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The story so far:

"Chapter 1 - She Is The Girl"

Chapter 2 - He Is The Boy  by kazhy419

“Where the hell am I?”

            A boy thought. He had big brown eyes, hair that touched his shoulders and pearly-white skin. He looked around and realized where he was.

“Tokyo Dome?”

            Memories of his first concert there during the debut of his 10-member pop group “Hey!Say!JUMP”, the screams of their fangirls, the criticizing looks of the parents and cameras that recorded the whole event, everything flashed back.

“How nostalgic.”

            He then walked around the huge circular structure, so massive it can occupy 550,000 people, or so he read.

“Koi suru otome wa~”

            He heard it wasn’t his group who performed then but a girl. He immediately turned to face the stage and he did see a girl, nothing special with her, except that she performed just like he usually did. All the girl’s fans, boys and girls alike, went gaga over her. The boy went nearer the 5-feet high stage and looked closely at her, and he realized it was the girl who always appeared in his dreams, ever since he entered show business.

“Who is she?”

            Suddenly, a loud tingling sound recurred in his mind. He opened his eyes and,

“Stupid alarm.”

            He rose from his bed and went to the bathroom to prepare himself. He dressed up and looked at himself in the mirror. In front of him was Yamada Ryosuke, only fifteen years of age, but had already savored the sweetness of fame, both in his homeland, Japan, and throughout the world. Everywhere he went, girls made him deaf with their screams and boys stared at him, green with envy. He was a singer, a dancer and an actor to his fans while he was a good fellow in Johnny’s Entertainment, the agency he shared with lots of other boys and men. He continued to stare at himself as he thought of these when he heard a soft beeping sound from under his pillow. He walked hurriedly towards his bed which gave off a very masculine feel, reached under the soft thing and finally got hold of his phone.


            He thought as he looked at the name that showed in the screen of his very modern-looking phone.

“Come to my office now.”

            These were the only words he heard when he answered the call. He smoothed his hands through his soft black hair and smiled.

“Another day as the superstar.”


“What? A girl will enter the jimusho? That’s insane!”

            Shouted a woman in her early 50’s. She talked to a tall and handsome man, around the same age as her.

“That’s what he told me before he left.”

            He said as he sat on the chair in front of the table that received the woman’s heavy punches.

“Calm down, Mary Kitagawa. No one ever foresees or even knows what’s running in your older brother’s head.”

            He added. The woman sat down and stared at him.

“I hope he won’t regret this.”

            She murmured.


“I need to know who she is.”

            Thought Ryosuke as he sat comfortably on a bus seat. Suddenly, someone sat beside him, even though the bus wasn’t even half-full. He looked at the person and realized it was a girl around his age. He recognized who she was instantly.


            He asked the girl who looked at him quicker than he could blink. She had long black curly hair, a number of moles on her small and pretty face and eyes that seemed to be clouded with sadness.

“Do I know you?”

            The girl answered, but the sadness in her eyes transformed into shock. A moment of awkward silence followed, the two youngsters looked at each other in the eyes.

“You are Miyu, right?”

            Ryosuke broke what seemed to be a million years of emptiness. The girl still looked at his eyes.


            She answered hesitatingly.

“Excuse me, but do I really know you?”


“He isn’t picking up.”

            Said a tall and skinny boy to a taller and older one. They sat on a bench screwed by the roadside. Vehicles passed to and fro in front of them as they both ate a cone of chocolate sundae.

“I’ll thump him personally once he’s here.”

            The taller one said as he gave out a huge sigh.

“He has the guts to invite us and be late!”

            He added as he looked at his watch. He then took a huge bite off his sundae.

“Relax, Takaki. I’m sure Ryo-chan’s up to something, that’s why.”

            The other defended.

“He better be up to something worth wai –-”

            Takaki forgot what he was about to say when he saw Ryosuke, in a bus, with a girl.

“Yuto, he isn’t coming.”

            He said to the other boy who started to glance at all directions as he hoped to see a sign of his best friend.

“He will.”

            The other insisted.

“He won’t. He’s on a date!”


“And where’s that boy now?!”

            Shouted Mary who looked as though ready to fight with a lion.

“Yuto-kun just called and –-”

            Takuya Kimura, the man she spoke to, thought twice whether he should say it or not.


            She shouted angrily.

“Takaki spotted Ryosuke-kun in the bus with…a…girl.”

            He stuttered.

“Oh~ EH?!”


“You really don’t remember me?”

            Asked Ryosuke in a desperate voice.

“But why?”

            He started to speak in a trembling voice.

“You must have been a friend of mine before..before..I had amnesia.”




-san - usually rendered as a common courtesy title like “Mr.” or “Ms.”

jimusho – agency

-kun - used by persons of senior status in addressing those of junior status, by males of roughly the same age and status when addressing each other, and by anyone in addressing male children

-chan - similar to using "dear" when addressing someone in English


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