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"POEM-MASH: All Poets Welcome!"

Jimmy's Brigade  by kathryn

He isn't a child at six-

he is a fearless leader.

Plastic soldiers are his armymen and they march

to his command.

one two, one two, left right left!

They assemble upon the kitchen table

lined up and prepared for battle.

Onward they march; intrepid men of jimmy's brigade.

Crossing enemy lines, they pursue the whim of their bright eyed commander.

Dinner time, now?! But they just invaded the capital!

the men fall back to their posts as their captain sourly dismisses them

for carrots and peas. Mother knows best. It is time to obey.

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  'Jimmy's Brigade' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: July 3, 2008
Date published: July 3, 2008
Comments: 1
Word Count: 145
Times Read: 549
Story Length: 1