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The Sisterhood of Spies: Chapter Fifty-six  by laurendobbs

 Iris hailed a black cab and rode back to her flat in silence. Her place was easily three times the size of Emily’s but it was nothing compared to where her grandfather lived across town. The doorman stopped Iris on her way to the elevator.

            “Ms. Quinn, there’s an urgent message for you from your grandfather,” he said, handing her a piece of white paper. Iris unfolded it and read quickly.

            “Shite,” Iris swore. An elderly woman stopped behind her.

            “I say! Iris Quinn, how dare you use such foul language!” the elderly woman yelled, hitting Iris on the arm with her crocodile handbag. Iris gritted her teeth and turned to the woman with a sweet smile.

            “I apologize, Lady Bradley, please excuse my rudeness, ma’am,” Iris said, curtseying. Lady Bradley huffed again and stomped off. Iris turned and rolled her eyes at the doorman who smiled and winked back at her. “Thanks, Nigel.”

            “Not at all, ma’am. Should I arrange for a car to take you?”

            “Yes, please,” Iris said.

            “All will be taken care of, ma’am,” Nigel said.

            “Thank you,” Iris said, entering the elevator. She rode to her floor and walked to her flat, dialing her grandfather on her phone before the door was fully shut behind her. “Hello Grandfather.”

            “Iris, how are you my love?” Simeon asking, leaning back in his chair.

            “Fine, I received your message about tea today, but I think it was written down wrong…”

            “Does it say that the Prime Minister is joining us?” Simeon asked.

            “Yes, it does,” Iris said.

            “Then it’s correct. Four o’clock sharp, love. And wear that blue dress of yours, it’s lovely.”

            “Yes Grandfather,” Iris sighed. She hung up and dialed Kate. “Kate, just a heads up, it seems I’m to have tea with the prime minister this afternoon.”

            “It’s two in the morning,” Kate groaned.

            “Yes, I’m aware of the time difference, Kate,” Iris said. “I’d suggest setting up a conference call for six pm my time, which would be ten am your time. Video conference would be best.”

            “How the **** am I supposed to do set up video conferencing over two continents in eight hours?”

            “Not my problem, team leader, but I’m anxious to see how you pull it off. Cheerio!” Iris said, hanging up.

            **** you too,” Kate groaned, dialing Jack.

            Iris checked her watch. She had time for a quick nap before she started getting ready.


            At six pm Iris returned to her apartment, exhausted. She nodded a greeting to Nigel as she hurried through the lobby. She dialed Kate when her front door was shut and locked behind her.

            “Well?” Iris asked.

            “Turn your laptop on,” Kate said and hung up. Iris opened her computer and waited for it to boot up. When it did, she was shocked to see four windows open, showing each of the team members and Kelly.

            “Holy **** you pulled it off,” Iris said.

            “Technically, Jack pulled it off,” Kate said, yawning. “Can we get on with this?”

            “Certainly,” Iris said. “I just had tea with my father, grandfather and Andrew Rogers.”

            “Andrew Rogers the Prime Minister?” Jack asked.

            “No, the bloody janitor,” Iris snapped back. “Yes, Andrew Rogers the Prime Minister.”

            “Wow, someone’s in a bitch mood today,” Jack shot back.

            “Take it easy, she’s probably still hungover, Mate,” Emily said.

            ****, sorry, Iris,” Jack said.

            “Likewise. May I continue?” Iris asked. The others nodded. “Andrew Rogers has made a request of our team.” 

            “Jesus, we rescued his kid, what more does he want?” Kate asked.

            “To bring home her abductor,” Iris said.

            “What?” Kate asked, dread filling her body.

            “Pierce Connolly has disappeared. He was questioned for a short time the night Sarah Rogers was returned home and he hasn’t been seen since. Andrew Rogers has requested that we find him and bring him back to the United Kingdom, kicking and screaming if we must,” Iris said. Kate leaned closer to her camera.

            “Why does he want Pierce back?” Kate asked.

            “To bring him to justice,” Iris said.

            “He could’ve done that when his kid was gone,” Kate said.

            “Yes, well, Sarah is having nightmares. She can’t sleep because she’s worried that Pierce is going to come take her away again. The Prime Minister wants that to stop.”

            “Oh we can make that stop,” Kate said. “And it doesn’t require Pierce to be kicking and screaming.” The others stared at their computer screens, waiting.

            “The Prime Minister wants him back, Kate,” Iris said. “Alive.”

            “Well that sucks,” Kate sighed. “Tracking him down will be next to impossible and bringing him back alive will be slightly more difficult than that.”

            “Seriously, Iris, we don’t have to bring him back… just get me within a mile and Sarah’s nightmare problem is solved,” Emily said.

            “Maybe I’m not making myself clear!” Iris yelled. “The Prime Minister of England has requested that our team find and bring back Pierce Connolly alive so that he may be tried for the abduction of Sarah Rogers. Can we do it or not?”

            “Of course we can do it,” Kate said. “Jack, you take the technological ****, see if you can find his trail that way. Emily you take the servants, see if any of them went with him or know where he went. Iris, talk to your rich friends, see if they know where he vacations. Also, put that Finance degree of yours to good use.”

            “Will do,” Iris said. “What, may I ask will you be doing?”

            “Figuring out who this bastard really is. Jack, I’m going to need you to get me a few things.”

            “Such as?” Jack asked.

            “Medical records, school transcripts, everything,” Kate said.

            “Oh, that shouldn’t be difficult,” Jack said, rolling her eyes.

            “That’s the attitude I like to hear. If you need it, get help from someone you trust. Say Max,” Kate said, looking away from the screen. Jack colored slightly but nodded. “Sound good to you, Kelly?”

            “Sounds great. Keep me up to date, Kate,” Kelly said.

            “Will do. Everyone needs to send me updates by noon my time every day. At two my time we’ll debrief,” Kate said. “Get to it.”

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