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Pizza Delivery(adult content)  by mjbelluto

It was Friday night and my wife and I were exhausted from a long week at work. We decided that we would stay in that night and order pizza and watch a couple of movies together. We got comfortable called in our order and started one of our movies. About thirty minutes into the movie there was a knock on the door. It was the pizza being delivered, both my wife and got to, to pay and bring the order into the house. The person who delivered our pizza was a female. At the time I thought nothing of it. After a few moments and returning back to our movie, I noticed my wife had gently started touching herself. Considering we were watching an action film I though this to be a bit out of character. I asked her.

“What are you thinking about?”

She replied, “The delivery girl, she was hot.”

I argued momentarily on the fact, that although the girl was attractive she was not in fact hot. The argument on briefly until we decided that we would order another pizza and request the same girl deliver it. As it had gotten later in the evening it took almost an hour for the pizza to arrive. When it did we opened the door, and I stalled in getting my wallet to take a longer look at the girl delivering the pizza. I started to notice the things my wife did that caused this girl to look so hot to my wife.

She had honey blonde hair, just below her shoulder, with somewhat of a curly straight look to it. Straight mostly on the top and then small curls that started just above her shoulders, her breasts protruded however nicely through her uniform, and any man or woman paying attention would have realized how large they actually are, and her breasts went down to a nice torso, that then spread nicely into her hips, with tight tan pants on that ran down her long legs. As she bent down to set down the pizza boxes, I noticed my wife taking an extra long look at the girls butt, and then reaching to touch herself gently again. My wife then ran her hand back up the front of her body and over her breasts, as the girl stood up and looked into our house my wife simply started scratching above her breasts to hide what she was doing from the delivery girl.

The Delivery girl actually caught notice and smiled lightly at my wife, she then took off her hat from her uniform to fix her hair, and this pleased my wife as well. I got my wallet and handed to my wife to pay the girl, little did I know my wife handed the girl her business card as well, with our phone number on it and a note to call her when she got off work that evening.

Through the first movie and my wife’s phone rang, it was a regular ring, so I knew it wasn’t anyone she new calling yet she picked up the phone and got up to exit the room for a moment as if to go to the bathroom to hide the conversation she was having. When she returned I asked who that was, she stated that I need to be patient, and would find out. My wife is good at surprising me and has this look when she is trying to do it, so I knew whatever it was, was worth me waiting for. So I did.

We put in the second movie and started watching it, about an hour into it there was a knock on the door; it is almost ten o’clock now, so I have no idea who this is knocking on our door. My wife got up looked through the peephole and then opened the door to let the person in.

It was the delivery girl, however she was no longer in her pizza uniform, she had gone home showered and gotten dressed up for the evening and came over to our house. Her hair was a little more curled, higher up, and flowed down just past her shoulder, she had worn a very low cut shirt which pushed out her breasts and was for all intensive purposes almost see through, leaving just the tiniest bit to the imagination but enough to keep the curiosity. She had put on tight white pants that zippered up in the back and yet still allowed you to tell if she had underwear on at all it was a thong or nothing at all, these pants ran down her legs to the clear colored heels she had included as part of her ensemble. My wife took a moment stepped back looked at the girl, and then looked over at me. I nodded in approval as if to tell my wife you are correct she is hot. My wife then followed this nod of approval by introducing me to the girl. We sat for talking for about thirty minutes, then my wife asked her something that I was not expecting at all.

My wife got up put on some music walked over to the girl and said,

“I want you to dance with me, close and touch my body”

The girl smiled subtly then looked over at me, and I nodded.

The girl after a moment then replied to my wife, “I would love too.”

The girls both started dancing to the music together, apart, touching each other’s hips, back, and sides while dancing and I watched. As this continued they got closer to each other while dancing to the point of their bodies now rubbing up against each other regularly, more than once their hair and intertwined, and their breasts had contact each other’s breast, both ladies nipples started protruding from their shirts, and it was clear that both were quite turned on by this, as of course was I. My wife is dancing with some random girl that she hit on in my living room. I slowly started touching myself as I was starting to lose focus on the dancing and my mind wandered onto what could come next. I did not have to wait too much longer for that result, I was still rubbing myself although slowly, and the girl says to my wife.

“I like to masturbate and be watched.” My wife took a step back, from dancing looked over at me and then back at the girl, With that my wife pulled the girls shirt up and gently started touching her breasts, then guided the girl over to our bed, in the living room. The girls shirt was off her bra still on and her breasts almost exploding from it, my wife stepped back while the girl then started to masturbate on her own. My wife and I sat back in the chairs and watched as this girl was touching herself first on her breasts squeezing her nipples between her fingers, then she would move her hand down the front of her body. I looked over at my wife who was starting to rub herself, on the outside of clothes. I too was rubbing myself on the outside of my clothes, while we watched this girl. The girl continued to touch herself, and moved her hands down to her vagina, where she used two fingers from one hand to open herself up and the other o start finger **** herself. My wife had gone inside of her pants now rubbing herself, and was moaning gently at her own touch.  The girl sat up at the end of the bed requesting that while she **** herself my wife and I get naked and do the same to ourselves. We of course hot and as bothered as we could be without wanting to take it out on each other yet, obliged.

My wife and I sitting in our chairs naked continued to watch as we touched ourselves, I could not take much more, I reached over with my other hand and started squeezing my wife’s nipples between y fingers and grabbing her breasts somewhat vigorously in my hand. Then I would switch and grab the other breasts, taking turns with each breast. The girl on the bed laid back knowing we were watching her and touching ourselves she got louder as she started to **** herself harder with her fingers, and rub tighter and much more controlled on her clit, focusing on the pleasure she was giving herself. My wife continued to stroke her own cit, in time with the girl on the bed, both ladies were now getting louder with their moans, and my dick was as hard limestone, and even hurt a bit with the stroking I was doing to myself.

My wife’s nipples were as hard as they would be as if we put ice on them and yet it was 85 degrees outside. My wife then begged for me to suck on her nipples, and I did, her rock hard nipples and large breasts I engulfed into my mouth in and out of my mouth her nipples went as I mouth **** her breasts and tickled her nipples between my tongue and teeth while she continued to rub her clit in time with the girl on the bed. I took turns between breasts to give them equal time biting a little harder every once in awhile causing my wife to tilt back in pleasure, and then rub her clit harder. The girl on the bed still finger **** herself started begging to hear my wife moan louder, for her.

My wife and the girl both got louder, moaning sighing, in pleasure and in some cases a small amount of pain from the entire pussy rubbing they had been doing, the girl on the bed started screaming about how she is going to cum, and was begging my wife to cum with her. My wife started telling her no, that she wasn’t ready to and then started rubbing herself harder. The girl started screaming, then finally with one loud explosive moan, her knees buckled, her back arched, and she rubbed her clit harder and then reached up and pulled back her own hair, exploded with an orgasm we could feel on the other side of the room.

My hand still on my dick hard as it is, my wife reached down and started stroking it for me then pushed me back up into my chair, she grabbed my hand and had me touch her pussy and whispered into my ear, “do you feel how wet I am?”, I replied, to my wife, and oh my was my wife wet, it had been as if a rainstorm had gone through my wife’s body and it all leaked out her tight, extremely wet pussy, I slid one finger in with ease at this point due to how wet she was, and she looked at me.

“you like me this wet don’t you?”

“Yes, I whispered back.”

My wife then sat down on her knees pushed me back in the chair and started licking the tip of my dick, then licking it from top to bottom, my dick very hard and growing impatient with the concept of impaling my wife’s pussy, let out a little pre cum, that my wife then grabbed my dick wrapped her lips tightly around and started sucking it has hard as she could the way she knows I like it. My head tilted back and I could barely control anything anymore she sucked on my dick hard, and it was some of the best head she has ever given. It was always good, but this was insane.

The girl on the bed sat up and watched a little as my wife sucked me, and continued to touch her beyond wet pussy with her fingers, the girl got off the bed walked over behind my wife, and started running her hands through her hair gently, and then down her shoulders and her back. The girl then sat down behind my wife, and started kissing her back, while my wife sucked me, and the girl then reached underneath to touch my wife’s pussy, and fingered her gently so my wife now no longer had too. After she would finger a **** her a bit she would take my wife’s mouth away from my dick and rub her pussy juices on it so that my wife could taste herself on my dick while she was sucking. The girl continued to finger my wife as she sucked my dick.

My wife then reached behind herself to guide the girl down towards her pussy, and pushed her gently between her les, and told her how she has always wanted a girl to lick her, my wife pushed her down there and sat on the girls face rubbing her clit up against her nose while the girl swirled her tongue all around and inside my wife’s pussy. The girl licked my wife and I could hear her because of how wet her pussy was. Continuing to suck on my dick, she started to jolt a little and the girl licked her a little harder and pushed in deeper with her face and tongue. The girl then reached up grabbed my wife’s **** and pulled her down on her face while she dug her tongue into her clit. My wife still sucking my dick but losing focus as her pussy starts vibrating from pleasure, and starts moving up and down on the girl while begging for her to click her harder, my wife takes my dick out of her mouth but continues to stroke forcefully begging for me to cum with her. My wife’s head tilts back and I reach down and grab her nipples while the girl licks her pussy then says.

“Give it to me Jodi cum all over my face. I want to lick you and everything you can give me.”

With that my wife convulses repeatedly in pleasure and this goes on for about a minute it could just be one orgasm but it seems like several, the girl continues to lick her, she convulses, and then the girl fingers my wife while she is Cumming and pushes her fingers in harder, thrusting deep into her, while touching her soaking wet cum filled pussy with her tongue. As she continues to convulse in pleasure I cannot take it anymore, I have to take my solid stiff dick, and thrust it into my wife’s pussy and feel her cum all around it, and explode myself, I get behind my wife still on her knees with the girl underneath licking her clit, and thrust my dick into her as hard and as deep as I can. Over and over, I reach up grab my wife’s breasts squeeze her nipples between my fingers, impaling her with my dick harder and faster, then reach up pull her hair back so her head comes back her back arches and she begins to scream, **** ME JACK **** ME, **** MY PUSSY< GIVE IT TO ME. I continue to **** her however only for a moment as my dick has been well ready to explode for the last hour. I thrust in deep one more time the girl underneath still licking my wife reaches up and touches my balls, and I cannot take it anymore with one more thrust and hair pull of my wife I Pull my dick out and shoot my load all over my wife’s ****, back, and the girl below face and chest, and I continue to stroke my dick for what seems like forever and more just keeps coming out after a what was really only about thirty seconds my wife turns sucks the rest of it off of my penis, and the girls chest and they share my cum with each other’s tongues as the night fades away.

We have pizza once week now.


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Date created: Oct. 2, 2008
Date published: Oct. 2, 2008
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