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Chapter 6 - Worsening  by kazhy419

"Ryosuke, lunch time!"

            Yuto shouted out to Ryosuke who then sat in one corner of the room where they rehearsed for performances.

"Yeah, just go ahead. I don't really have an appetite right now."

            The boy replied. The other 7 members of Hey!Say!JUMP looked at each other and shrugged it off as they went out of the huge and well-lit room. Takaki and Yuto, who both knew Ryosuke's dilemma, waited for their group mates to be gone, and then they approached the sulked boy.

"C'mon Ryosuke, haven't you gotten over her yet?!"

            Takaki asked kindly. Ryosuke, who then stared at the floor, shook his head.

"She's my first love, and if only my family didn't need to move to Kanagawa when I was little, I would've been with her ‘till now."

            He added. Yuto sighed and,

"But she doesn't even remember who you are; you can't force her to love you again!"

"But -"

            Takaki cut Ryosuke's words with,

"No buts, Ryosuke. Now let's go; I'm starving."


It was a peaceful Saturday morning. There were no classes so teenagers often went to malls with their friends.

"Chocolate milk tea please!"

            An energetic Chesca exclaimed. Janitta and Vana, who were with her, looked at each other; their eyes showed confusion.

"With all the add-ons too~"

            She added. They were in Bubble Tea, a Japanese tea shop. The place was quite big and lights shimmered in just about every corner. Japanese pop music, which Chesca loved so much, played there the whole time. Chesca then handed some money to the cashier and went to the seats located at the second floor.

"Why so happy today, Ches?"

            Vana asked as they sat around a table.

"I'm just happy with my decision. If I accepted Johnny's proposal, I'd have to leave you guys here!"

            Chesca answered. Her two friends smiled.

"Aww~ But wouldn't you be happier if you were there? I mean, that's what you want right?"

            Janitta questioned further.

"Plus~ you could go watch Ryosuke in live events once you're there!"

            Vana added. Chesca gave off a laugh.


            Chesca answered as she made a "W" symbol with her fingers.

"Here are your orders, little misses."

            A waitress said with a smile on her face as she handed the girls' pretty-looking drinks.



"Rin, Johnny's here already!"

            Ran shouted out to Rin who was then busy as she put fancy trinkets around her neck and wrists and brushed her things inside a pink body bag.

"Hai! ~"

            She answered as she ran towards her youthful-looking dad.

"I'll be home late today ‘kay?"

            Rin said as she kissed him on the cheeks to bid goodbye.

"Just give me a call."

            Ran replied. Rin dashed towards the gate and onto a black car.

"Ohayou, Johnny-san! ~"

            Rin greeted him. Johnny answered with a smile and drove off.

"So, where are we going today?"

            The girl asked, curious.

"We have to talk about lots of things concerning your life once you're in Japan, and we'll talk about it over tea."

            He replied, his eyes focused on the uneven road.

"Tell me, Rin, why did you dream of becoming a singer in Japan? Why not here in your own country?"

            Johnny questioned the girl who smiled as she got hold of her pink cellphone which was then in her bag.

"I dunno... just that... Japan's really special, or maybe it's the effect of me being an otaku?"

            The man looked at Rin, and they both laughed.


"Another one?!"

            Janitta complained. Vana just laughed.

"And so?! I'm spending my own money, FYI!"

            Chesca, who ordered another mug of chocolate milk tea, shouted back.

"You chocoholic Ryosuke fangirl you!"

            Janitta shouted as she tickled Chesca who sat beside her.

"Wait, wait -"

            Chesca suddenly became serious as she pushed Janitta's hands off her sides.

"A little announcement: Chesca Munoz, Chesca, Ches, chessy419, chesca419, maboroshinolady, cherry419, lovekakumeinolady, ChessYamada or whatever you call me, is officially quitting the JE fandom. Kampai!"

            Chesca shouted out as she held her mug, full of the yummy drink, high in the air. Janitta and Vana both fell silent.

"You don't have to force yourself Ches..."

            Vana broke. Chesca looked at her sternly.

"I have to, I want to."

"Of course I want to go there!"

            Rin, who stood from her seat, shouted out. Chesca's, Vana's and Janitta's heads all turned to look at her. They were all at the same shop.

"Okay okay, I understand... calm down dear..."

            Johnny muttered as he motioned Rin to sit down again. Chesca didn't know what to do when she saw the Japanese man. Janitta and Vana were shocked as well.

"Hai hai, gomenasai~"

            Rin returned to her seat and sipped some of her strawberry milk tea. Johnny smiled a little.

"Guys, let's go."

            Chesca whispered as she took hold of her bag and stood to leave. She proceeded down the stairs and out the shop as she tried hard to make her presence remain undiscovered by Johnny. She succeeded but when she turned to look at her friends, they weren't behind her.

"Where are -"

            Her thoughts were cut when she saw her two friends. They were in front of Rin and Johnny's table.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, Kitagawa-san."

            Vana greeted politely. Johnny replied with a confused look on his face while Rin just looked at the two girls curiously.

"Uhh... ohayou... but... do I know you?"

            Johnny added. Chesca stood outside the shop, frozen like ice.

"You don't know us but for the sake of it, we're Chesca's friends."

            Janitta answered. Johnny's face lightened up a bit.

"Oh! Is she here too?"

            He asked again.

"Wait, Chesca? Chesca Munoz?!"

            Rin butted in. The three looked at her.
"Umm yeah, who else."

            Vana replied sarcastically. Rin gave her a weird look.

"Hands up, just askin' yo."

            Rin answered back. Vana raised an eyebrow.

"Anyway, where is she?"

            Johnny asked. Janitta and Vana looked outside but Chesca was nowhere to be found.


"Cut! Yamada!"

            Ryosuke got startled by a shout from their dance instructor. His co-members' eyes were all on him.

"What?! Why?!"

            The confused boy asked. The furious director approached him with a piece of paper in hand.

"See?! You're supposed to go there and not here!"

            The man shouted as he pointed in all directions and shove the paper in Ryosuke's face.

"I get it... sorry..."

            Ryosuke muttered. The man went back to his elevated seat while Yuto approached his best friend.

"Yama-chan~ Daijoubu?"

            The skinny boy asked. The other replied with a nod but his face seemed to shout that he really wasn't.

"Bubble Tea, later."

            Yuto seemed to order. Ryosuke just shook his head.

"My treat -"

            Yuto added but,

"But -"

"It's an order."





Kanagawa - a prefecture in Japan

Hai - "yes" in Japanese

Ohayou - "good morning" in Japanese

Otaku - a Japanese term given to a person who's addicted to animes and/or mangas

Kampai - "cheers!" in Japanese

Gomenasai - "sorry" in Japanese

Gozaimasu - added to sentences or greetings to make them more polite


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