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Chapter 3 - A Replacement  by kazhy419


            Sir Guillermo shouted. He sat on his big black office chair while Chesca stood in front of his desk, faced down.

"You can't quit now!"

            He yelled furthermore. A moment of silence followed. The chirp of the birds and the sound of the wind could be heard on that peaceful December morning. Chesca continued to look at the carpeted floor.

"Why, Ms. Munoz?"

            The fat man broke the silence as he stared at the girl. Chesca looked at him and answered,

"I'm being unfair Sir."

            Her voice trembled as she spoke. Obviously, she just tried hard not to cry.

"I don't understand."

            The man replied.

"Can I just talk to Mr. Kitagawa about this? I want to explain everything to him."

            Chesca murmured. She then looked sternly at her teacher's eyes.


            She added. The man nodded in reply.


"So why Ches?"

            Janitta asked her friend in a concerned way as they sat by the amphitheatre when Chesca left her teacher's office.

"I don't know. I just feel like I'll hurt lots of other fangirls if I grab this opportunity. I don't even think I deserve this."

            She answered.


            Janitta said as she lightly punched Chesca's head.

"You deserve this Chesca. Everyone does, well, except for the delusional fangirls."

            She added with a smile on her angelic face. Chesca looked at her and smiled.

"Thanks Jan, but I've already made up my mind."

            She replied. The other girl looked at her questioningly.

"You sure?"

            She asked. Chesca nodded.

"Only thing I'm sure of is that I'm gonna be hurt after this."

            Chesca thought.


"She can't do that. She really can't."

            Johnny said to his best friend who was on the other line. The old man sat inside a coffee shop, his laptop in front of him.

"Well, she just told me that."

            Sir Guillermo replied.

"Anyway, she'd like to talk to you ASAP."

            He added.

"I'm on my way."

            The other replied as he hung up.


"Don't look at me like that, please don't."

            Chesca thought as she walked towards the food counter at the cafeteria. People looked at her as she took her every step. Apparently, Sir Guillermo made the announcement about her acceptance to the world-famous Johnny's Jimusho, and everyone, or at least the girls, at her school weren't the very least happy about it as they all looked coldly at her.

"Why are you looking at her like that huh?!"

            Princess yelled at some first years who all walked away faster than they could think of what to say. She then glared at everyone who did the same. Vanessa and Janitta lead Chesca away from the crowd of people who were then gathered at the counter towards a free table.

"Jealous people. Don't mind them Chesca."

            Princess groaned as she followed them.

"No need to do that after I talk to Johnny later, Cess."

            Chesca said as she stared at the bright blue sky.

"They won't have a reason to hate me anymore."

            Princess and Vanessa looked at Janitta, unknowing of Chesca's plan. Suddenly,

"Chesca Munoz of IV- St. Dominic, please proceed to the reception room now."

            This announcement echoed throughout the whole place and Chesca felt everyone's eyes fall on her. She didn't need superpowers to know what they thought. She stood up and started to walk.

"Do what your heart tells you, Chesca. It's not right to follow your mind this time."

            She heard Janitta say.

"This is the right thing, yes, I'm sure."


"Are you sure about that?"

            Johnny asked Chesca as they both sat on chairs that faced each other, a table in front of them.


            The girl answered. She then looked at him in the eyes.

"Please let her replace me. She's more deserving and she won't fail to meet your expectations, or even exceed it, I promise."

            She added. Johnny looked at her, unsure of what to say.

"Who is this girl, by the way?"

            He asked.

"She's a friend I met online. Another fan of your boys particularly, we share the same ichiban."

            Chesca replied.

"I'll give you her address tomorrow; I still need to ask her for it."


"Rin! Come now or I'll grab you by your legs and drag you down here!"

            A middle-aged woman shouted. A few minutes later, a small girl went down the stairs towards where her mom stood.

"I told you to get changed, didn't I?! Your suitor is now waiting outside!"

            The woman yelled further. The girl just looked at her blankly.

"I have homework Mom and besides, you're the one who arranged this so I have no obligation to go waste my time for it."

            The girl replied.

"Plus, I have a boyfriend, remember?"

            She raised a brow.

"Oh yeah, that Ryosuke-guy you WASTE your time one."

            Her mom answered sarcastically.

"Thank you for remembering but FYI, I am so not wasting my time for him, okay?"






Baka - "idiot" or "stupid" in Japanese

Ichiban - "favorite"

FYI - For Your Information



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