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Deceived: Epilogue  by miirandafindlay



“Lillian? Its time for your lunch.”

My head was lifted off of my pillow, carefully so not to hurt my wound.

She set the tray of food over my legs, which the doctors were able to save after the horrifying tragedy.

“Can you say ‘thank you’, Lillian?”

I mumble some unintelligible words. I had lost my ability to speak.

I did not die that night, but Clarissa did. Tony was put back in prison because no one found out the truth. Damien had tried to explain what happened, but they thought was crazy. They admitted him into The Institute of Living, the mental hospital in Hartford.

I could never tell them the truth. Perhaps if I could talk, Tony and Damien wouldn’t be locked up right now. If Clarissa wouldn’t have stabbed me, I would've lived that long and happy life. But my world was spun upside-down, and I’m barely even alive anymore.

So I have decided that I am going to end my own life in order to save myself.


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Date created: June 25, 2010
Date published: June 25, 2010
Comments: 0
Tags: horror
Word Count: 519
Times Read: 228
Story Length: 1