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"christmas in ice"

Chapter 2: "Here Comes Santa Claus"  by moonglow

  "Here comes Santa Claus, right down Santa Claus Lane," Dad sang.

  Dad pointed at the airplane again. Mom laughed uncontrollably.

  "Mikey," said Mom, "have you been a good boy this year? Or will you get a lump of coal?" There was that eggnog cackle again. Mikey hated Mom's eggnog cackle.

  "Mikey's always a good boy. Aren't you, Mikey?" said Dad.

  Mikey sat silently in the back seat. He peered out the frosted window and watched Dad's "Santa" move closer and closer.

  Mom unbuckled her seat belt. She laid her head on Dad's lap.

  They passed a church. A nativity sat out front with a spotlight on Baby Jesus.

  "That's what Christmas is all about," said Dad, "Jesus, Mikey, not Santa."

  Mom cackled. "The reeeeeea-son for the seeeeeea-son," she said.

  Mikey rolled his eyes and peered out the window again. "Santa" pulled closer and close. A little TOO close, thought Mikey.

  "Dad, is something wrong with that plane?" said Mikey.

  Dad glanced up.

  "Oh, my God!" he said.

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Date created: Sept. 13, 2008
Date published: Sept. 13, 2008
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Tags: christmas, santa-claus
Word Count: 247
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