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Rebekah 3  by macdonbj

One Saturday night, Rebekah and I decided to head out for a night on the town, for a bit of clubbing.  She loves to be the center of attention and frequently is surrounded by a circle of guys wanting to grind with her on the dance floor.  Rebekah allows most of them to, before flitting off back to me in the end.  

I always give the jealous guys a wink and a smirk before she and I make an exit.  Tonight though, we got bored of the club and decided to try a different type of club: my favorite strip club downtown.

The reason that its my favorite place is for a few subtle reasons.  It is not the nicest, flashiest place, or the best dancers.  However, except for the stages, it is only lit with red lighting, and not much at that.  Also, some of the girls are known to stretch the limits of the state imposed strip clubs laws.  

My favorite dancer was stage-named Savannah.  She was supposedly an EMT for a regular job, and doing this to make money to support her son. What is most important about her is that instead of using her money for something useful, she went out and got a boob-job.  Not just a bump up to a C cup or so, but these must have been at least DD's (I'm no expert, al I know was that they were huge.).  Not only were they big, but she developed a trick such that she could bounce them up and down just using her own chest muscles.  She also liked to give out "dirty" dances, where you pay a couple extra bucks and she'd reach down and play with your dick while giving a lap dance.

Anyways, back to the evening at hand.  Rebekah announced to me in the car as we were cruising around that she wanted to go to a strip club tonight.  "Why?" I asked, entirely out of curiosity.

"Because," she replied.  "When John gets home, I want to be able to give him some lap dances.  I figure that if he ever asks where I got some of this extra money, I can say I won an amateur night a couple times."

Wow, I never thought of that.  "Makes sense to me," I said.  So, we drove to my club, parked and went inside.  She got in free, of course, but at least I was only ten bucks.  Thankfully, my regular was still there and spotted me immediately.  She came over, but stopped cold when she saw Rebekah.

"Who's this?" Savannah asked, frowning.  "I didn't know you had a girlfriend."

"I don't," I responded coolly.  Holding Savannah by the waist and whispering in her ear.  "This is Rebekah, my roommate.  Her boyfriend is gone right now, and she wants to learn how to give lap dances.  I told her that you were the best and might be willing to give her some lessons."

That apparently satisfied her enough, and when I promised to drop a load of cash in her lap for a few lessons and dances for me, she was more than happy to go along with the plan.  First things first, Rebekah needed to watch someone get a dance, and I was more than happy to oblige.  Out of surprise, Rebekah offered to pay for the whole thing.  "After all, it is for my lessons, right?"

Savannah is a true professional, and has some major skills in the art of turning a guy on just by moving her body close to him, even before making contact.  Rebekah sat opposite us, but close enough to see what to do.  By the end of the song, I'm hard has a rock, and Savannah gives me a little squeeze in encouragement... possibly for a future taste of things to come?

Rebekah was shocked to find out that she wasn't just going to be watching the whole time, but would be receiving her own soon enough.  Sitting back, again awkward, Rebekah was given a similar treatment as I was, only without the squeeze at the end.  I could hear her talking back and forth with Savannah, I assume getting tips.  At the end of the dance, Savannah surprised even me when she ran her hands down the front of Rebekah's chest.  This produced a small gasp from Rebekah, who blushed and nervously licked her lips.
This was observed by Savannah, too, who decided that Rebekah had spent enough money so far to earn herself a free dance.

The second dance for Rebekah was devoid of any verbal lessons and concentrated purely on teaching by example.  Savannah grinded her pelvis on Rebekah's and pressed her gigantic **** in Rebekah's face.  Turning around now, Savannah locked eyes with me and gave me a lustful look that I can imagine to this day.  She gently grabbed Rebekah's hands and placed them on her hips for support.  Leaning back into Rebekah, Savannah reached her own hand behind her back and down in Rebekah's crotch area.  Since Rebekah just happened to be wearing a mini skirt, I could just barely observe that Savannah's hand had disappeared up under the folds of fabric.  I caught a glimpse of Rebekah's face for a moment, and was pleased to see that she was closing her eyes, obviously in full enjoyment of this special treatment.

Sadly, the song ended too soon, and Savannah had to go earn more money from her other regular customers before her manager got on her case about playing favorites.  She slipped me a kiss before we left and whispered that we need to come back soon to visit her.  I told her that I'd rather have Rebekah get more lessons in a more comfortable location, like our house.  Slipping her my phone number with a twenty, I said she ought to call and set up a day.  "I'll make it worth you time," I promised.  She replied with a smile and said she'd consider it.

Rebekah was still flushed from her lap dance for most of the ride home, but soon fell asleep without a word of conversation between us.  I carried her upstairs and yet again put her in bed after helping her into some pajama's.  I was beat by then and crashed in my clothes on my own bed only moments later.

The next morning, Rebekah woke me up with coffee and breakfast, a huge surprise since she never does this unless she's planning something.  I could only guess as to what her newest idea was, which I assumed involved me and last night's events.  Sure enough, she wanted to teach herself how to give a great lap dance, and I was to be her subject.

"I mean, lets face it," she tried to explain.  "You've seen me in the most unusual situations more than anyone, and have never tried to pull anything with me.  You're like having a gay friend, only you're straight."  

So, we began once again for her "training."  Instead of jumping straight into her grinding on my lap and "hoping" to get a rise out of me, we talked over what Savannah had told her last night.  She mentioned that ultimately the idea was to make a guy feel like you were **** him, only with clothes on, and that he wasn't supposed to hold onto you during it.  You were essentially entirely in control of everything that happened.  She also mentioned that it's really never very difficult to get a guy turned on; that can happen just by showing him your **** or rubbing up against him.  True, the goal is to get him turned on, but also to be able to keep his undying attention only on you the entire time and to keep him turned on for as long as possible.  This is harder than it looks, as guys attention spans aren't known for their long term affects.  This is especially difficult in a strip club, where there are women dancing everywhere naked, and if one looks more interesting than you, you're tossed aside in a heartbeat.  The longer Savannah can hold onto a guy, the more money he spends on her.

After the talks, we went out and rented a couple of movies that I knew would have some good lap dances in it.  "Showgirls", although a terrible movie, was a prime example.  "Carmen Electra's the Lap Dance is some kind of instructional video which was more of a workout video, but hey, Carmen Electra is hot.  A couple others were alright, but the idea was to give Rebekah some ideas to use, not for cinematic enjoyment.

The next step was to decide on what to wear. Thankfully, Rebekah had already accumulated several sexy outfits for her video scenes, so she posed in a few of them for me and we judged together which would be the best for her to wear.  I even took some pictures and posted them online, with a poll to see who out there thought a certain outfit would be the best to give a dance in.  This provided the customers a great opportunity to vote on what she'd wear in the future videos of her giving me (and/or some other girl, like Kat or Savannah) a lap dance. The customers, both paying and non-paying, were thrilled at the idea and we received several hundred votes on a few specific outfits.

The one that got the most votes, not surprisingly, was the Catholic schoolgirl outfit, complete with plaid skirt, white blouse, knee-high stockings, a fake pair of glasses and pigtails to top it off. Now, I have seen this in strip clubs, and the outfits look more like Halloween costumes than authentic uniforms.  We chose to be a little classier and had actually ordered a couple of them from a uniform supply website.  These places still supply Catholic high schools, and have sizes for just about anyone.

Finally, Rebekah decided that we needed to get started in the actual practicing.  She had been working out on her own, working on her flexibility and calisthenics and remembering some of the dance moves she saw at the club and on the DVD's.  Picking out a comfortable couch for me to sit on, and wearing a pair of gym shorts, I sat back and waited for the show to start.  Rebekah put on some slow R&B music and began to dance in front of me.  Swinging her hips and swinging her **** in front of me, I did my best to hold off on getting too aroused.  After all, I knew I had already seen all of her movies before and that this wasn't anything new for me.  Finally, after noticing that I wasn't sporting a hard-on yet, Rebekah gave a small pout and moved closer to where I was sitting, then turned around and plopped her **** directly onto my lap.  "Oomph," I grunted.  "Not so hard next time."

"Sorry," she replied slightly embarrassed, but pleased that finally she had achieved arousal from me.  "Let me know if there's something I should do better."

"Just keep going, just like you are."

Rebekah was pleased at the direction, and continued sliding her **** over my protruding dick.  Reaching behind her, she flipped up the hem of her short skirt to allow the material to cover up my lap, hiding the action going on below.  If anyone were to walk in on us at this point, they might as well believe we were ****.  It took every bit of my willpower to not grab her hips and respond to her rocking.  Swallowing hard, I sat there with my arms at my side like I was supposed to.  Eventually Rebekah stood up slowly while bending over, giving me a nice view of her **** and the thong she wore underneath, before turning around and placing her knees on each side of my seat such that she straddled my lap with her chest in my face.  One by one, she undid the buttons on her blouse, revealing a wonderful lack of underwear.  She was breathing pretty heavy by now, probably more from the workout than anything, but it definitely caused her **** to raise and lower in front of my face.
So by now, Rebekah was straddling my lap, wearing only her schoolgirl skirt, a thong under that, and a pair of fake glasses.  Her **** were only inches away from my face, and she was dry humping my dick like a drunken prom date.  As far as I knew, all that she was remembering by this time was to imagine that you were actually having sex with the guy, but with clothes on (him).  I was getting closer and closer to nutting, but thankfully she climbed off in enough time to withhold the eventual explosion.  The next move was one I didn't entirely expect, but wasn't all together surprised either.  Standing up on the couch where her knees just were, Rebekah faced away from me, bent over nearly in half, placed her fingers in the band of her thong, and slid them down from her waist.  Her skirt didn't do much for hiding what was under there, not that she needed or wanted to, which gave me a very close view of her shaved pussy and ****.  The idea was to give me a few up close views of her coochie, maybe even fiddle with it some, and then call the dance good.

However, without meaning to, I only assume, Rebekah didn't anticipate that her knees were not close enough together to slide them all the way down.  This caused her to be stuck in a somewhat awkward position:  bent over in half with her thong stuck around her knees, with her **** in my face, and all the while trying to keep her balance.  The last obstacle there was apparently the most difficult to maintain, since she couldn't just step down and recover herself without falling on her face, nor could she pull them back up without spoiling the routine.  For some reason, she decided that her balance was good enough from her training (of one week, mind you) that she could stand on one foot, on a cushioned couch, with someone sitting in it, and remove the thong from the one leg and then switch to the other.  This didn't go as well as she had hoped though.

Rebekah lifted her left leg as she planned, and standing like a stork, attempted to slide the thong down her leg.  This lasted a whole two seconds before completely losing her balance, and yelped and began to topple over off the couch.  Now, I know that I'm not "supposed" to touch the dancer, but I figured that the gentlemanly thing to do was to grab her and prevent her from falling.  So I did, but instead of aiming for the belly area (and therefore the safe zone), I missed and grabbed the outsides of her thighs.  She still was still awkwardly slipping forward off the couch, so I pulled her back towards me and to safety... right onto my lap.  The sudden action, which didn't last more than a few seconds, was enough to scare her into not wanting to move anymore.  However, she also had no desire to remove my hands from her thighs, either.  I kept them there, still, for several more minutes while we both sat in silence, assessing the situation.  I had a huge erection which was very nearly breaking through the shorts that I had on.  My pre-cum was very evident as well, since I chose not to wear any boxers, either.  She was now only wearing a mini skirt, so her bare pussy was resting directly on top of my dick, with barely anything separating them.  To top it off, my hands were only inches away from the outer folds of her fleshy lips.

Where to go from here?  One way would be to slide off and call it a day.  Another would be just to sit idly until we both fell asleep.  The third would be to just start **** like rabbits.  We didn't have a condom nearby, and I wasn't about to risk knocking her up.  Finally, similar to the third idea, was the one that Rebekah came up with all by herself.  Without getting off my lap, she motioned me to spin sideways on the couch, and pressed me into a laying position on my back.  Grabbing the waistband of my shorts, Rebekah yanked them down and off, exposing my hugely erect dick.  Shimmying herself back towards my head, Rebekah placed her knees on either side of my head and lowered her pussy onto my face, while she lowered her face onto my awaiting dick.  It doesn't take a genius to figure out what I was expected to do now, and I went at the prize with a passion.

I could tell immediately that she was already incredibly wet, which helped a lot.  Sticking my tongue partially into her dark pleasure hole, I received a positive response from her with I felt the head of my dick being taken into her wet and warm mouth.  Going at it with full gusto, I didn't bother with the sweet and sensitive foreplay; this was to be a quick and nasty sixty-nine.  I have a slightly large tongue, or so I've been told by the girls I've gone down on, so I felt the need to use it to my advantage.  Starting at the top of the pussy area, I slid my tongue deeply and slowly over the folds of her labia.  She gasped with delight, as well as can be gasping with a dick inside your mouth, and started a slow but forceful bobbing on my dick, taking nearly the entire shaft into her mouth at once.  I took the hint and followed the same rhythm she provided, and began lapping up her pussy juices and the coated my face.  These motions between us lasted for several moments, before I finally couldn't stand the wait any longer and tapped her on her back to let her know that I was about to cum.  Thankfully, I could tell that she was on the verge as well and responded by tapping the same.  I reached up above my head and slapped her **** as hard as I possibly could with one hand, and held on to the other cheek with the other.  By this, there now wasn't anything that could have stopped both of us from cumming onto each others' mouth's and faces.  I saw brilliant lights and explosions as I ejaculated every last drop of cum that I had been storing up for the past few days into Rebekah's eagerly awaiting mouth.  She never let go of her massively forceful sucking, either, and swallowed every last drop of cum like a Hoover Vacuum cleaner.  Her thighs, meanwhile, pressed themselves like a vise onto the sides of my head as her pussy exploded out its juices and tightened up like a boa constrictor.  I continued my licking as best I could while still trying to breathe.

Our orgasms lasted as long as I've ever felt before, but eventually the subsided into the post-orgasmic quivers.  Collapsing from her position, Rebekah didn't even bother to climb off of me, and instead wrapped her arms around my thighs and cuddled in her very complex way.  I wasn't entirely sure as to what to do now, since I now had a messy pussy sitting in front of my face.  I couldn't exactly watch tv like this, so after some time, I figured that she would eventually fall asleep and I could slip out from underneath her.  After maybe half an hour, I felt her breathing had steadied out into her normal routine of snoozing, so I gently rolled her off of me and slid out.  I covered her up with a blanket that we keep handy for this kind of situation and called it good for the night.  I figured she might be a little pissed that I left her laying there by herself, but this wasn't meant to be a situation where we became a couple.  Besides, what would she do?  Tell her boyfriend, who was due to be home in only two weeks that she sixty-nined on the living room couch with me and that I left her lying there?  Not likely.

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