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Awake II  by marcusgregory

I couldn't help but to laugh outloud, if only to myself.  How many times had I joked with my friends that this is where we were heading?  Big Brother, afterall, was already watching us through cameras on street corners, the shopping mall, and even at my gym.  He is able to track us through cell phones, computers, and GPS systems. He even monitors our mail for God sakes. Now they are advertising a micro chip implant that promises to make my life easier?  Easier how?  Easier by reducing me to nothing more than a red blip on a radar screen somewhere?  Easier so that my movements can be monitored and studied like little white mice in a cardboard maze in a laboratory on some college campus somewhere?

Sure it works great for lost pets, but then they wanted us to put them into our babies, and now they want us to put them it into ourselves.  What next- George Orwell's predictions of actually having two-way video screens hanging on a wall in every room of my home so that I wouldn't even have privacy in my bathroom?

What is sad, I thought, is how many gullible people  are going to buy into this idea, the promise of a better life through chip implantation? Or, even more alarming, I thought, is how many gullible people already have?

 I turned in my chair, rolled toward the window and pushed down the blinds.  The sun was bright and the street three stories below my westside fire escape was busy with people being--well busy.  I studied them closely, coming and going this way and that up and down the cracked side walks and across the graying blacktop of the narrow two lane street. 

They all looked normal.  But, I asked myself, what really constitutes normal?  What does normal really look like?  Is normal the face of some guy looking through the blinds of his third story window at the strangers below wondering who among them has a micro chip embedded under their skin?

I became so engrossed in my thoughts and in my observations that when a knock landed on my door, I nearly jumped out of my skin

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Date created: June 3, 2008
Date published: June 3, 2008
Comments: 3
Word Count: 432
Times Read: 396
Story Length: 3
Children Rank: 3.8/5.0 (4 votes)
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