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Come Back  by kyletissue
"Don’t Come Back, Dan,” she told him.
“Don’t come back.” And she slammed the door of 4B.
She echoes to him still as he downs four flights, each stair harder and colder than the last. Echoes reach his ears all the way past the bright gas station, where a black Jetta almost hits him, past the artsy theatre showing foreign documentaries. All the way to the corner of 8th and Lexington where he waits for the long gray downtown bus, he hears the echoes. The dark block blends blearily out of the road as it appears on the horizon of buildings. Dan fumbles with the coins as he stumbles up cold steps. The driver resets the machine though the money’s a dime short.
    Feet dragging and scraping down the metal isleway, pews of people catch Dan’s eye, look away, and look back dismally. His feet slowly carry him towards the back, where the preacher stands on podium, speaking pity for the deceased.
Blinking blearily, Dan loses the bus and sees a wild preacher in his heart, announcing that the man in the body in the casket was A LIAR
                    A CHEAT
                      A BAD MAN
Dan takes a seat among the mourners and prays for the soul of the dearly departed. He, alone, prays. All others look on in worry, misery, or hate. The bible sits in the pew before him, and Dan takes the leather volume from its dusty shelf, blowing off the sediment before placing it in his jacket pocket, over his heart.
    “God must rest here.” He says
    “What?” says the man next to him
    “God must rest here.” Says Dan.
    “Why’s he restin’ on the bus?” says the man
When the driver says “It’s the last stop, sir,” Dan leaves the bus.
He walks a block of hard concrete, lilting his step. Feeling the change rattle in his pocket, he prays. Then he puts a hand to the receiver and dials the payphone.
    “Honey,” he says when she answers, “I’m coming home now.”   
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Date created: Dec. 29, 2008
Date published: Dec. 29, 2008
Comments: 2
Tags: apartment, cheat, god, sins
Word Count: 471
Times Read: 395
Story Length: 1