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Shalese  by macdonbj

The problem with seducing Shalese has been only one major obstacle.  She has almost always had a boyfriend since I’ve known her.  The only time I can recall that she didn’t was in the seventh grade, which was the time that we nearly dated.  Point is, she’s been with the same guy for over ten years now, and although has been faithful, I’ve rarely gotten to spend any time just with her.

Well, finally I had had enough and decided it was due time that I should get what was mine for years now.  Namely, to be inside of her.  I know have always had feelings for each other, but neither of us were apt to break the faithfulness card to appease those urges, as strong as they might have been.  So, I felt that I would take it upon myself to make the situation available for her to take advantage of it.  Then, if she freaks out, I’ll simply threaten to tell Jon about it and cause a very difficult breakup. I don’t want to be with her long term; just long enough to get a **** in now and again.

In my past, I had been known as somewhat of a drinker.  She had not, but Jon was.  So, I figured the best way to get him out of the way for the night would be to get him drunk enough, then to slip him some kind of sleeping medicine in a beer and watch him pass out.  He’s a skinny guy, so I didn’t imagine that his tolerance was really all that high anyways.  The problem was how to get a small amount of alcohol in her just enough to get her relaxed and warmed, but not more than a little tipsy.  In fact, I didn’t want to get her groggy or sleepy.  Just buzzed and maybe a little giddy.

So the plan ultimately came down to a group of us going bowling and naturally, I pushed beer after beer into Jon until he couldn’t pick up the ball without dropping it.  Finally it was decided to head home, and since I hadn’t had too much to drink, I was okay to drive.  I “needed a place to crash”, so she invited me to sleep on her couch for the night.  I gratefully accepted the offer and followed them home.  Jon, still staggering, insisted on playing some card game for a while.  I could tell Shalese was getting annoyed by him, but didn’t have the gumption to say anything.  I feigned being irritated as well, and thus gained points for being on her side.  In the game I did manage to get Jon to drink a drugged up drink in order to keep him oblivious to the world for the next several hours.

After less than an hour of him getting sloppy, and even managing to get some fruity cocktails into her, I was the big man and helped him crash in the bedroom.  I even turned on a little music to block any outside noises that might occur later on.

When I emerged, she was sitting on the couch, obviously upset and stressed out.  I sat down close by her and put a loving arm around her shoulder.  We chatted for a minute or two, while she bitched about what a dick Jon was being, and I added my two points about some **** that I made up about him.  This all but got her hot and bothered already, and probably would have been willing to partake, but I wanted to get her deeper into my spell before she could back out.

I made mention that she looked like she could really use a massage right about then, and that I would love to practice, if she didn’t mind.  Like any red-blooded woman, she readily accepted the offer.  Now, this was the tricky part.

Any time a person gets a massage, a real one at least, they should be completely naked.  Now, for those out there who aren’t use to getting a massage, or are even the slightest bit uncomfortable about it, the more clothes they take off the less happy they are about it.  So, I had to tell her “alright, here’s what is going to happen.  I have to run out to my car and get my stuff (lotions, oils, etc).  While I’m gone, I want you to go into the bathroom and come out wearing whatever makes you comfortable.  I recommend at the least nothing from the waist up, and something comfortable, like gym shorts, on the bottom.  Also, grab yourself a couple of towels.  When you’re ready, lay down on the couch and whatever are of you body you don’t want a massage on, cover with the towel so I know.  That way, you can always change your mind, too.”

I don’t give her any time to argue, and head out to the car.  I took my time to make sure she was good and ready when I got back.  Sure enough, she was laying on the couch with nothing but the towel covering her ****.  The towel was folded up so it really didn’t minimize a whole lot of her skin anyways.  I didn’t plan on it staying there forever.

The key to getting a woman horny through a massage is simple but important.  Quality first, sex second.  She needs to actually feel like she’s getting worked over all the while getting warmed up on the insides.  The big mistake I only ever made once was to go for a reach around for the girls’ ****.  She caught on really quickly and we never got any further than that.  Damn shame, too.  Shalese’s **** are at least bigger though, so I know that I’ll eventually get a handful later on.  When giving a massage, your body position will matter a good amount, too.  For smaller women, don’t mount them, or else you’ll crush them and nobody has a good night.  Shalese, thankfully, is a relatively muscular girl, who did some track-and-field in her college days, so I wasn’t concerned about whether or not she could hold my weight as long as I kept most of it either off, or only on her **** area.  Also, use some good quality massage oil, or in a pinch baby oil works too.  Warm it up so its not too cold, too.

All massages might as well start at the shoulder blades.  It practically common sense really.  After that, don’t forget that a nice scalp stimulation will get all kind of neurons firing, and with the mix of alcohol and sex on the mind, that’s just what you want (Experts all agree that contact with a woman’s head and hair before and during sex is crucial to maximum enjoyment. Check that box!)  Now, as you’re mounted over her, its perfectly acceptable, and really expected, to achieve an erection.  After all, she’s practically naked, and you’re trying to get your member inside of her.  Who wouldn’t?  Again, a big mistake is to 1) try to avoid poking it into her and 2) don’t whip it out yet.  Let her take care of that.  Rubbing up on her **** in normal movements is unavoidable, and lets her know that you are turned on by her, too.

As you slide down the length of her body, as directed in the case, skip the ****, and then move all the way to her feet.  Take note of the head comment above, but to a lesser degree.  Feet can be avoided during sex, but not if you’re giving a full massage.  Spend extra time there, in fact.  Sit either in between on just to the side of her legs and bend her leg at the knees straight up.  This gives you more control over her body, and also causes her to open her legs wider for you.  This posture simulates the basic sex position, and tricks the mind into wanting it more.  Might also give you a peek upstairs.  Also, if you can position it, maneuver you foot in between her legs to create a very subtle contact with the inside of her thighs.  Almost as though it were the only place for your foot to go, but be aware that if you get too high up there, she will get turned off by a foot near her crotch.

Work your way up both legs to the mid thigh, or to wherever the towel stop you.  Use both hands on each leg so as to get as much surface contact top to bottom.  Let your fingers dance higher up, but never too close as to be obvious as to where you’re aiming for.

This can go either way at this point.  One, she’ll roll over and start making out, and you’ll ****.  Or, she won’t be completely ready and you’ll need to break out the special gear.
Before that though, lean over so you’re spooning her from the top and ask how she feels.  Don’t accept “fine” or “good”… pull out from her a word that actually means how she’s feeling.  Don’t expect horny, unless it’s followed by “lets ****.”  Be sure t ask if you missed anywhere, or if she wants you to work that you didn’t.  This might mean she pulls off the towel. After that, pull out your toys.  I have found that those made of wood or other hard material don’t help much other than make the person sore.  Find a textured glove or mitten of some sort, maybe even two (same patterns), which are usually latex rubber.    Use more oil on it so it slides over her body well, and go over the same areas you already did (sans hair).  This time its all about the stimulation and less about the massage.  Enticing the nerve ending all over her body will make her wanting more.  This part is especially crucial to her thighs, as now its not your hand that exciting her but a hundred tiny bumps and ridges.

Keep note of her body language throughout all this.  Her hips will align themselves for easier access if she wants it, even without realizing it.  Her breathing rate will speed up, and she’ll get flushed.  Shalese was doing all these and then some.  Gradually, after spending sufficient time ticking her upper thighs with the gloves, she finally lifted her **** off the couch and pulled off the towel, exposing her beautiful shapely **** to me.  Since I was already in action with the glove, I took her suggestion and reached all the way up into her, and began to massage her pussy with the glove on.  This resulted in a moan of pleasure from her and a raising of her hips to allow better access… close to a doggy style position.

As I began to slowly massage her pussy with the oiled up textured glove, she responded with rocking her hips back and forth to the same rhythm.  Even with the gloves on, it was easy to tell that I had succeeded in arousing her to a fairly high level.  Her aroma was obvious, too, and I hoped that it wouldn’t stick around long enough for Jon to notice.  I intended on taking advantage of her attraction for me for a long time, even while they remained together.
As her body movements became less conscious and more primal, I knew she was getting close to coming.  I was hard as a rock and thankfully still was fully dressed at this point, otherwise might have just considered nailing her right then and there, but I figured that giving her at least two orgasms that night would be better than just one.  I still wanted her to be the one to initiate the sex, too, leaving her to be the one to cross the line, and not (as much) me.  That meant her on top.

When the first orgasm did finally occur, she stuck her face in the couch as to muffle the moans of pleasure.  Her hips rocked back and forth to gain as much friction to my gloved hand and enjoy the stimulations as her mind exploded in ecstasy.  This lasted only about twenty seconds, but with it had ensnared her in my web.

When she finished her climax and finally calmed down, I very calmly laid back on the couch and waited for her to respond.  Eventually, she sat up and crawled over to me, finally giving me a view of her beautiful **** and a look of animal attraction and excitement.  Without saying a word, she strips off my shirt, unbuttons and slides off my shorts.  My dick is practically begging to be released, which she is very aware of, and akin to unwrapping a Christmas present, she grins and tears off my boxers.  Her eyes wide with amazement, she takes hold of my shaft and lowers her mouth onto my throbbing member.  Now, at this time, I’m already horny as hell, and now I’m finally getting a **** from someone who I’ve been dying to see naked for years.  This is nearly too much for me, and I peel her off before I blow my load and pull her up to me face to face.

She is now sitting on my lap, straddling over my waist, and her **** are calling my name.  So, I answer the call and take one in my mouth and the other grab with my spare hand (the one not pulling her back towards me).  This again results in a gasp of pleasure and surprise, and her hips once again begin a slow rocking motion in my lap.  This reminds me of a lap dance in a strip club, only where you’re both naked and you get to touch!  Her nipples have a taste of vanilla, though I don’t know nor care as to why.  They were erect before I started, but now would be considered to have grown in size from arousal.

Still fighting the urge to put myself inside of her, I pause and look her in the eyes with a questioning, yet hinting look.  She takes the cue and raises herself over my glistening wet dick and agonizingly slowly lowers herself onto me.  The overwhelming feeling of enjoyment and thrill hits me like an ocean wave. I’ve been waiting for this moment since middle school where I would masturbate to thoughts about her, and its finally happening.

Although surprisingly a little awkward at first, we both got into the groove of the moment and before long she was riding up and down on me like a pogo stick.  I had hold of her **** with both hands to keep her from falling off.  It took every ounce of willpower and physical control over myself to keep from climaxing too soon.  She, on the other hand, seemed to be in a hypnotic state and wasn’t in control of anything she was doing.  Faster and faster she slipped up and down around my cock, and when she remembered her **** were in reach, grabbed both nipples in each hand and pulled them away from the skin.  This was a bit of a shock to both of us, but to her it was the exact trigger to set off another explosion, and a series of wails and moans let loose from her inner being unlike I’ve ever heard.  I feared Jon might come storming out of the room, which thankfully created a mental distraction and staved off my own climax.

Once her body stopped quivering post coitus, she collapsed down on my chest breathing deeply, with me still inside of her, still not yet finished. I allowed her a few moments of rest, but my sides were burning with desire for what was to come next (literally!).  I once again looked at her in the eyes and this time said “ready for round two?”  Her eyes grew wide as she realized that I was not quite done with her and that she was going to get pounded herself.  Without taking myself out of her, I rolled her onto her back and stretched her legs up onto my shoulders.  

Now, it was my turn to get my rocks off.  I wasn’t in the mood for any soft cuddly love making, and I guessed by now, neither was she.  However, before I was going to start that, I needed to seal the deal with her.  Ever so slowly, I began a pivot thrust into her, giving as  few inches inside of her as possible. She knew what would fit, so I knew was getting anxious to be filled.  

I looked down at her and said “what is it you want right now?”  She looked up at me confused, with an “I don’t know what to say” look.  “Let me be clear, Shalese.”  I used my iron voice now.  
“I’m moments away from splitting you in half like a piece of oak.  I’m not going to be gentle or slow with you, and I know that’s exactly what you want.  But I need to hear you say it before I do.  I’m going to ask you again:  What do you want me to do, right now?!”  

Finally, she got the hint of the right words that I was going for:  “I want you to **** me” she murmured softly.  

“Not good enough,” I replied.  “I need to know how bad you want it.  Also, you want me to **** you like a what?”  

“I want you to **** me like your bitch,” was the louder, but still meek reply.  I could tell her body was aching for more penetration and wasn’t getting it.  

“Louder,” I commanded her.  “Say it like you mean it.  Or I’m leaving right now.”  Which was the LAST thing i wanted, but I needed to scare her.

“I WANT YOU TO **** ME LIKE YOUR BITCH.  **** ME **** ME **** ME!!”  

And so I did.  At that cue, I laid into her up to her third rib and was awarded with a gasp of pleasurable pain.  I pounded my eager cock so deep into her it disappeared and was swallowed up whole, over and over again.  I felt as though i was pounding a railroad spike into the walls of her vagina and if I didn’t get through I would die.  Faster and faster I thrust my pelvis into her, watching her **** jiggle up and down and her repeating **** ME **** ME over and over with each thrust.  

All this after fingering her, a short ****, a lap dance, and a riding cowgirl, I was finally able to release myself into her.  The climax was like the first drop on the worlds tallest roller coaster ride.  You reach the top and know what is about to happen, but never really are you ready for what comes.  And neither was I.  At that time, all conscious efforts to keep in control of my body disappeared and my animal nature simply took over for the both of us.  I howled in pleasure with fireworks blasting off in my head, Shalese now no longer saying **** ME but now grunting like a gorilla.  I sprayed so much cum inside her walls I was afraid she might choke on it.  I knew she was on birth control and that neither of us had diseases, so no worries there.

She came at the same time for the third time in less than an hour.  I knew it must be tiring for her, which was why I let her lay there while I did al the work.  Never the less, I could tell by the distant look in her eyes that she was having close to an out of body experience.  Her pussy walls were constricting around my shaft and were flushing her insides with her own female juices.  The couch was so wet from her and the room smelled of nothing but her feminine sexual odors, all of which heightened the experience.  

I must have been coming for a full minute before I finally was back in control of my own body.  I slowed down to my original speed and allowed her legs to fall to my sides.  As a began to soften up, I gave her a few extra thrusts to leave a lasting impression on her mind.  Finally I slid out of her, my dick dripping with the last few remaining drops of my cum, but coated like a paintbrush with hers.  She laid on the couch unable to move an inch, still quivvering in post-orgasm spasms, as I rolled off of her.  I could have left her there for the night to be woken up by Jon naked and smelling of a fresh ****, but I needed to keep all this a secret.  

Why?  After all, I had finally accomplished what I sought to do, right?  Well, yes, but that sex was amazing for both of us, and I fully intended on continuing our trysts for as long as possible.  I knew she and Jon weren’t having much sex anyways, so its not like he was missing out on anything.  She was full of sexual energy and wasn’t being satisfied, so like a drug addict, needed to get her fix.  Masturbation really only does so much for someone like her.  She needs something that will satiate her needs as a woman.  Luckily, I was able to provide that something, time and time again.  

So, once she caught her breath and relaxed, I wordlessly helped her up and into the shower,  in order to wash off our aromas.  We didn’t have a go while in the shower, but it gave me a good idea for the future.  After the shower, we sat down and simply cuddled on the couch until she fell asleep.  I wanted to stay like that, but knew that being woken up in that posture would not be the best of ideas in the morning.  So, I crashed instead on the floor, as any good gentleman would do.  Made the two of them breakfast in the morning, all the while pretending very successfully that nothing had happened.  Interestingly enough, so did she, with a silent understanding that not only would last night not be made public, but that last nights events would assuredly be repeated in the near future.  

So, I went back home, and for the next couple of weeks made plans as to when and how I’d make it back down for another friendly visit.  Although the two of them lived together, there was still plenty of time when they would go hours without seeing each other.  Those precious few hours was where I needed to coordinate with her.  She was perfectly open to keeping me up to date as to her weekend schedules “at the gym”, “out shopping” and “visiting her parents.”  Amazingly enough, I happened to be visiting the “gym” at the same time.  We would meet up for a coffee with a great deal of caffeine for both of us, and separately make our way to a hotel or some safe house of sorts.   

I can say with a serious degree of amazement, that Shalese had a sexual drive like a lioness.  She was willing to try every position, every toy and technique, and I was sure it wouldn’t take much encouragement for her to invite a friend of hers over to join us.  Maybe some of her track-and-field teammates, perhaps.  This was easily becoming a very fruitwhile relationship… a step beyond friends-with-benfits and deep into the area of ****-buddies. 

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