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1 lonemer 8 years, 4 months ago Context

Thanks for your ample comment. The answer to your question: no, she can't feel 'pain' in the classical sense of the word, but since she hasn't passed into the other dimension yet and she still thinks like a human, they have to use a term she is familiar with to convey a much deeper meaning. There is no invented word for what she's going to feel. They use 'pain', 'scars' to translate an untranslatable experience into a language she can understand and relate to. Of course, the translation is only approximate and misses the essence.

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2 lonemer 8 years, 5 months ago Context

Thanks for your your kind words and suggestions. I have just discovered this site, so I haven't got the chance to explore it properly yet. It seems like a very interesting and unique idea. Good luck to you too.

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