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"Smiling in the Face of Death"

Smiling in the Face of Death - Again  by marianne

Max took a look at the city beneath him as the chopper flew higher and higher, knowing that the killer was down there somewhere, and wondering if they would ever get the break they needed to catch the son-of-a-bitch.Experience had taught him that the chances got slimmer with each passing day.Yeah, experience. Experience that had nothing to do with being a cop.

For a minute, Max allowed his mind to go back to that dark time, thoughts that were always just underneath the surface anyway. He didn't want to dwell in the ugliness, but he couldn't blot it out either-Lord knows he had tried, but even grain alcohol couldn't drown the memories of the last day of his baby sister's life.Or the hideous way she was taken from them.

The warm spring morning and the chirping birds belied the monster that was lurking just out of sight on the final morning of Lizzie's life. Momma and Daddy were laughing and flirting at the breakfast table when Lizzie and Max asked to be excused to go outside and play. It was a gorgeous Saturday morning, and they meant to take full advantage of it! Hours later, after momma and daddy and Max had been searching anxiously for Lizzie, who had dissappeared after saying she was going home to pee, Max was the one who found her. She looked like a doll, lying there in the barn, blonde curls fanning out around her head. He thought she was asleep, till he stepped in the blood running from her body, and saw her eyes staring up at the rafters. Just like a doll; a doll didn't see anything either. Max ran and ran, till he found his parents; the rest of the day was pretty much still a blur, even after all these years.

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Date created: Dec. 31, 2008
Date published: Dec. 31, 2008
Comments: 2
Tags: back, looks, max
Word Count: 342
Times Read: 682
Story Length: 1