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"In The Shroud Of Shadow"

Chapter 2  by mcladyb

He ran.  The valley flattened out before him.  Trees, but no leaves.  Ground foliage, but no aromas.  A dry stream bed?  "Where am I?"

"That faint light ahead!"  He felt positive he could reach it before this foreboding presence of evil, for he was certain it was evil, could overtake him. 

Under the gleaming, silvery moonlight he continued.  The path at some points, so narrow, he had to slow to a snails pace, but maintaining the belief that he could reach his elusive goal allowed a strength he had not realized. 

At times, though, certain the Thing would get him.  That Thing with its fierce, glowing green eyes, drooling bile,  fangs and long gnarly hair, snot and growths on its face.  "Stop it!"  He screamed to himself.  "Must stay focused."

"That light." he mused.  "What a beautiful thing."  He began to imagine the interior of the light.  As he ran the dark, ominous valley disappeared. 

In its place a brilliant, perfect world.  Oh.....wonderful butterflies and swooping falcons filled the blue, cloudless sky.  The warm air was filled with sweet smells.  Cookies just out of the oven?  A sweet pecan pie perhaps?  Lilacs? 

As he pondered these he came upon a large, natural fountain.  It was unbelievable.  In the heart of the fountain hundreds of gorgeous gems glinted. Thier sparkling facets were mesmerizing.  The colors danced and created the most intriguing light show. He felt, if he could just touch the tips of the flowing streams, he could pluck the sparkling diamonds from the fountains' grasp.  He noticed that just above the fountain was a small overhang.  "How will I get there?" 

 As he searched for a path to the overhang he thought how wonderful a place this is.  It is perfect.  "Just how I would do it."  Suddenly, the path seemed to create itself in front of him.  "Not possible." 

This understanding broke the spell.  He realized that he had stopped running and was laying in the tall, dry grasses he had seen from the top of the path.  That seemed such a long time ago.  He had been running, but why.  And that beautiful place....was it real?  Could he ever go back?  He wanted to go back. 

Suddenly, to his left, a low, ominous tone.  "What is that sound?" 





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Date created: Feb. 5, 2008
Date published: Feb. 5, 2008
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Word Count: 545
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Story Length: 1