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Rebekah 2  by macdonbj

"So what do you think?" She asked me as she laid back resting her head on my pillows.  "Think we'll make some money from that?"

"No doubt," I laughed.  "Do you need a drink or anything?"

She asked for some water to help cool down, and I needed a reason to escape from the room and her presence for a minute or two.  I took a little extra time getting the drinks, and when I returned, Rebekah was wearing that similar robe which I had seen several times by now and was sitting in the computer chair with her legs crossed seductively.

"Can I do you a favor?"  She purred.  "My guess is that you have been working pretty hard lately, and doing a lot of the effort for making this all happen has been due to you.  How about a back rub?"

How could I say no?  The video was still uploading to the computer, so I had some time left to kill before getting back to business.  "I suppose," I responded with a small smile.

Sitting down in front of her, Rebekah stopped me and ordered me to lie down on the bed.  "And you strip to your bare essentials, too."  This was only slightly unexpected, but I obey orders as any man should.

Thankfully by now my hard-on had subsided enough to only produce an encouraging mound under my shorts instead of a pitched tent.  I undressed confidently and threw myself casually onto the bed, which still smelled of her own personal aromas.  She then mounted behind me and sat on my legs, ignoring the fact that she was still not wearing any underwear.  Now, I am not normally a guy who goes out and gets many massages, but based on the actual quality of massage that I was receiving, my guess is that Rebekah had given more than a few in her day.  When I commented on it, and she mentioned that she's had a good teacher in the past.   

I hadn't realized up until then that my back really was sore from the long days I was having at work, and Rebekah was managing the knots in my back like a true professional.  Never the less, it got to the point after about 15 minutes that Rebekah hopped off my back with a "just a sec", grabbed something from out of my line of sight, and climbed back on.  Almost immediately I was informed that I was going to not only get a good massage, but also an oil rub down.  If my dick wasn't hard enough by now, this maxed out its size in a heartbeat.  I could hear the oil streaming out of the bottle and down onto my back.  The warmth of the oil felt great, I'll admit, and the soft hands that were working it into my skin was starting to truly make me horny as hell.  Thankfully, I had anticipated this, and had previously adjusted myself to avoid poking out from my shorts.

Now, I'll sure that Rebekah is a smart enough girl to figure out that most guys get a hard on when getting a massage from a half naked girl, but Rebekah was professional enough to pretend she didn't notice.  Once she had spent a good deal of time on my back, shoulders and neck, she slid down my body towards my feet.  I half expected her to be done for the night, and started to raise myself up.  "Not yet," she stopped me.  More?  Of course, I had forgotten about the legs.  This is the part that most Thai massage parlors skip over and head straight to the ****.  Not Rebekah though; she started on one foot and worked her way, ever so slowly over my calves and the bottom half of my thighs.  Stopping, and sliding back down, she gave the same treatment to the other leg.

Although I'm horny as hell, I'm hoping she'll finish up and excuse herself so I can finish myself off quickly.  Rebekah, however, had different plans.  "That much was for helping me make some of the money," she began.  "This, though, is my way of thanking you just for being so wonderful about it."  The next thing I knew, Rebekah was yanking down my shorts and rolling me over onto my back.  I hadn't realized how strong she was until it was done, and I found myself lying in a prone position with my dick flying high in the air pointing her straight in the face.

Her eyes widened just for a moment as she took in the sight.  Now, I'm not one to brag, but my eight full inches isn't something I feel a need to go about bragging about to just everyone.  I let it speak for itself, and in this situation, I think it definitely did.  Grabbing the bottle of oil, Rebekah spurted a bit in her hand and tossed the bottle off to the side.  Without looking at me in the eyes, her oily hands slid their way onto the shaft of my waiting dick.  Now, if the same person who taught Rebekah how to give massages also taught her to give hand jobs, it would not surprise me.  As close to cumming as I was from her massage, she miraculously was able to hold me from getting off for the longest time while her hands slid up and down over my member.  She would pause momentarily mid stroke, as if to tease, or perhaps to heighten to stimulation, but then would continue along like a lubricated piston.

I could even tell that it was beginning to turn her on, as her lips began to quiver at the sight and feel of the sex in the air.  I had the notion of getting on a mutual hand-job session with her, but then I decided not to.  Why?  Simply because I wanted her to believe that this was all about me, not about "us."  I didn't need her to become attached because I made her cum.  I laid myself back into a more comfortable position and allowed her hand job to continue.

Moments later, I exploded in sensual delights by spraying my warm jizz into Rebekah's hands .  I hadn't cummed so hard in weeks, and my body rocked in spasms that probably surprised Rebekah more I think it did me.  That wonderful orgasm lasted for longer than usual, to, as Rebekah's hand job continued in its motions for as long as my dick stayed hard, only subsiding when I had finally gone flaccid.

I didn't feel like moving from that spot, and apparently neither did Rebekah.  She fell asleep with my cum still plastered in her hands, but I was still swimming in ecstasy for an hour.  Mind you, this was not only from the orgasm, but also now I had yet another means of blackmail against Rebekah.  I slid her hand off from my limp dick, showered, and then Rebekah upstairs to her room and put her in bed, purposely neglecting to clean off my cum.  I wanted her to remember this first thing in the morning.
The website was becoming a pretty substantial success as far as money was concerned.  I had made myself several hundred dollars, on top of what I was giving to Rebekah as pay.  She had probably collected up at about a thousand bucks by now, and the money was streaming in all the time.  The fans of the site were more than happy with her performances, but like any hungry animal, all they wanted was more.  Masturbation is great, but let's see some real action!  I was more than happy to oblige, and I knew just how to do it.  More importantly, just who to get it done with.

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Date created: Jan. 13, 2011
Date published: Jan. 13, 2011
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