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A Poem  by monika17




Taste the buds of the long devoured where ever

you are

Foes dancing above the lock from afar

Mermaids glowing through the doorways to heaven

A phoneix glittering in the burning seven


Sink into momentus piles of leaves

Watching as the colors blanket collosal trees

The dove swirls round the fire of the quay

And the griffin putters around the bay


Touch the dream of the white laced tear

Everything is for you, my dear

The centaurs gallop on the plains of autumn noon

A fairy twinkles in the light of a dancing moon


Smell a candle stick burning into the darkness

A single thread of smoke dancing tenderness

The angel of the night returns into the centre of the spell

The aqua Sprite rings an artist’s bell


Create the beauty of within the fingers weaving

Practice standing before the days only believing

Muses dance round the soothing flame

Cats stare into round eyes so tame


Dance on rose petals in plush full rows

Reaching out to the ponies wrapped in bows

Hermes tells wisely of the sacred tune

Aphrodite runs to Eros’ brilliant moon


See the road of whispers in your head

A thousand joys dancing above your bed

The Hellenistic age summons the great empire

Euhemerus rationalizing events on fire


Hear the rolling thunder of the crashing waves

Each man a fortune his own to brave

Venus steps before a child the lover bore

Athena fills the room with light as with lore


Each temple’s grandeur steps into the face

A growing risk takes them over to the race

Final shots and rings no more

Seeing is believing that’s the core


Monika Blichar

November 28, 2008

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Date created: Dec. 1, 2008
Date published: Dec. 1, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: poetry
Word Count: 1385
Times Read: 376
Story Length: 1