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Held  by makoallen

It was only Robbie's second time at the naked swim when he saw Wayne, but he was fixated on him right away.

Robbie, always the overeager one, had gotten to the swim early, and lay out on a chair, so he could watch people come into the pool.

He could tell who was new, like him, and who'd been there before.  The familiar ones, the frequent swimmers, would hug each other and look at one another nonchalantly.  Their penises and vaginas were old, familiar comfortable territory.

But the new ones, they had a certain hesitant, electric quality, a spark.  They were aware of their newness.  Their eyes went everywhere, and they could feel the others' eyes upon them.  You could tell -- the tension of it fairly crackled in the air about them.

Wayne however, was different altogether.  He was sort of both old and new at the same time.  He walked in confidently.  He was wearing some sort of muscle shirt that left his chiseled belly exposed, and a pair of old cutoffs.  With grace, he slipped them off, and dove confidently into the water. 

Robbie eyed him hungrily.  He watched Wayne swim.  His long, powerful arms leapt out of the water, and sliced back through it.  As he kicked, Robbie could see the muscle underneath his firm bottom pulse. 

Wayne must have seen him looking, because he saw over to the shallow end, toward Robbie.  He planted his feet, and brought his head up out of the water, sweeping it back.  Droplets of water glistened in his short, slightly curly auburn hair.

Wayne smiled at him, and patted the water lightly, in invitation.

Robbie felt a knot undo itself somewhere underneath his stomach.  He felt a slightly sickening lurch of nervousness at the same time as his cock swelled with heat.  Wayne settled back down under the water, waiting.

"I did come here to meet people", Robbie thought.  Before he knew what he was doing he'd taken the few short steps to the pool, and jumped right in.

They swam together in the shallows, talking.

Before Robbie knew it, Wayne had his arms around him.  They swam out toward the deeper water, and Robbie foundered a bit, uncomfortable at being so close and trying to keep his head above water.

Wayne grabbed for him, and held him in his arms.  "I've got you, Robbie, don't worry."  He curled one arm around Robbie’s chest and pressed him back.  Robbie could feel Wayne's chiseled muscles, and firm breast again his back.

Wayne put his other hand between Robbie's thighs, and gently forced them apart, then cupped his penis.  He stood there, holding Robbie, cradling him.

Robbie blushed, "I'm sorry I didn't realize how much deeper it was here."

"That's okay, I've got you -- you're safe with me"

Robbie laughed, "you make me feel like a baby when you hold me like that."

Wayne gave him a knowing look, and delicately rubbed at Robbie's hardening cock with two fingers of his cupped hand.  "I like you feeling that way."  Wayne marched them back toward the shallows. He went to lower Robbie to his feet, but Robbie leaned in close, holding on.

"Don't let me go!" Robbie pleaded.

Wayne leaned down, and kissed him on his forehead, then slid back his hand and gave Robbie a fierce pinch on his bottom.  "Don't let me go, Daddy", he scolded.



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Date created: Nov. 8, 2008
Date published: Nov. 8, 2008
Comments: 3
Tags: adult, ageplay, erotica, gay, homoerotic
Word Count: 886
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