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Chapter II - Slyfer enters the Hassarian Military Academy  by krchmarus

        5 years has passed since Slyfer and Diona shared the necklace with each other. 3 years ago, Slyfer's grandfather sold the farm and bought a house in Colonia District in Regent City. It was an urban part of the city, not too classy and not too poor. For two years Slyfer looked for a job, but couldn't found one. Instead he read more and more books, to prepare himself for entry to Hassarian Military Academy, as per wishes of his grandfather. His grandmother, however, disagreed with her husband to send their only grandson to army. She insisted that Slyfer finish some kind of science school and become a world renowned scientist. But they all agree that Slyfer go to Miltary Academy, because of his strength and fighting skills.

        The Regent City was purely schoolar and military city. The wall that protects the city was made by an unknown material to current Hassarian people. Their ancestors likely build that wall from a very powerfull stone not found on this planet. It's so strange how current Hassarians don't know anything from before, as they call it, "Blackout", and almost thousands of years are forgoten. There are some books that explain the origin and parts of history before the "Blackout", but it's only a small piece of a larger puzzle.

      Anyhow, now that Slyfer turned 19, he earned the right to enter the Hassarian Military Accademy. He woke up this morning, got dressed and headed downstairs. "Look at you, you are a man now! Time to show the world your true strength." - grandfather spoke. "The time has come for you to leave this house and make your own life decisions. I took you when your parents died and rise you up to be a good man. So good luck, my grandson. Become the most powerfull soldier they ever had." - he adds, giving some money to Slyfer. "Don't worry, grandpa, I will never let you down. I will make you proud. Good bye grandma!" - Slyfer replies. "Be a good boy Slyfer, don't ever start a fight, but remeber to always finish it!" - his grandma yells from the back of the house. Slyfer exited the house and made his way to Military Academy.

       Slyfer was walking down the main street, when he saw a little boy cry. He approached him. "Hey there what's the matter? Why are you crying?" - Slyfer asks the little boy. "They took my precious book and tore it apart!" - boy answers with wiping his tears off. "They say that my father owe them some money, and that he didn't pay last night, so they needed to teach him a leson by tearing my book apart." - boy adds with sheer sadness on his face. "Who are those guys? And what was the name of the book they torn?" - Slyfer asks. "There are the Military Academy students, and the book name is "Legend of Dragonballs". There is a copy in a library in Military Academy, but they will never give me that book, until my father pays his debt." - the boy answers. Slyfer stood there with stuning expresion on his face when he heard the name "Legend of Dragonballs". "And do you know where they are now?" - Slyfer asks. "I think they are in "Moonlight" inn" - boy answers. "Ok, stay here I will get that book for you." - Slyfer adds. "Realy?" - the boy now rizes up with smile on his face, "do you really mean that mister?". "Ye, no problem. You will have your book back in no time." - Slyfer answers, as he make his way towards the inn.

        When he entered the inn, there where so much people in there, even if it's morning. He aproached the innkeeper and asked him: "Hi. Are there any Military Academy students here?" - Slyfer asks. "Well, there are some over there and far end table. Those rowdy fellas over there." - innkeeper answers and points toward the table near the back exit of inn. "Thank you." - Slyfer thanks the innkeeper and then goes to the table where Military Academy students where. "Excuse me. Can I have a moment of your time please?" - Slyfer asks politely. "Who are you and what do you want?" - one of the students asks. "I am here to pay a debt of a certian man and by paying that debt I whould like to get the boy's book back please." - Slyfer again asks politely, to not provoke the students. One of the students arise and looks at Slyfer with a scary look. "We don't want money from you, only from that guy only. And when "HE" pays up, then we will give the boy his book back." - student answers. "Well I have the money right here. How much does he owe you?" - Slyfer ignores what student said and takes his silver pouch in his hand. "Are you deaf? Or are you stupid? I said, you can't pay the debt of that man." - student answers. "I don't think you have that kind of money either so scram!". "Well at least you can tell me how much, then I will know if I have or don't have the money. And I am not leaving here until I get that debt payed or get the boy's book back." - Slyfer now rise his confidence and tone a bit. "You are making me mad. You wanna get stomped on mate?" - student asks. "I am looking for no trouble. I just wanna do what is right." - Slyfer answers. "Did you hear that? We have a good-doer over here. Hahahah. So guys what do you say? Should I teach this guy a lesson?" - student then turns to his friends. "Ye why not?" - others answer. "So sorry mate, but it looks like you will get a hell a lot of beating now for angering me. Let's go outside. I don't wanna hear innkeaper's nagging later when I break some chairs." - student says. "Fine, if you wish to go to that extent, fine with me." - Slyfer answers.

      Then they exited the inn and they started to preaper for fight. There where many spectators around them. "Well mate, you can now say goodbye to your money, because when I beat you, I will also be taking that money." - student says with grin on his face. "I don't care if you wish to accept the money, I just want that book to be returned to that boy." - Slyfer says. "You will never get it back, because you will never win. I am the best fighter in Military Academy. You don't stand a chance, hehehe." - student says with confidence. Then student charges to Slyfer. Slyfer again, like he did when he was little, put his right leg infront of him and awaited the student to come near. Student saw that and jumped. As the student was floating in midair, Slyfer changed his stance, cossing the his arms overhis chest and looked up, as he was expecting the student to do the drop kick. And he did. Slyfer sucsesfully blocked that drop kick. Stundent then jumped off the Slyfers block and landed few meters away. "You have some skills boy, but that will not save you from what is to come!" - student yelled. "Then I should attack now." - Slyfer responds, and then charges towards student. Student tried to hit Slyfer when he was close enough, but Slyfer dodged and hit student so hard, that he tumble him with a chop in the chest few meters away. Student hit the head into wall of a house and got knocked away by that impact. His friends rushed towards him and helped get him up. He was still knocked out. Slyfer then aproaches and asks: "So, shall I get that book today?" - and extends his hand forward. "Here you are, we already picked that up earlier today so when the payment of a debt was done, we whould return the book to the boy. Just please, don't hurt us. We are only students."- answers one of the students. "Thank you." - Slyfer said and took the book. The boy was overjoyed when Slyfer returned the book: "Oh mister, you retruned my book. I don't have any reward to give you for this, but I can give you this book if you wish?" - little boy said. "It's your book, kid, I have no saying over this one, hehe." - Slyfer answers. "Then it is yours. I think you can do better with that book then me. And I already read it couple of times, so I don't need to read it anymore" - boy says. "Ok if that is your wish." - Slyfer accepts and keeps the book.

       As Slyfer walked down the main street, he opened the book to see it's content. That was the second book of "Legend of Dragonballs" and he was really exited to found another material for his reaserch about Dragonballs. As he read the first few pages, he arived quickly at the Military Academy enterance. "Wow, that was fast." - Slyfer says as he looks at the massive steal door and two guards infront of it. "It is time for me to test my abilities to the fullest and see if I can get even stronger." - Slyfer adds, and aproaches the guard. "Halt there! You can't enter the Military Academy without the pass! Identify yourself!" - guard shouts at Slyfer. "I have Academy pass and the filled entry form to join Academy. I need to go to the main office and talk to General Mathias." - Slyfer says. "Let me see the pass. Hmm. Alright. In you go. Report to General Mathias immidietly." - guard adds and opens the steel door.

       When Slyfer entered, he was amazed how fancy the Academy looks. The buildings, even if it looks old, are in perfect shape, with nice golden collors and many amazing sculptures. The students are training hard, running laps and marching. But there was no time to look around for long, Slyfer immidietly entered the main building where the offices are. In the lobby of this main building is a statue of an Empiror Rahion III. A statue of a marble design, decorated by Luxonian jewels, was a simbol of might and honor for all students and millitary officers at academy. Then a beautiful girl passes right infront of Slyfer. She was uniformed, so she was either a student or a officer. "Excuse me, can you please tell me where can I find General Mathias?" - Slyfer asks politely. "Oh you are the new student are you? He is in his office, on the second floor, right coridor, 4th door on the left." - girl answers with a smile. "Thank you! And my I know your name pls?" - Slyfer thanks the girl and asks for her name, as he admired her beauty. "It's Diona." - answers the girl with smile. "Hmm, Diona? Why is that name so familiar to me? Oh well maybe I will remember later." - Slyfer talks to himself.

He arived at General Mathias office, and when he tryed to knock on the door, he heard a loud conversation inside: "Why are you so stuborn Mathias, are you trying to protect him?" - some strange voice is clearly talking to General Mathias. "You are insane, the Ministry of War will not tolarate this absurdity any longer! You will be removed from this post!" - angry man inside generals office continued to yell. "Save your treaths for someone who cares Jonas, I was apointed here by the Empiror himself, and until he says otherwise, I will still be in charge of this Academy. As a matter of Cadet Rihter, I will look into this matter personaly. Now, if you don't have any more "good" things to say, get a hell out of my office, before I order to trow you out!" - general answers the man named Jonas, who was another general in Hassarian Millitary. As Jonas exited the office he yelled one more time: "We shall see who will trow out who, mark my words!". As General Jonas was going away, not paying any atention on Slyfer, Slyfer was standing astouned by the event that just ocured. "Pls enter cadet, I have been waiting for you." - Mathias says that to Slyfer, as he enters the office and closed the door. "So you are Slyfer, the new cadet here at out prestige academy. My name is General Mathias, nice to meet you Slyfer." - General Mathias greets the Slyfer as he shakes his hand. "I say you impresed us all with your enterance exams. They where astounishing! Most renown specialist in mathematics, strategy and history where pretty curious on how you gained that knowledge. But what impressed me was your fighting skills and enormous inner strenght. There are just a few cadets with that kind of ability. But yours is somthing diferent and we will figure it out toghether won't we cadet?" - Mathias adds with a smile. "Yes sir, I wish to find out more about my inner strenght. And I will do my best to find out." - Slyfer answers. "That a boy. Now I officialy welcome you to our accademy. Here is your cadet bandana and the uniform is in your quarters. We will talk more later. I have some erands to do. Report in 1 hour to your superior officer, Captain Darius. Dissmised, cadet!" - Mathias dissmises Slyfer and gave him the orange bandana that all cadets are wearing. Slyfer now official became a cadet at Hassarian Military Academy.


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