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Yesterday  by keichibeautiful2

Today I woke up refreshed and feeling like a brand new woman. It had finally come, the one thing I waited for. The sun. You may be confused as to why I was waiting on the sun. I'm sure you are asking yourself, why is she so excited to see the sun. Well, to understand today I must tell you about yesterday.

April 18th 2008, what a day. 26 years ago yesterday my mother was in a riding in a car on the James River Bridge in Virginia. The cold water was choppy and the small yellow convertable was breaking the speed limit by atleast 40 miles.  Her heart was in her chest and I was unknowingly making her sick by kicking her rib cage. As the car approached the newport news side and the speed limit changed to 35 she began to scream. My father ran all the lights and reached the hospital just as my head saw first light. That was my first experience with the sun. As you may be able to tell, yesterday was my birthday and I was sure it would be my deathday.

At 4:15am I was awakened by my dog Juno, who every morning at this time has to pee. I really think he just wants to see my neighbors poodle sammie. She is a cutie. But anyway, we went out and began our morning routine. This morning though, something was strange. The bitter morning air cut me like a knife as I quickly tried to secure my velour robe I had gotten that christmas. I cupped my hands over my mouth and began to blow, at the same time smelling the jasmine and berry sweet perfume I had applied the night before. Just then I heard a noise. Not being a person who is scared easily I didnt even turn around. Then I heard it again. As I shifted my body I saw a shadow and before I could completly turn around, Black. My world stopped.

I awoke in a cold, damp, must smelling room with one window about 6 feet above my head. My head was swimming and my eyes were blurry. I could taste blood in my mouth and a smell of human urine and feces was in my nose. I relized instantly I had been kidnapped. Not knowing what to do, I waited. I have no idea how long I waited, I just waited. Soon the room grew suprisingly darker. A small man in stature came into the room and sat in a chair before me. He was wearing a double breasted brooks brothers suit with cufflinks that read JB. He was obviously hispanic with a beautiful set of gray eyes and a perfect row of teeth. If he wasnt my captur I would have kissed him. He introduced himself as Joshua Valendez and told me he was with the FBI. He said  I supposidly sold UN intellegiance to Russia. Oh yeah, by the way, I am a UN Interpreter, I am fluent in 9 languages. But back to the story. He said they had proof. Before he could finish the sentence, shots rang out. I closed my eyes and when I opened them he was dead and a woman was walking toward me. At that moment I lost it and just began to scream. "We are here to help you." she said. I just looked straight as she released me from my chains and helped me to my feet.  Then I saw my best friend and partner, James Young. My first question," What  are you doing here?"

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Date created: Oct. 15, 2008
Date published: Oct. 15, 2008
Comments: 2
Tags: begining, of, story
Word Count: 620
Times Read: 1065
Story Length: 2
Children Rank: 3.5/5.0 (8 votes)