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The Ending Begins: Chapter 4  by madejesus

I just started walking.  I didn’t even think about what I needed for the journey.  Not a smart move on my part.  If Howard was here, he’d know what to bring, what to do.  The first day seemed immensely hotter than it ever had been during my time in LA.  The sun beamed down on my face and I could feel the rays burning my light, sensitive skin to a cherry red.  I needed to stop and get supplies or I’d end up passed out from heat exposure before the week was out.   

The stores were crazy; people running in and out with their arms full of merchandise.  Store clerks abandoned their posts to find their family amongst the chaos of the city, joining those that were running from one corner to the next.  I never felt so confused and alone.  My cell phone battery was dead, the one time I needed it the most.  The one time I desperately wanted to call my friends, family and Howard.  I was only in LA for a week, most of the time spent on my friend’s couch rehearsing my lines for the audition.  I didn’t even know which part of LA I was in or what store would help me with the supplies I needed.  I didn’t know where to begin.

I thought about what Howard would do, “think smart and charge forward”.  I collected my composure and gathered supplies, limiting myself to what fit in a backpack.  I felt weird not paying for anything, as if I was obliged to leave some kind of payment on my way out.  Money was the last thing on people’s mind and it would take some time before the monetary value of a dollar returned to what it once was.  Things would get incredibly worse before it got better.  The United States wasn’t the same after the asteroid hit, its people weren’t the same.

I took money as well.  The cash register was open and I knew enough about people to know that somewhere on my journey someone would care and make me pay to sleep or eat or whatever.  Tragedy can bring the best and worst out of people and it’s a long walk to New York.

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Date created: Jan. 16, 2008
Date published: Jan. 16, 2008
Comments: 3
Word Count: 504
Times Read: 697
Story Length: 33
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