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"She Belongs to Heaven - Chapter 1: Dance With Death"

Good lady Great dancer  by madugundukrishna

She is Beautiful lady and good dance. Audients like her dance very so much.

She is a great dancer. She is not only dancer and beauty anchor. Audients are enjoying her program for every day.

Now days more chances earning in TV channels as dancer. So many gifts offering like plots and cars. TV channel live show telecasting group dance programs.

            She is a young modern dancer named sailu. She is a popular TV dancer. She had more demand greater than her mother. She is student of a great dance master of raja ran. Her beauty is better. She dances in a half dress in zig zag lightings. All are likes interest sow in seeing her programs in telecasts of any channel. New stiles are in dance Fournier’s also linking her dance setting and costumes are more cost.

            Sailu is a daughter of Madhu mati. She is a great nartki in bharata natya.

Bharata Natya as a dance form and carnatic music set to it is deeply grounded in Bhakti. Bharata Natya, it is said, is the embodiment of music in visual form, a ceremony, and an act of devotion. Dance and music are inseparable forms; only with Sangeetam can dance be conceptualized.

She programmed over all abroad. So many verity dances in India. Now the famous is modern dace likes rich to poor people. They are her dance loves daily interested in seeing of her dance. Any one channel plays her programmed on lives more response.

            She steps round and round with the shakes legs and hand turns. Her body blossoms in pant or in Punjabi dress.  

             Much developed more demand modern dance better than all other dances likes bharata natya kuchipudi and some others.


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Date created: July 11, 2009
Date published: July 11, 2009
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Tags: dancer, girl, good, great
Word Count: 4417
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Story Length: 1