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The Sisterhood of Spies: Chapter Thirty-nine  by laurendobbs

“So what’s the plan, Senior Agent?” Kate asked from the passenger seat. Emily was driving towards the safe house with Iris sitting in between them. Max, Jack and Kelly were squeezed into the back.

            “Go back over the intel we gathered, see if we can find a connection between the Heathrow incident and the kidnapping,” Kelly said.

            “The Heathrow thing was a diversion, something to put everyone on alert outside of Downing Street so the bastards could slip right in and snatch the kid,” Jack said.

            “There’s no proof of that, Jack. Right now it appears that the two are unrelated,” Kelly said.

            “Bollocks! They’re requesting the release of five ranking members of the IRA, Seamus Connolly wrote the books for the IRA. Does anyone else see the connection?” Emily said.

            “Seamus Connolly was never tied to the IRA, not during their heyday and not during the extreme vetting he went through before being knighted,” Max pointed out, his laptop balancing precariously on his knees. “David Thompson, however, has been linked to both the IRA, the Connolly family and Heathrow airport.”

            Kate whipped around to face Max.

            “Who the **** is David Thompson?”

            “He’s a baggage handler at Heathrow, the only guy with any connection to Pierce Connolly. If I had to guess, he gave them the intel on the airport,” Max said.

            “And how are we just now hearing about him?” Iris asked calmly.

            “Because I just got his school records, apparently he attended the same school as Pierce… and you, Iris, for his last year of schooling.”

            “And the IRA connection?” Jack asked, looking over Max’s shoulder.

            “His father is in prison for being an IRA soldier. One Liam Thompson,” Max said.

            “Who wants to guess that Daddy Thompson is on the list for prisoners to be released?” Jack asked.

            “Hey! We are not doing any guessing, is that clear?” Kelly yelled. “We will go over all of this information in the safe house. Then we will make a plan and execute it, understood?”

            “Got it,” Kate said, answering for the rest of the team.  

            They soon arrived at the safe house and began setting up in the living room. There was still a dark stain on the wall from where Iris had thrown the tea pot. Kate glanced at it and chuckled.

            “How’s your nose?” Kelly asked.

            “It’s okay, how are your ribs?”

            “Sore but mending, thanks,” Kelly said. “Max, do you have copies of the intelligence we gathered?”

            “Yeah, right here,” Max said, handing out files to each of the five women. “All of the details have to do with Heathrow.”

            Kate opened her file and began studying it minutely. It was a basic compilation of all of the procedures that Heathrow put into place when the Prime Minister landed there. All of the flight patterns, security details, road closures, and call signs were there.

            “Call signs,” Kate said after a moment. “The kid’s call sign is listed here.”

            “Her name is Sarah,” Kelly said.

            “Right, Sarah, anyway her code name is here, it’s Diamond. The abductors could have just been planning an attack on the Prime Minister but when they saw that the kid, sorry, Sarah, wasn’t on board they could have decided to do abduct her instead,” Kate mused.

            “Why on Earth would they do that?” Iris asked.

            “Look at it this way, Iris; if Andrew Rogers had been kidnapped would we be worried about ransom?” Kelly explained.

            “No, we don’t negotiate with terrorists,” Iris said.

            “Right,” Kelly said.  “The Prime Minister understands this and so do the terrorists; they know they won’t get what they want by abducting a head of state. But, when they kidnap the ten year old daughter of the Prime Minister the rules go out the window. As a people, we are ready to allow the Prime Minister to be tortured and killed, it’s part of his job description. But a ten year old kid? We’re going to pay the ransom to get her back safely.”

            “Kate, you have the best read on Pierce, does he seem like someone who would abduct a kid?” Jack asked. Kate set her file down and started pacing.

            “Yes and no,” Kate finally said. “He’s used to getting his way, if he knew that one avenue wouldn’t succeed then he’d take another one to get what he wanted.”

            “In other words, if he knew that his intelligence on Heathrow was compromised then he would ditch that plan in favor of one that would work,” Max said.

            “Exactly,” Kate said, stopping in the middle of the room. The color drained from her face as the realization dawned on her. “He knew the intelligence was gone…”

            “What? You thought he wouldn’t notice that his nifty flash drive didn’t work?” Jack said. Kate slumped on the couch.

            “I did this,” Kate said.

            “Oh come on, Kate, don’t be so dramatic,” Iris sighed. “You possibly saved the Prime Minister’s life by taking that intel.”

            “And endangered his daughter at the same time,” Kate said.

            “You had no reason to believe that Pierce was going to abduct a ten year old, this is not your fault,” Emily said.

            “I agree,” Kelly said. “There’s nothing here mentioning Sarah except for her code name. The real question is whether Pierce Connolly is even involved in the abduction of Sarah Rogers. Now, how can we find that out?”

            “Talk to the source at Heathrow, who appears to be this David Thompson chap,” Emily said.

            “Good. We’ll report to MI5 in the morning and have them bring him in for questioning,” Kelly said.

            “Oh sod that!” Emily yelled. “This is a kid we’re talking about here, Kelly, a kid who is probably tied up and gagged in the dark and wants to go home. We can’t wait until the morning.”

            “What do you suggest, Emily?” Kelly asked.

            “Kate and I will go talk to him,” Emily shrugged. “Max, do you have his home address?”

            “Sure, it’s right here,” Max said, pointing to his screen. Emily looked over his shoulder.

            “I know the neighborhood, let’s go.”

            “Whoa!” Kelly yelled, standing. “You two can’t just burst into this guy’s house in broad day light and beat answers out of him!”

            “Who said anything about bursting in and beating anyone?” Kate shrugged. “We’re just going to talk.”

            “Yeah but what if he’s not into leggy blondes like Pierce?” Max asked. The others turned to stare at him. “Just an observation, sorry.”

            “Thanks, I think,” Kate said, shaking her head.

            “Don’t worry, Max, blokes generally forget their type when they meet me,” Emily winked. “We’ll check in in an hour.”

            Kate and Emily rushed out of the house before Kelly could say no.

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