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Chapter 4 - Baka Rabu!  by kazhy419

"Who was she?"

            Mary asked a shocked Ryosuke. They were in her office; Takuya Kimura, who watched them interestingly, sat on a sofa in a far corner of the room as he brushed through his brown hair once in a while.

"She's just a friend, a childhood friend at that."

            The young man replied as he looked at the aged woman straight in the eyes.

"Okay then, if you say so."

            She weaved a sigh, seemingly of relief but slight disbelief.

"But still, I want you to remember, the agency -"

"Does NOT allow us to have girlfriends, yeah, yeah, I remember that perfectly."

            Ryosuke butted in the moment he knew what she was about to say. He cleared his throat and,

"So, can I go now? I planned a day with Yuto and Takaki in Shibuya, and, that's today."

            He asked. Mary nodded but as Ryosuke neared the door she remembered,

"Ryosuke, matte! I just remembered I have something to tell that's why I told you to come here."

            She blurted. Ryosuke looked at her questioningly.

"Oniichan would like to ask you a favor; well that's for once he's here."

            She said as she motioned him to sit on the chair in front of her antique desk.

"What is it?"

            Ryosuke asked. Mary started to look as though she was about to ask him to jump off a cliff.

"Well, he'll be bringing a girl, your age, here with him, and, she'll be the first female talent of Johnny's then."

            She answered with a hint of doubt in her voice.

"Oh~ WHAT?!"

            He blurted with eyes wide in shock.

"Relax okay. He wants you to introduce her to everyone in the Jimusho, including the basics of this business."

            She added. Ryosuke raised a brow.

"Isn't that HIS work? And why me? As if he thinks I'm that friendly."

            He said. Mary nudged in reply.

"All I know is that you shouldn't fail him, or only God knows what he'll do with you."


"A GIRL?!"

            Yuto shouted as Ryosuke covered the boy's mouth in hurry.

"Now c'mon, don't announce it yet!"

            He scolded as Yuto removed the hand that covered his mouth.

"But that's what Mary-san told me and I'm quite sure Johnny-san will really do according to his plans."

            Ryosuke added as they both sat down beside Takaki on a sofa in the lobby of the Jimusho.

"I wonder who that girl will be. She's got to be really special if she caught Johnny's eye."

            Takaki murmured. Ryosuke looked at him, deep in thought, then,

"Actually, I think Johnny-san looked for her, and apparently, she's not Japanese, or at least that's what Mary-san said."

            The boy said. The two other turned their heads to look at him; both shocked at what they heard.

"H-he looked for her?"

            Takaki asked.

"Yeah. Mary-san mentioned about Johnny-san wanting to do something different than the usual before his retirement."

            Ryosuke replied. Takaki stood and walked towards the vending machine,

"Now that's a rather booming way for him to retire."

            He said as he looked for coins in his pockets.



            Mary shouted to her elder brother who was on the other line.

"Now don't yell at me Mary!"

            Shouted Johnny as he distanced the phone from his ear.

"She said she'll give me the address of a more worthy replacement tomorrow. Isn't that good?"

            He added. Mary, who was then in Japan, miles away from Johnny, banged her desk.

"Johnny Kitagawa! Are you really stupid?! First you pull up this "first ever female in Johnny's" plan, and now that the girl you picked quit, you're gonna replace her?!"

            She shouted as she stood up from her seat, hung up the phone, walked towards the door and looked at Takuya Kimura,

"I need to tighten up some of my oniichan's few loose screws."


"So tell me, Ryo-chan, who's that girl huh?"

            Yuto asked his best friend as they walked with Takaki down the streets of Shibuya later that day.

"How'd you know about her?"

            Ryosuke answered him with a question.

"I saw the two of you on the bus."

            Takaki replied as he hung up his phone.

"Well then, may I ask you, Mr. Takaki Yuya, who did you just talk to?"

            Ryosuke asked him nosily.

"My girlfriend."

            He answered straightly.

"Your what?!"

            Yuto asked him, shocked.

"Kato Rubi, my girlfriend, ring a bell?"

            Takaki replied. Ryosuke and Yuto both looked at him, eyes wide in amazement.

"So, that rumor's true?"

            Yuto asked. Takaki looked at them questioningly.

"You guys didn't know?!"

            The two boys shook their head and Takaki gave out a laugh. Ryosuke caught a glimpse of the door of a shop and saw Miyu who seemed to be waiting for someone.

            Ryosuke called out. Miyu looked at him and thought,

"Him again? Who is he really?"


"Is this your friend?"

            Johnny asked a sad Chesca as he held a picture of a happy girl who sported a peace sign. Chesca replied with a nod and turned to leave.

"I'll go straight to her house after this. Are you sure you won't change your mind?"

            He asked her further.

"It's for my good, my friend's good and my co-fangirls' good."




Shibuya - a main fashion and shopping district in Japan; famous hang-out spot especially for teenagers

matte - "wait" in Japanese

oniichan - "Older borther"


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