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Their Memory  by lilhippiegirl1987
It was a clear night, as many nights were in the summer, and for a reason he knew not of, he decided to venture outside and sit where he could enjoy the the calm.

This wasn't in his nature - or at least not anymore... not since -

He closed his eyes as if trying to block out the thoughts of that horrible day when they found her dead; the phone call rang throughout the house and he answered, dropping it almost as isoon as he picked it up. There had been a fire in her apartment complex and they'd thought everyone was out; she was found in a hallway too late to save her.

She was kind, sweet, so many things that he admired and strived harder to become, but could never really compare to. She was easy to love; why and how does someone like her deserve to die so brutally? He didn't, couldn't, and never would understand.

He'd loved her more than he ever cared to let on and now he regretted not showing her the love and affection she deserved but rarely got from anyone.
Her family was broken; her mom had died of cancer; her father became an abusive alcoholic because of the pain he himself had endured when his wife died.

He was there when she needed comfort and protection from her father's physical and emotional abuse. And damnit, he felt now that he hadn't been there enough, not near as much as he should have.

 Tears welled in his eyes as the good memories of her as well as the bad overcame him with guilt and pain.

 But suddenly, a soft breeze began to blow through the tall grass surrounding him and - No, it can't be...
She was running toward him, smiling and singing her favorite song; she glowed with an unearthly aura.

 She stopped in front of him and looked into his eyes, "Don't be."
 "Don't be what?"
 "But why? You deserved so much better..."
 "But I got you and have always considered myself lucky to have you!"
 "But - "
 "No; you meant everything to me... I love you..."
 "I love you, too - " but as he reached out to hug her, she was gone.
 Ever since that night, he knew deep in his heart that their memory would forever be immortal - and they'd meet again someday.

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Date created: Nov. 30, 2008
Date published: Nov. 30, 2008
Comments: 1
Tags: drama, mourning, paranormal-phenomenon
Word Count: 560
Times Read: 355
Story Length: 1