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The Night Out (Very Adult Content)  by mjbelluto

The wife and I go out for the evening to a local bar to get some food hang out get some drinks and go dancing. As hobby of ours, it’s something we like to. Play pool, get out of the house and hang out.

As the evening progresses, the drinks become more and we are dancing the night away the wife looks at me and says.

“Watch this”

No I am little nervous as she tends to be very up front, and honest after a few drinks and she has had some. So I watch and I watch carefully, let’s start with the pants she has on that accent your awesome, tight, firm butt, that runs up to her hips, and to some very nice curves. Her shirt showing some of her upper back and shoulders extremely low cut in the front giving a good cleavage view for anyone as she has a great chest to look at.

So I continue to follow her and she goes over to man who is sitting with his wife at the table and says.

“I see the both of you staring at me, then asks the guy if he would like to dance. “

The guy hesitates, and looks at his wife; she nods, then looks at my wife, and says.

“Does your husband dance?”

She responds “yes”

“Can he dance with me?”

My wife looks over at me, and nods for me to follow, so I oblige, I walk over and am informed that I will be dancing with this lady I just met.

So the four of us get one the dance floor and all dancing the night away until the bar closes. As the bar is closing and we start getting ready to leave. The lady I was dancing with leans over and asks if her and her husband can come home with us. I stop, shocked for a moment and look at my wife.

So the four of us leave and head to the house, as we are driving, my wife looks to the back seat and scopes out the woman she is bringing home with her, then after looking her over, slides her hand onto her leg and rubbing it gently. The lady in the backseat takes her hand and grabs onto my wife hand and they start rubbing her legs together and the lady the slides my wife’s hand up to the center, of her body, and they gently start rubbing the ladies vagina together.

The guy then decides he wants to get in on this instead of watching any longer, so he leans in and starts kissing his wife, and touching her breasts, while the two ladies are rubbing her vagina. The lady starts to moan softly in pleasure her man still kissing her and touching her hair, and pulling on it gently. My wife and the lady still rubbing her vagina, while I am driving, the lady gets a little louder with her moaning, and now my wife moves in with her mouth and starts kissing the ladies chest, rubbing her, the ladies husband still kissing her pulling on her hair.

My wife slides her hand up the ladies shirt while he lady continues to rub on her own vagina. The guy kissing her and now reaching down they each respectively grab one of the ladies breast and start massaging it and playing with her nipples squeezing them between their fingers, the lady still rubbing her vagina, and now I am starting to rub myself while driving.

My wife now pulls up her shirt and pops off the bra, and starts sucking on of the ladies breast and her husband starts sucking on the other. They continue, I get harder then I suggest a hotel, so we go to a nearby hotel, my wife thoroughly involved in sucking on this ladies breasts, while the ladies husband does the same to the other one. The lady rubbing herself harder, she can barely stop to get out of the car and go the hotel room.

We continue to walk through the lobby and up to our room the whole time the two ladies kissing and touching each other we get into the room and the lady lays down on the bed, and gets right to it, takes off her clothes and gets right back to where she left off, rubbing herself. Then she looks over at my wife.

So my wife and the husband go back over and start sucking on her breasts, massaging them touching her, kissing her pulling on her hair, and my wife moves her hand down and starts rubbing the lady with her again.

The lady tells me to lick her, she continues to run herself, my wife helps the husband and my wife both still touching her breasts, and then I come over and start touching her vagina, rubbing it, soft at first then a little harder, then I come down and kiss her the inside of her thighs, and run my tongue right over her and then bite the inside of her other thigh and return back to her vagina, and lick from bottom to top, and then I grab her clit with my lips and suck on it, nice and easy at first, and lick with my tongue up and down, while sucking on it at the same time. While her husband keeps sucking on her breast the lady pulls my wife into her and starts kissing her, and tonguing her, while I continue to lick, her vagina so very wet now, her husband still sucking on her breasts, the lady reaches down, begs me to keep licking it while she starts rubbing herself again.

Then I take my finger and slide it into her pussy, and start fingering her nice and easy at first still licking her, he head kicks back and her body exudes up into an almost stretching position of pleasure, she starts to moan louder and stars rubbing herself vigorously now, going faster and harder and I start fingering harder, my wife sucking on her breasts and kissing her tells the lady in her in a whispering sexy voice.

The lady then looks up I keep licking her gently on her pussy, the man looks at my wife then looks down at me licking his wife, my wife stand and then removes her clothes both the husband and I wait a moment, as neither of us are sure of what is going on. My wife removes all her clothes.

My wife sits over the ladies face, and starts getting licked by her, and my wife then grabs the husband by his crotch, and unbuttons his pants and start stroking his stuff. She strokes it makes it ready for her then takes him and pulls him up at the edge of the bed, and while my wife is getting licked by the lady she starts sucking on the husbands stuff.

The husband reaches down grabs my wife’s other breasts squeezing the nipple between his fingers, indulging deeply in the oral my wife is giving him, the lady continues to lick on my wife who is wetter now, and the lady can taste it now, she takes a finger of her own to thrust up into my wife, while I am still in her, in and out, pulling her legs apart, making sure I am going in as deep as I can.

Then my wife starts squirming and moving over the lady’s face, back and forth with her clit, the lady deep into her with her fingers, me inside and the lady starts to squirm underneath my wife and move her head back and forth. The husbands moving with my wife’s hand, and in her mouth, he takes his hand and pushes her head down tighter towards him.

My wife screaming with orgasm while the other lady moves her tongue faster and her fingers deep, the guy pulling down on my wife’s head and the lady moving her hips to go with mine, rubbing her clit from top to bottom on my pelvis up down, and even with a rotating motion.

My wife reaches down, and grabs the lady’s hair pulling her head back and looking at her as if to tell her to cum for her. The other lady starts begging for him to cum, and the guy start getting closer and as he explodes, my wife grabs his penis harder, squeezing tightly, while stroking out his cum and dropping it all over his wife’s chest. The lady then takes her hands and rubs his cum all over her breast and chest,

My wife takes the lady’s fingers and starts sucking on them as well, and then I take my penis out of the lady’s vagina and reach up and grabs my wife hair and as I pull her hair back, I thrust my penis inside of her vagina, deep and hard in and out, fast as I can go.

The lady then takes my wife’s breast into her mouth and starts sucking on her nipple, taking and biting down on it just enough to hurt, but not so bad it was enjoyable, then the lady takes her tongue and teases my wife’s nipple on it,

The guy then reaches down and starts massaging the other breast, while I am still pushing inside of my wife pulling on her hair, the lady sucks harder on my wife’s breast and she moans in pleasure for a moment, and then goes back to her silent enjoyment. My wife reaches back grabs my hands and pts my hands on her nice, round, soft, butt, and she tells me to squeeze her butt, and grab it with both hands, and squeeze her **** in my hands.

I start squeezing her **** with both hands and hold her by her ****, and thrust in and out inside of her vagina, the wife still sucking on her nipple and the guy still massaging her other breasts, reaches u p, pulls her hair back, My wife moans again, then reaches down grabs her own breasts, and places her nipple as best she can on the other lady’s nipple, and starts rubbing their nipples together.

The guy then reaches his hand back and starts touching my wife’s **** and starts squeezing it with me, and then he starts playing with her ****, and slowly pushing his finger into her ****, first getting the outside, and opening it just a bit, and he starts gently fingering her ****. While I am thrusting her vagina and the lady underneath starts sucking on both breasts, taking turns with each one in her mouth she even takes them and pushes them together to try and suck on both nipples at the same time.

Then she pushes my wife over on her back and pushes towards the edge of the bed, and my wife has her pussy over the edge of the bed, and I take my penis, and put it back into her pussy and pushing up and in. My wife starts moving her hips to go with and the girl, comes down, and starts licking and fingering my wife’s clit.

The guy then goes and starts grabbing my wife’s breasts and squeezing them in his hands. The lady still rubbing and licking on my wife’s clit, and me still thrusting inside her, then my wife reaches down and starts fingering herself. Rubbing her own clit, slow and easy at first, the other lady goes up and starts sucking the other breast while her husband sucks on a breast of my wife. My wife starts to rub herself harder, and faster. The guy and the other lady sucking on her breasts, licking her nipples, then the lady reaches down and starts to pull up on wife’s leg. So my wife’s leg is now up. Then the guy reaches down and pulls up the other leg.

The lady then tells me to slide my penis into her ****, and the guy moves his hands, and I take my penis, and put it right at the tip of my wife’s ****, and push in a little bit, and then I push it in deep and then the lady, reaches down with her hand while kissing my wife and starts rubbing my wife’s cit and fingering her pussy. T Then I get underneath and my wife gets on top, the other lady gets on my face and the guy takes turns sucking on their breasts, while I lick the other.

The two ladies lean toward each other and start kissing each other, massaging each other’s breasts, and pushing themselves against each other. I still inside my wife while she is on top, and the other lady getting licked, the ladies reach down and starts touching at first themselves, then they start touching each other. Rubbing on each other and kissing each other, the guy is touching their butts, grabbing them, touching their breasts, massaging their breasts back and forth between the two. The ladies still rubbing each other and touching each other both start to get a little louder, and moan, as they get closer to another orgasm, my wife starts pushing down and rubbing hard down on me to hit her cit, moving her hips and sliding, the other lady starts rubbing her vigorously then she herself starts getting her louder as I move my tongue on her pussy faster, and her hips start to **** my face, and my wife pulls the ladies clit, and makes sure she is getting her clit rubbed and touched by my tongue, the ladies hips moving faster, she is rubbing my wife and now her hands and pussy are going at the same pace.

My wife’s hips moving harder on me, and she is still rubbing the other lady. pulling her pussy up then the both of them get louder lean into each other and start kissing, while their bodies together orgasm, and the ladies still kissing, they both move down and start licking on me.

The other lady licking gently on my balls, while my wife takes my stuff in her mouth, and pushes down deep so that the tip touches the back of her throat, then up and down at first soft and nice, deep and slow. Then the lady takes my balls into her mouth, and sucks on them, my wife going up and down, the guy now behind his wife and he starts deep thrusting her and she sucks harder on my balls, and as I start to move around, my wife goes harder up and down on my penis, and the lady brings her hands up underneath and grabs and sucks at the same time, while my wife keeps going, then with her hands together around my penis, she starts stroking and sucking me at the same time.

The guy behind his wife pushing it in her she is moaning, sucking and playing with my balls, and then she keeps going a little bit harder and now my wife starts stroking me very hard, and taking my penis deep into her throat harder and faster and then I let it all go all into my wife, the lady then pushes my wife off and sucks to get some for herself then the two lick and suck on it for a little while longer.

The night continues and so does the pleasure of it all.


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Date created: Jan. 24, 2009
Date published: Jan. 24, 2009
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