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The Truth  by mykaylala

I think about the previous year on my birthday every
year.. I think back to what I was doing and how my
life was and the little things I did.  It always
seems better than I thought it was at that time...
not that I regret any thing or think I haven't came
a long way, but it's funny how the things we do now
seem like nothing... but next year, or 5 years from
now, they will just be great memories that we will

miss... .

It's unfortunate how, One day some one can seem
completely healthy and alive, and the following week
or so... they are almost not breathing! It makes me
wonder how this can be. How can some one look like
they are ready to take on the world but feel like
they are ready to give up and die? Our first
thoughts would be.. It's not fair.. They never said
good-bye. Did they know they were going to say their
last words just last month?

It's tough when it's some one you love especially! I
remember my grandmother, I was literally looking
over her lying on a hospital bed on morphine a week
after I was having a normal conversation with her.
To me she seemed to be what I would haved called "normal." I was completely broken over the whole situation. I could elaborate but it hurts too much.

Have you ever wondered about science? The findings
these scientist have and the prognosis the doctors
come up with are amazing. Can we really trust nurses
though? Yes, there are some great, talented nurses
out there, but with the high demand in the medical
field and the least amount of time to get into the
field, it should make us feel fierce when a nurse is
inserting a needle into our veins.

what is going on with the economy? Obama is great.,
I thought, but if I don’t see min. wage go up within
next year I'm going to be up set. It seems like more
money has been spent on things that don't apply to
me or any one I know at that....People tell me it’s because your White, I tell them all the time that they are so wrong. Why do they say that?

Why do they think that? I am definitely not prejudice and never was.. I was raised way better than that! Yes, It is true...when something Seems a certain way no matter how much you defend it in your mind... it becomes real and most likely the truth.

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Date created: Nov. 14, 2009
Date published: Nov. 14, 2009
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Tags: alive, dead, obama, sad, the-truth, thinking-back
Word Count: 652
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