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Lost Love (avant garde poetry, mature)  by mjbelluto
Lose one.
Love one.
Someone told me I'd never love.
One large wall,
No one can make it fall.
I like what I like,
Spend the rest of my time trying to hide.
Tell me one thing do another.
I almost wanted to try, but I'm left to wonder.
But maybe that might have been better.
I wouldn't even be sure what to do.
But at one point I wanted to try this with you.
Not know where to begin.
But before I found out it was the end.
Changed the way we react,
But simply I step back.
So what is it you really feel?
And was I there any time you were real.
Were you real to me,
Or is that just what you wanted me to believe.
Simple things to say.
I go my own way.
Maybe not now, maybe not today.
Not even sure if what you say anymore has meaning.
Stuck in the concept of what I believe in.
I knew what I wanted.
Where were you when I thought and felt it.
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Date created: Jan. 19, 2009
Date published: Jan. 19, 2009
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Tags: avant-garde, fiction, poem, poetry
Word Count: 193
Times Read: 1200
Story Length: 1