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"Dragonball Beginnings - About"

Chapter I - Dragonball Beginnings: Slyfer and Diona  by krchmarus

        The new morning has risen above the small vilage in the Sunlight valley. Every man, woman and child wake up with the sound of a first rooster call. Men go to work on the fields, blackmiths and guard duty, some of the women stayed home and housekeep, and other go to market, as a seller or buyer, to bakery, etc. Childern have gone to school. Well almost all children. On the far away end of village, there was a small farm, and on that farm lived an old man and women, and a young boy named Slyfer. He was a skinish kid, with short spiky hair, but had enourmous stamina and strenght then other kids in village. That's why he helps his grandfather with farming. Their farm provides a special plant that creates a medicine. They also have animals on that farm, so the work is divided between 14 year old Slyfer and 62 years old Janus (the name of his grandfather). Slyfer is in charge of animals, while Janis is on keptal (the name of the plant) fields. Around 11 am all the work is done, and Slyfer has his personal time by the tree on the nearby river. In that time he likes to lie down beneath the tree and read. But every time he tries to read his favorite book, he is interupted by his best friend Diona. She is 12 years old, has red long curly hair, and lives in center of the vilage. She likes to climb up that specific tree and talk to Slyfer every day. She even somthimes want to go to nearby cave to explore, and of course, she always brings Slyfer. But Slyfer is trying to talk her out of that every time, because his grandpa forbid him to go there. Those caves where ancient mines and are very unstable and can colapse soon. But nevertheless, Diona always goes there with or without Slyfer, but never enter too deep into the caves.

        -"Hey Slyfer! What are you reading today?" - says Diona. "Why do you want to know? It's just the booring old book." - Slyfer answers. "But I want to know! Please tell me!" - Diona replys, as she makes a sad eye puppy look infront of Slyfer. "Ok, this is the book I found on the Nasai Fields 2 days ago, in those strange ruins. it's called "Legend of Dragonballs", and tells a thousands of years old tale about a strange shiny 7 balls with stars that when collected togheter, a dragon apears and grants you any 3 wishes you desire" - Slyfer explains, as he is looking into the book throught his explenation. "Eh, do those Dragonballs still exists?" - Diona asks Slyfer. "Nah, this is just a legend as any else. I think those Dragonballs didn't even existed. This is just a well composed story, that is all." - Slyfer answers with a little lie, because his passion is research of that tale and his dream is to one day find Dragonballs and see that dragon for himself. "But if they really exist and you find all 7 of them, what wiill you wish for?" - Diona asks. "Well, to be honest, I will not wish for anything. I got everything I need." - answers Slyfer by looking up into the sky. "Oh, don't be shy, tell me please!" - Diona begs Slyfer. "That's the truth. The only thing I want is just to see that dragon. That's my only dream." - answers Slyfer truthfully. "Well, I whould wish for a ton of candy and flowers and....." - Diona adds, as she puts her finger on her chin to stop to think. "Hahaha, why do you want that much candy? I don't get you somthimes." - Slyfer adds with laughter. "O Slyfer, you meanie, why not to wish for ton of candy and share it with your friends?" - Diona answers with little anger in her voice. "Well if you gonna share that's fine with me." - answers Slyfer. As time is passing buy, those two lie down in the grass looking into the sky. "I heard from my papa that you are going into Harrasian Millitary Academy when you turn 19?" - Diona asks Slyfer. "Well ye, my grandpa is going to sell the farm soon and we are gonna move to Regent City, near the Millitary Academy. He says that I will use my strenght better there, I supose. And somehow I feel I belong there more then do continiue farming here in provinces." - answers Slyfer. "Well my father is going to sell his blacksmith store, because nobody buys any armor or swords lately, and my mom says he is better politician then blacksmith, so I think my uncle is gona put him somewhere amoung those booring politicians. We are going to capital city, so we will be far away. Maybe we will never see each other again." - Diona adds with sadness on her face. As Slyfer saw her sad face, he picked up a camomile and puted it into her left hand. "This is the camomile, the plant that can heal friendship on a far away distances. But she didn't want the camomile, and throws it away. "No, I have a better idea. Bring your 10 silver coins to "Everystore" today after lunch, and I will show you somthing." - Diona tells Slyfer that, then she stood up and started to run and yell: "Today at 2 o'clock come infront of "Everystore" and don't forget those 10 silvers." Slyfer stood up, picked up his book, looked up into the sky and said: "Dragonballs, do you even exist in this world? I will try my whole life to find you, just you wait!" - he anounces with his hands raised high into the air.

        Later, infront of the store called "Everystore", the store that sells all sorts of things. Fun stuff for kids mostly, and loots of adventure books and tales. Slyfer was already infront of the store waiting for Diona. It has already passed 2 o'clock. He was looking down, backed up against the wall of the store, when sudenly he hears a commotion and some argument in the street behind the store. Those where some kids voices. He has gone to check it out, when there is Diona getting teased and pushed around by other boys his age. He got angered and steped infront. "Why don't you pick someone your own size bully?" - asks with anger Slyfer. "O my, if it isn't the farmboy Slyfer! Someone my own size? Perhaps you?" - the bully leader asked back. "You can try if you wish, but once I put you down, you and your boys will go back where you came from and never again lay a finger on Diona. Understand?" - Slyfer says in confident way. "Your funeral, farmboy!" - says the bully as he charges the Slyfer. Slyfer waited for him to get close, puted his right leg infront of his body, then when bully came too close, whitin the reach of Slyfers hands, Slyfer grabed the bully on waist and on his left elbow, throwing him over right shoulder and to the ground. Bully slamed his body pretty hard on ground, and didn't get up for a few seconds. Then he got up and he was full with anger. "You will pay for that FARMBOY!" - he yelled and once again charged toward Slyfer. Now Slyfer waited for him to stop, and when bully stoped he tryed to hit Slyfer with a kick. Slyfer dodged and hitted with puted his left fist right into his jaw. The bully fell down unconcious, and then Slyfer turned around to where Diona was. He was stuned what he saw there. 2 of the boys where lieing on the ground unconcious and the other 2 boys where scared stiff. Diona was standing near the 2 boys that are down, and with smile look up to Slyfer. "I was raised by a blacksmith you know." - Diona said with smile. "Why I am not surprised?" - Slyfer responds, also with a smile of his. The other two boys runed away with terified looks on their faces.

        Slyfer and Diona then arrived at store. "Welcome to my humble shop. My I be of use to you, young master and miss?" - shopkeeper asks with a happy smile on his face. "I whould like to see one of those friendship necklaces you have." - Diona answers. "Oh yes, most certanly you can." - adds the shopkeeper, "you have here many necklaces, but I suggest this one". Then he opens a box, then he takes out a necklace in form of a hearth. "It has two parts. You can divide them and give one half to your friend and other half keep for yourself. As long as you two keep those neckleces with you at all times, you will be bound to see each other again, no matter where are you located in universe." - adds the shopkeeper, as he divides the hearth into two parts. "How much?" - asks Diona. "8 silver." - shopkeeper answers and then he turns to Slyfer and then he saw a book in Slyfer's hand. "Oh my god! Young master, may I take a look at your book please?!" - adds the shopkeeper. "Sure no problem mister." - Slyfer answers and gives him the book. "It's no mistake, this is the "Legend of Dragonballs" the first edition." - adds shopkeeper with stuned expression on his face. "Young master, wait here. I will give you somthing else with that necklace." - shopkeepers said and then runed into the back. "Where is that bloody thing? If she throwed it away, I will kill her!" - he yells, as he was looking for somthing. "AHA! Here we go!" - he adds, when he found the item he was looking for. "Ok, young master, for another 2 silver, I will give you this book. This is the second edition of "Legend of Dragonballs" that I found in Terminus System 100 years ago. I think it whould be more of use to you then for me. So what do you say young man, you want it?" - he asks. "Well, sure why not." - Slyfer answered and gave 10 silver he brought for necklace and book. "Thank you young master and miss and come again next time. The doors are always opened." Slyfer and Diona exited the store. "So then you take one part, and I will keep one, just like the shopkeeper said." - Diona said, giving one part to Slyfer. "This way, no matter where we are, we will always be friends!" - she adds with joy. "Sure, I promise I will keep this with me forever." - Slyfer adds and puts the neckalce around his neck. Then the both of them parted ways.


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