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Yes, Daddy  by makoallen
Vanessa was coming over to finally see the big surprise.  Eric paced, waiting.  The first thing he'd done was to put a hook on the door to the second bedroom.  Whenever he worked on it, he hung the little sign with the ballet dancer on it that said "Vanessa's Room".  But he'd always taken it back down again whenever he put away his tools and paintbrushes.  Today he left it up.  He didn't lock the doorknob with the key either.

Installing the doorknob had been the second thing he'd done.  He'd made sure it locked with a key, because after six months of dating, he knew just how Vanessa's mind worked.  When he'd mentioned he was doing something special to the room, and that it was a surprise, her face had lit up, like a child's.  She'd asked to see it, but he'd firmly said no.  Later that first night, when he was in bed, he'd heard her sneaking around on tiptoe and rattling the doorknob.  She'd said ,"darn!" in a quiet, frustrated whisper, and he'd smiled before drifting off to sleep.

Because he'd only work on the room when Vanessa wasn't around, it had taken a long time to finish.  He'd ordered some of the furniture over the internet.  Some he'd made himself.  You could size things up for an adult, if you were halfway decent at math, and knew the basics of how to use the tools.

Getting the clothes had proved to be harder.  One day they'd been goofing around, and he'd suggested they mark their heights on a door frame, like parents did with children.  This made her smile, and she'd agreed to it.  Once he'd gotten her to do that, she didn't raise an eyebrow when he started using a tape measure to measure every part of her.  She giggled as he cupped her breasts, and measured them from every possible angle.  She laughed when he measured her hips, saying the tape was scratchy and tickled her bottom.  She'd gotten her panties a bit wet when he measured between her legs, and they'd tumbled into bed, laughing.  He'd had to say the numbers to himself, silently to keep from forgetting them, and wrote them down when she wasn't looking.

But he'd finally put the last touches on the room yesterday, and called her this morning.  "So, 'Nessa, do you want to see what's in that room now?" he'd said casually.  She said yes, and had hung up quickly.  Eric found when he hung up the phone that his hand was shaking a tiny bit.

When he heard Vanessa knocking, he waited.  After the first polite knock there was a pause, and then a series of rapid, very impatient knocks.  He laughed, and opened the door for her.  She went right into his arms for a hug, and kissed him tenderly, but he could feel her impatience, so he let her go.  

She pounded up the steps.  He heard her gasp "oooh!" and come to a sudden stop.  When he came up the steps into the hall, she looked at him, and then the sign on the door, and then back at him again.  

"What is this?" she said.  

"Clearly it's your room", he said.

"Can I open the door?" she asked.  He nodded.

Eric watched her carefully.  The pink walls made her smile.  The ballet dancer wallpaper boarder made her giggle.  The frilly canopy bed made her gasp with delight. When she realized it had a safety bar too, she turned to look at the rest of the room.  She saw the open closet packed with adult-sized versions of what looked like little girl's party dresses.  Then she saw the tall padded table, with the shelving underneath.  It was filled with diapers.  

Vanessa's eyes filled with tears.  "How did you know?" she whispered. She melted into his arms.  

"Baby, I've always known," he said.  His hands didn't shake at all as he sat guided her to sit on the bed.  "One last thing," he said.

He got down on one knee in front of her, and took the ring from his pocket.  He asked her the question.

"Yes, Daddy," she answered.
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Date created: March 14, 2009
Date published: March 14, 2009
Comments: 7
Tags: adult, ageplay, erotica
Word Count: 1108
Times Read: 23731
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (2 votes)