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The Sisterhood of Spies: Chapter Forty-five  by laurendobbs

“This is your crazy idea, Lucky,” she muttered into her mic.

            “Go with it, Killer, I trust Raymond with my life,” Emily replied.

            “Do you trust him with mine?” Kate asked, watching Raymond approach. He stopped, stunned when he saw who was in the pool.

            “Good evening, I’m Inspector Raymond Barrington with Scotland Yard. Is this your daughter?” he asked, staring at Kate.

            “No,” Kate answered honestly. Raymond pointed at Kate and one of the uniformed police officers rushed forward, pulling his cuffs out of his utility belt.

            “Please stand, Ma’am,” the uniformed officer said. Kate did so. He came up behind her and cuffed her hands behind her back.

            “You are being arrested for the kidnapping of Sarah Rogers,” Raymond said.

            “Whoa, what the ****,” Kate yelled, wincing when Sarah turned to her with bug eyes. “Don’t use that word, Sarah, it’s bad.”

            “Excuse me, Love, could you come here please,” Raymond asked, bending down to help Sarah out of the water.

            “She didn’t kidnap me,” Sarah said, looking scared. Kate looked over at Sarah and shook her head.

            “What’s going on here?” Pierce asked, looking panicked.

            “This child is not your girlfriend’s daughter, sir; I’m going to have to ask you to stand over there by Officer Filbin,” Raymond said.

            “Girlfriend,” Kate said, looking over at Pierce. Pierce shook his head at her. The uniformed officer led her through the deck, towards the stairs. “Pierce, what’s going on?”

            “Don’t worry about a thing, Trisha, I’ll have the family solicitor meet you at the station,” Pierce said.

            Raymond draped a thick towel over Sarah’s shoulders and picked her up, following Kate closely.

            “Officer Filbin, no one leaves this rooftop until I get back, understood,” Raymond said. Officer Filbin nodded. Raymond waited until the door to the rooftop was closed to speak again. “I take it that Em did not inform you of this part of the plan?”

            “I’m not speaking without my attorney present,” Kate replied, slightly pissed. The four of them exited the stairs and then the home without speaking another word. Raymond carefully placed Sarah in the backseat while the officer jammed Kate in on the other side, hitting her head on the doorframe. “****! Ow! Was that entirely necessary?”

            “You said it again,” Sarah said, shivering. Kate bit her tongue and smiled at Sarah.

            “Yes I did, Sarah, I’m sorry,” Kate said. “Are you cold?”

            “Yes,” Sarah said.

            “Turn off the AC, will you?” Kate called to the front seat.

            “What happened to you not talking?” Raymond said, turning around with a smile. Kate rolled her eyes.

            “Lucky, I’m going to kill you,” Kate murmured into her mic.

            “You do realize you’re riding in the backseat of a car with two Bobbies up front, right?” Emily said, laughing. She pulled her black cab out of its parking spot and followed the black SUV closely.


            Twenty minutes later, the SUV entered the underground tunnel under Thames house and proceeded to the bunker. Sarah began shaking violently, despite the air conditioning being turned off. Kate glanced over at the young girl.

            “Hey, you’re alright,” Kate said. “What did I tell you?”

            “That you’d make sure I got home,” Sarah said, looking scared.

            “That’s right,” Kate said. The SUV stopped and Raymond and the officer got out and opened the back doors. “Are the cuffs really necessary now?”

            The uniformed officer smiled while pulling Kate out. He turned her around and undid the cuffs while Raymond picked up Sarah and carried her to the steel door. He knocked once and the door opened to much applause and cheering. Kate stayed outside by the SUV.

            “You’re not going in?” the officer asked.

            “Why would I? I kidnapped her didn’t I?” Kate grinned. Raymond came back outside and motioned for Kate to enter. Kate shook her head no but Raymond gave her a significant look and motioned again. Kate sighed and entered the bunker with her head ducked. She was instantly beset by officers clapping her on the back and yelling their congratulations. Raymond led her to the back room where the Prime Minister was waiting with Simeon and Barbara. Sarah was sitting on her father’s lap with her arms tightly wrapped around his neck. When she saw Kate she leapt up from her father’s embrace and hugged Kate around her midsection, knocking her back a few steps.

            “Thank you, Trisha,” Sarah said.

            “You’re welcome, and my name is Kate but don’t tell anyone that, okay?” Kate said, smiling.

            “Kate Mitchell?” Simeon asked. Kate stood straight and nodded. She didn’t know who the woman was but based on the older man’s eyes she guessed that it was Iris’ grandfather. Simeon stepped forward and offered his hand to Kate. “Nicely done.”

            “I couldn’t have done it without my team, sir,” Kate said, knowing her mic was still live.

            “You still want to kill me, Killer,” Emily asked into Kate’s earpiece.

            “Most definitely,” Kate said, looking away. The others in the room looked at her oddly. “Sorry, earpiece.”

            Andrew Rogers stepped forward and shook Kate’s hand.

            “Thank you, Ms. Mitchell,” he said. “If there is ever anything that the British government can do for your team all you have to do is ask.”

            “That’s not necessary, sir, we were just doing our job,” Kate said.

            “Speak for yourself!” Emily yelled.

            Barbara stepped forward and offered a cold hand shake as well.

            “And thanks to you, Inspector Barrington,” Barbara said, studying Raymond closely.

            “Not at all, Ma’am. If you don’t mind, Ms. Mitchell and I have some paperwork to attend to,” Raymond said. Kate waved goodbye to Sarah and quickly left the bunker without stopping. Emily’s cab was parked next to the SUV with Emily leaning next to it, smoking. She offered her pack of cigarettes to Kate.

            “Truce?” Emily asked. Kate reached for the pack with her right hand and punched Emily on the arm with her left as hard as she could. Emily groaned and backed up a few steps before laughing. “What? We figured you had the most experience being in handcuffs.”

            “That’s not the way I hear it,” Kate laughed. Raymond stepped forward and hugged Emily.

            “Thanks for the promotion, Em,” he said, kissing the top of her head. “Jack would be proud.”

            Emily looked down, blushing, before nodding.

            “You earned it, Ray. Go have fun and keep us out of it, alright?” Emily said. Raymond nodded and offered his hand to Kate.

            “Nice work,” he said. Kate shook his hand.

            “You too,” Kate said. Kate and Emily got into the cab. “How does he know Jack?”

            “What?” Emily asked, tense.

            “He said that Jack would be proud, how does he know Jack?” Kate asked.

            “A different Jack,” Emily said, her tone clipped. Kate kept studying Emily but stayed silent. “My brother.”

            “I didn’t know you had a brother,” Kate said.

            “I don’t,” Emily said, watching the road. Realization dawned on Kate, bowing her head.

            “Sorry, Em.”

            “Me too. He and Ray were old school friends before becoming Bobbies. They had always planned on going into the Royal Marines but Ray has a bum knee and couldn’t get in. Jack was killed a year later. I was seventeen,” Emily said, still staring at the road.

            “Hence you joining up instead of going to college,” Kate said.

            “Yes,” Emily said.

            “Sorry, Em,” Kate said again.

            “Don’t be, I was a **** awesome Marine,” Emily said, finally smiling.

            “Oorah,” Kate laughed. “Or do you Brits say that?”

            “It translates,” Emily said, nearing the safe house. “Don’t tell the others, it’s easier to just say I don’t have a family.”

            “Of course,” Kate nodded. “Great **** job tonight, Lucky. That plan, while completely insane, was brilliant.”

            “Thank you, Team Leader,” Emily said, parking the cab. “Now all we have to worry about is Pierce figuring out who you really are.”

            “Let’s worry about that tomorrow,” Kate said.

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