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A shocking discovery  by markdsailor

Not too far away, a couple of police officers were walking down the hallway when they heard a curious sound, like a faint groan, coming from a nearby room.

«What’s that ?» one of them asked, genuinely puzzled.

«I dunno,» replied the other. «Let’s find out.»

They pushed the door open, and walked into the room.

It was apparently empty, but they still could hear the groaning sounds that had attracted their attention in the first place.

They were coming from a closet.

Their guns drawn, they approached the closet and then opened it with great caution.

Their hearts skipped a beat when they saw an unconscious man stuffed in there. He was all trussed up and gagged and clad only in his underwear – white cotton tee-shirt and matching boxer shorts.

« Okay,» said one of the cops. «Let’s pull him out of there. »

A minute later, one of the officers was contacting their commanding officer.

« Sorry to disturb you, sir, but that’s important. We just found Sergeant Bates, knocked out cold and his gun and gear missing.»

«What do you mean – his gear missing ?»

«Euh… I mean that whoever knocked out cold and stole his weapon also took the rest of his things, including his uniform. He’s down to his socks and skivvies, sir.»

«Can he talk ? I’d like to talk to him.»

«I’m afraid not, sir. He’s still pretty shaken, and not fully conscious.»

«Nevermind.  I’ll raise the alarm right away. We’ve got an intruder pausing as a police officer and that’s very serious. You two remain where you are. I’ll send the medics to care for Tom Bates right away.»





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Date created: June 16, 2011
Date published: June 16, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: action, fake, police-officer, uniform, weapon
Word Count: 572
Times Read: 331
Story Length: 1