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Gathering  by mormegil

Sword and flower, rain and drought, bright and dark, billow and sheer, cone and torus, plain and mountain, chaos and gathering.

The wavelets and motes, spread thin over the fabric of your mind, begin slowly to drag together.  As they coalesce, your field of vision narrows, and the spark from the components' friction causes first an explosion and then a magnetic alignment.  Your new purpose induces ecstasy, fear, and resolve.  You dare to tread here?

Then continue: bridging gaps in knowledge, leaving gaps for curiosity, and creating the slick, slippery slope of storied motion.  Create need in others to see the conclusion of a plot, forged without regard for others and with inner life, all its own.  Scare and delude, start and pause, draw them through a vortex and change them forever as they pass through it.

This is the gathering of your energy to the point of a needle-thin, thrusting purpose: impossible to resist, inevitable to relate.  Let it be like rest, food, and drink in its importance.  Make them drop both addiction and avocation.  Bring them into your mind and force them to fight their way out again.

When chaos returns, they will swim in it with you, begging you to make it beg you for purpose. 

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Date created: March 7, 2008
Date published: March 7, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 259
Times Read: 299
Story Length: 1