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"Isolation-19 chapter one"

Isolation 19 chapter two  by marcusgregory

      Jacobs waited impatiently as the connection with Earthbase was made and the team

at Earthbase attempted to locate Sanders.

      "Sander's isn't available, sir."

      "Let me have that.  Earthbase, this is Captain Eric Jacobs from the Pegasus.  We

have lost control of our system and I want to talk to Sanders right now!!  So I don't

care what you have to do, you find him and get him on this feed!!!"

      The doors opened and O'Donnel entered with the other three crew members: Anna

Kim, an intern on her first flight; Steve Bracken, security; Denton from engineering,

and Dr. Harlon Walters, the physician assigned to the mission.  Walters was the first

to speak up.

      "What's this all about Jacobs, someone hurt?"

      "We may be in for some rough waters, Doctor, I wanted everyone to be informed of

what's going on and I wanted everyone in their landing position.  So please take your

seats everyone. 

       "Twenty minutes and counting sir, still no override available," Richter called out.

        "Pegasus" a voice came over the ship's system.  "Jacobs, this is Sanders."

      The Captain immediately jumped toward the console.  "Sanders, where the hell

have you been?  We have a situation up here.  Our entire system is out of whack and

Pegasus is off course."

      "Relax, Jacobs, there's nothing to worry about."  The voice was too calm for

Jacobs’ liking.

      "Relax?  Did you hear what I just told you?  The system is malfunctioning.  We

can't even switch to manual override."

      "Ten minutes till destination, Captain" Richter interrupted.

         "Jacobs, there has been a change of plans for you and your crew.  The Omega is

out.  We installed new coordinates into your system before you left Earthbase.  I'm

sorry we had to be so secretive, but the mission you are on required it."

      "Mission?  What do you mean you changed the plans, Sanders?  What's this all

about?"  Jacobs was seething with rage, he didn't like surprises, and he didn't like


      "We couldn't tell you in advance, it was too risky, we had to set your system for

new coordinates without you or anyone else knowing lest we risk a security breach.

Manual override, system override, all of that, I am sorry but there was no other way."

      "Suppose you tell me and my crew just where we are headed then."

       "I-19", the voice sounded regretful.

      "Sir, we're going down, landing gear is activating, you need to secure yourself."

      "I'm not done with you Sanders!" he yelled into the console then turned to find his

seat.  "Everyone secure yourselves."  I-19, he thought, what the hell is I-19?

      The ship came to a bumpy but otherwise perfect landing on what appeared to be

a landing pad on a rock formation as first predicted.  A giant meteor, miles in width.

Jacobs was the first out of his seat and back at the console.

      "Sanders, we're here, where ever here is.  What is I-19, I've heard of it but....."

      "Isolation-19 Captain," Harlon Walters spoke from behind him as he rose from his

chair, "the "I" stands for isolation.  It is what you would call a floating hospital if you


      "A hospital?  So what's with the secrecy, why didn't it show on the monitor?"

      "Perhaps I should be more explicit.  It is in fact a floating sanitarium.  The Isolation

units are where Earth sends her less fortunate creatures.  You see, since civilization

has become so civilized, the idea of killing them was deemed inhumane, better to simply

shoot them off into space where we wouldn't have to deal with them, and at the same

time, there is no chance of them escaping." 

      "Do mean to tell me that we have just landed on an asylum?  Sanders, is this true?"

      "Doctor Walters is quite accurate in his knowledge, Jacobs.  What he failed to tell

you is that these "unfortunate creatures" as he calls them were receiving the best of

medical care in the hopes of rehabilitating them with the hopes of returning them to

civilized Earth."  Sanders corrected.

      Smythe, moving closer to Jacobs, spoke up, " so why are we here and why the


       "We received a distress call from I-19 several days ago.  Doctor Roth is the

Chief Physician there, we couldn't make much sense of what the trouble was and

shortly afterward we lost all contact.  That's why you're there."

      "I don't like this, I don't like this one damn bit" Bracken yelled out as he paced

along the back of the bridge.

      "So what exactly are we supposed to do here, Sanders?" Jacobs demanded.

      "Find out what's happening up there.  You'll find that everything you need is in

your cargo hold.  We saw to that as well."

      "You guys think of everything don't you?  Just one thing; what if I say no?  You

lied about this mission and as Captain of this vessel I can override your orders."

      "Not this, Jacobs, you could refuse but you and your crew would be left stranded.

Your ship doesn't have enough fuel for another take off which means you need us to

come and pick you up which we won't do until we get a full report.

      "Are you threatening me, Sanders?"

      "Not me, the government.  I had no choice in this either."

      "Now you listen to me, Sanders, I have a crew that wasn't prepared for anything but

a routine inspection.  I have an intern onboard, her first flight.  Now you get someone

the hell up here and get us off this rock right now or I will kill you when I get back."

      "Your crew is top notch for a reason.  You must have wondered why we chose so

many experienced personnel for such a routine mission, now you know.  We will be

sending someone soon, but it will be at least a matter of days, Jacobs.  Then you can kill

me if you like.  Oh and be careful, I'm sure it's nothing."  The voice died and the

connection was lost.


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