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A Societifacally Correct People's Revolution  by mjbelluto

We were set up, no I do not mean a conspiracy theory or anything crazy we were simply set up. What? Is what you are thinking now I am sure. Let me explain.

Do you remember and even how school trained us in Math, English, Art, Science, History, and they even attempted to teach us about life. (Career and Family studies class) While doing all that, they gave us Summers off, Spring breaks, Thanksgiving, two weeks at Christmas, half days for teacher conference.

Now as the schools change and funding changes each school year they have made it worse for our children. They give more time off, career development days, they say teachers need more breaks. They are right they probably do, because every year they take more and more money away from them.

Here is what they did not teach us in school.  they did not teach us how to manage money, how to invest how to make a good life for ourselves, and unless you became a financial planner and really understand money you may be sitting or are just so fried and mentally burned out and broke you do not even know what to do anymore.

You will work 40 hours a week, you will not get sick pay, vacation, health insurance, retirment and the lowest possible amount we can give you for pay, they will say however you can work 40 hours, you could work more than 40.

It is time we made our own way, our own lives, and our own rules. It is time we fought back and it is time we get three months for summer, two weeks at Christmas, one week at Thanksgiving, one week in April or March so we can be home with our kids, when they are, and it is time that jobs are required to pay health insurance and a decent amount in wages so we can afford to live, and take care of our families.

It is time we as a society take it all back and can feel safe walking outside our door at 11:00pm if we need too not wondering if someone will shoot us or not. It is time health insurance and health care is affordable and it is time that schools get the funding they deserve and it is time the government taxes the rich more and pays off the national debt rather than the middle class paying all the taxes and then getting screwed more. To help pay for those debts that the government has obtained and it is time we support our troops even if we do not support are politics. They chose to fight for our country, it is not their fault for being where they are stationed.

It is time that fathers get the 50% custody they deserve in the cases were the fathers want it without having to fight every two years to get more time and still may lose, it is time welfare finds new ways to pay for itself rather than the middle class being taxed to help pay for it.

It is time society relaizes that things can be changed simplye, with providing jobs back to the US, paying off and returning this country to how it is supposed be. Belonging to the people.

And so, the Societifacally Correct Revolution is arriving, it is here, and it's coming.....it's coming with a revolution.

The Revolution begins.....

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Date created: June 17, 2008
Date published: June 17, 2008
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Word Count: 625
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