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The Queen of the Jungle Meets the King of the Night-A Lion Among Men  by lions-and-wicca90410


I was shaken awake by my personal Nurse Daphne. She was practically screaming in my ear and so I tiredly opened my eyes.

“Oh thank goodness you’re awake my Queen!” she breathed. I looked at her, confused and groggy. W-Why is Nurse Daphne here? Is there some big news or something? W-Why did they send this old hag?

“Is s-something wr-wrong Daphneee?”I slurred.

“Oh! We must get you to the infirmary quickly! You have a terrible neck wound!”

“N-Neck wound?”

“Yes! Now come along!” Daphne shifted into a Stork and flew us to the infirmary in the east wing, which is the infirmary nearest to the Man Room-my father and uncle’s favorite hang-out spot.

Daphne gently set me down on an infirmary bed and then she shifted behind a curtain, quickly threw on a robe, and rushed over to tale my temperature.

It was at that moment when I got a sudden pain in my neck and screamed.

The pain came from nowhere-I wasn’t expecting it at all and neither was Daphne. She suddenly shifted back into a Stork and her robe fell to the ground. She cawed at me then shifted back and put her robe back on.

I was suddenly very curious, “Daphne, where do our clothes usually go when we Shift?

“Well, they don’t go anywhere,” she began as she dabbed some sort of cream on my neck. “When the Shift happens, the friction and heat going on inside and outside our bodies causes our normal clothing to disintegrate. That only can be prevented by clothes made out of special heat-resistant cloth.” I nodded.

Daphne bandaged up my neck and sighed in relief. “You’re all better; just don’t strain your neck too much. Now, your father and uncle have requested you in the Man Room-so scurry along now!” I swung my feet off the infirmary bed and walked out and down the hall to the left. I knocked on the door.

“You may enter.” My uncle said in an unnaturally deep, silly voice.

“Uncle, you really mustn’t act like such a nut.” I sighed. He shrugged. My eyes trailed over to my father, who was in his huge leather chair reading and typing.

“Father?”I asked.

“Yes dear?”he replied distractedly.

“Why have you and Uncle requested me?”

Father sighed and Uncle turned his head down. “Aria, your uncle and I have decided that we are giving you a deadline to choice your Mate. If you haven’t chosen by then, then we are giving the heir over to one of your cousins.”

“What?!WHY??” I screeched.

“They are also ready to take the throne. They are physically fit and already bearing children. They will have heirs ready for us by the next Equinox, and we must do what’s best for the family. You have until the fruit are ripe and the trees are fully blossomed again to have a mate and be pregnant with at least one child. So about a year from now. If you are not, then we are handing the throne over to your cousin, Aoede.”

“This is so not okay!” I protested.

“It’s for the best” my father and my uncle said in unison. I groaned and left the room.

Deimos’s POV~

I had just flown back into my headquarters when my Vice-President, Chrysanthe, appeared in front of me.

“Where have you been, you fool?”

“Hello to you too bitch.” I grunted.

“Ha ha. Now are you going to answer?”

“I was Feeding, nosy ****.” Chrysanthe looked at me skeptically, inhaled deeply, and then raised an eyebrow at me.

“More than just Feeding,” Chrysanthe huffed. “How many times do you need to get laid to realize I’m the best?”

“My gosh, you are SO humble.” I scoffed and turned away from her to change shirts. She slithered up behind me, wrapped her arms around my torso and rubbed herself against me. God, if you weren’t so **** hot, I would seriously just label you as another slut and throw you off to the side. My body, however, did not agree with this thought-for I began getting another boner.

“Mmmm, I can smell your lust, Deimos.” Chrysanthe whispered. She moved around to my front to examine my penis. “Hmm, I think I could get it harder if I really wanted to.” She mumbled to herself and began rubbing it. It instantly got harder and longer. “See? Even your dick likes me the best.”

“Chrysanthe.” I warned but she began to unzip my pants. I hissed at her and quickly grabbed her wrist and twisted it at the most uncomfortable angle I could think of. “Stop it. I don’t love you. I never will. You try too hard. Besides, you’re not even that good in bed.” I grumbled. She looked like she wanted to cry but she actually ended up laughing. I rolled my eyes.

“We should probably go-I’m pretty sure that the rest of the council is waiting for us.” Chrysanthe said.

“Oh now  you want to do what you’re supposed to be doing.” Chrysanthe simply giggled. I scoffed. “C’mon crazy.”

Aria’s POV~

As I was leaving the Man Room, I grew more and more furious. I am the Queen! They cannot tell me when I need to Mate! They do not own me!

I transformed fully into a Lion. There is no way in hell I am letting those idiots tell me when to Mate! I’m going back in there to give them a piece of my mind!

I burst into the room, being careful not to break the door. But when I got in, my father had already shifted into a Panther.

I figured you’d be upset and try to do this,” my father explained. “I just wanted to be prepared.”

“I just…It’s not fair! Mom got as much as she needed to Mate! It takes months alone JUST evaluating all the suitors! How will I choose in a mere year?!”

“Work quickly.” My father shifted back-he had on a black robe. “Honey, we just want to-“

Why does it matter when I bear children?! I’m going to, so what’s the difference?!”

“…The population is dying off, Aria. We are officially an endangered species.” My father lowered his head. “I’m sorry you had to figure out this way.”

I slumped to the ground, all my legs had lost all their energy. We’re…endangered? My father and uncle approached me slowly. I let out a lone howl. Then they quickly came over and hugged me. I almost began to cry.

“Sshh, sshh dear. It’s all going to be okay…Just bear as many children as you can, okay?” my father said. I nodded.

So I was going to be responsible for helping repopulate.

And I’m going to be up to my knees in kids.


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Date created: Sept. 2, 2010
Date published: Sept. 2, 2010
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Tags: magical, population, pregnant, sexual, shifter, vampire-council
Word Count: 3060
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