the window, and called, “What are you doing?”

“What does it look like?” I said with a laugh.

“I mean what are you doing running at this time of night?”

“Well, it’s more of afternoon. It’s winter so the lighting is a little off the time.” I gave him a smart look.

He chuckled. “Just get in.”

“I can’t.”


“Because I had a talk with my dad, and him letting me come out and do my normal routine tonight, after what he saw earlier, and even after the move to this new town, shows that he really does have a lot of trust in me.”

“How are you going to break his trust by spending time with me?” He genuinely looked confused.

“We both know what we would end up doing in our time.” I smiled at him.

“Oh.” There was a moment of nothing but the sound of crickets and the engine running. “So we won’t be doing any more of that?”

“I don’t know. Maybe. You know I want to.”

“Please, just let me take you for a ride? Get you out of the cold. Your nose is getting red already.”

I took a second to think it over. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to restrain myself too much, but he was right, it was cold and my lungs were beginning to burn. “Fine. But not too long, okay?”

“I promise.”

You could tell he was happy he had gotten his way. The large grin on his face said it all.

I walked around his truck end and opened the passenger door. I crawled in and I was very happy to be out of the cold.

First thing I did after closing the door, was begin making friction with my hands. Ian chuckled and put his hand on the side of my right thigh and easily pulled me into his side. I only had one thing to complain about. But I didn’t say anything, because he was way too warm. Not to mention he smelt delicious.

I mentally flicked myself. I already wanted him more than I could handle.

We drove on for about 5 more minutes until we got to the same park we were at before. He turned off the engine. He knew that there would be no more heat. He did it on purpose.

I began to shiver after a little while.

He put his arm behind my back and wrapped it around my waist. I couldn’t complain. I should have, but I just couldn’t. That moment I gave up my resolution to not abuse his trust.

I turned my head to Ian to find him looking down at me. I reached up to the steering wheel and moved it up and back.

“What are you doing?” Ian asked.

I didn’t speak.

I lifted myself enough to where I could move my right leg over his left. I sat on his lap, facing him. I put my hands on either side of his face and caressed it. He was staring into my eyes. I was sure he was confused.

I let one of my hands trail down his neck. I bent in and kissed his cheek. He didn’t move. I licked down his neck and I moved both of my hands up under his shirt. I moved them up his chest and my hands must have been cold, because he flinched almost unnoticeably when my hands moved over his nipples.

I smiled a little crooked smile.

I kissed his lips softly and very slowly. He was still under my lips. I bit his lip and pulled a little. He gently kissed me, it was hardly noticeable, but I felt it and I slowly moved my tongue along his upper lip.

I felt his hands slide up the back of my shirt, his fingers just above my jeans. He used his hands to pull me tighter against him.

I definitely wasn’t cold now. There was a warm fire building inside of me. He moved his head to my neck and kissed it, sucking a little. I wouldn’t be surprised if I got a hickey.

I have plenty of scarves.

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