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"The Ending Begins"

The Ending Begins: Chapter 2  by madejesus

The asteroid surprised us all.  I was in an audition when it hit, a part I was so perfect for I knew I’d be getting a call back.  Then destruction happened.  I will never forget the screaming I heard coming from the streets.  Men and women, mothers and fathers, scurrying through the streets frightened for their lives.  All I could think about was Howard and how I wished he was there with me, holding me, telling me everything would be okay because we were together.  I miss him.


The asteroid hit dead on, smack in the middle.  There was nothing we could do to avoid it.  It not only killed thousands of lives, but destroyed half of the United States, if you could call it that anymore.  It seemed more like a big pile of mess that would never be cleaned up.  I walked the streets of LA, my heart pumping in my chest at the devastation around me.  Buildings collapsing, smoke filling the sky, water dripping off the street lights from a huge tidal wave that nearly drowned us, and I was one of the lucky ones to survive.  I had never before seen a dead body until that day and now I’ve gotten used to them.  It’s such a horrible thing to say, but a lot of lives were lost.  I hope Howard is okay.


Howard was such an unlikely boyfriend for me and even my friends were surprised when I told them we were dating.  I didn’t care though; he’s my sweetie pie and the only boy in high school who made me feel smart as well as pretty.  The fact that he can understand me through my New York fast talk is a bonus.  Opposites do attract, right?


I have to get to him; I have to find out if he’s okay.  I couldn’t fly, couldn’t get in a car and drive, so I started walking in hopes that maybe he was doing the same and we would finally meet somewhere in the open desert, if there’s a desert left.  All I have is hope.

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Date created: Jan. 15, 2008
Date published: Jan. 15, 2008
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Word Count: 549
Times Read: 855
Story Length: 35
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