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Murder in Elk River  by mandycrum

Seth Canewood sat behind the wheel of his cruiser, watching the daily comings and goings of life in downtown Elk River, Nevada through the filmy windshield.

There wasn’t much to interest the eye today.  No pretty

girls in short skirts, or even ugly girls in short skirts, just

the same old ****.  S.S.D.D.  Same ****, different day. 

Same old men sitting inside the barbershop, yapping

about the weather and how the dust storms keep getting

worse every year.  Same high school dropouts ducking

into The Side Pocket, the local pool hall and the only

place to get a drink in town.  Well, the only place to get a

legal drink, anyways. 

The two-way radio squawked.  “Sheriff?  You there?” 

“I’m here, Mary.  Where else would I be?”

Mary was the switchboard operator down at the station and was in charge of forwarding calls to him and Jimmy over the radio.  She hadn’t had much to do lately except file her nails.  They were looking pretty good, too, long and lacquered red, although how she typed with them like that, Seth would never know.

 “Just checkin’ in,” she said now.  “My mama just brought

in a big plate full of brownies, by the way.  I’ll try to save

one for you.”

“Thanks, Mare.  Watch out that Jimmy don’t get big

chocolate smears on the keyboard this time, will you?  I

swear he’s like a goddamn four year-old.”

“Jimmy says to tell you he heard that and does not

appreciate it,” Mary reported, all business-like, but Seth

knew she was about to bust with giggles.

“Tell Jimmy I’ll file that away for future consideration.”

 He clicked off and leaned back against the worn leather

driver’s seat and lit a smoke in a thoughtful sort of way. 

It was going to be another slow day, he could tell.  Not

that he had expected anything different.  Since taking

over Sheriff duties after his father--the late-great Sheriff

Buck Canewood--died two years ago, Elk River had only

seen three events that had required police attention. 

One was a nasty car accident out on Route 60 (a drunken

teenager with too much time on his hands).  One was a

bar brawl that had started as a dispute over a football

game and had ended with two black eyes, a broken hand,

and a mop bucket full of bloody water.

But the third…that was one to think about.  Gruesome, nasty stuff, the likes of which Seth and his police force had never seen.  Of course, the Elk River Police Department consisted of himself and his nephew, Jimmy, and Jimmy had only been

deputized for about a month when the Freelander

business went down, but still…a call like that takes its toll

on a man, no matter how desensitized he thinks he is. 

And it had happened on a day much like this one, when

Seth had thought he would die of boredom before


It all started when Ida May Freelander decided her

husband was never going to hit her again.

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  'Murder in Elk River' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Jan. 9, 2009
Date published: Jan. 21, 2009
Comments: 3
Tags: murder, mystery, nevada, small-town
Word Count: 1519
Times Read: 508
Story Length: 1