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"AGENT DAVID GLENT Chapter 8 - Glent VS. McGroy"

Chapter 2 - Fake warning call  by justinedahino

 Agent David Glent and James Hunk sat outside of the Café Restaurant.

        The waiter walked towards them and took their orders. Glent held two fingers and ordered two coffees. The waiter went back inside to get their orders.

        Glent looked on Hunk. “Now this is fresh air.” He said and forwarded his chair.

        Hunk looked up around. “Sounds like.”

        David Glent entered as a police member at the Police Department. After ranking him now as a Police Officer he was partnered by agent James Hunk by Sir George Felix. First time that they were together he was the quiet person but James was the most talkative between them. But after that they’ve talked and talked then they were getting close to each other now. The two of them are best friends. James was David’s best friend and best partner, his only best friend. James is the only one who could really understand him as him, as who he was. Almost everybody called them Partners in Crime, Partners of Humors, and Partners of Kickers—some kicking butt thing. But in their entire mind they are working together to finish the violence. James Hunk was being funny, talkative and kind. He has the best sense of humor. David Glent himself was being a quiet person, caring, conservative and responsible man. They have different personalities. They were really opposite people. Their Embassy would say why they were partnered since they are opposite but they didn’t care. They’ll just have to work together and that is all.

        Glent was smiling to his self all of the sudden.

        Hunk noticed him. “Why are you smiling?”

        Glent shook his head. “Nothing”

        The waiter put their coffee to them. He went back inside again.

        Hunk took his coffee and holding the mug while he was talking. “The jerks are jerk and freaks are freak.” Hunk paused. He turned to Glent. “Freaking jerk”

        Glent does not know what he was saying. He took a sipped off his coffee. His phone inside his pocket was ringing all of the sudden.

        Hunk put down his coffee mug.

        Glent fumbled inside his pocket to get his phone. He was confused of who might be calling him now. Hunk wondered why Glent is looking like that. Glent answered the call. “Hello?”

        “Your President is in danger.”

        Glent was confused. He wondered who this mysterious caller might be. Is the caller giving him a warning but why? “Who is this?”

        But the man hung up.

        Hunk stared at Glent.

        Glent does not have to think twice. The President’s life is important and he is in grave danger. He stood up from his chair and run.

        Hunk stood up immediately. “Hey, David!” He yelled. “Where are you going!?”

        Glent didn’t have time to ride the car. He ran as fast as he could.

        George Felix was inside his condominium. He had just finished taking a bath he was drying his hair using a towel while walking to his room.

        Glent was running on the stairwell. He had no time on riding the elevator because Felix’s life is on the line. He is going to protect the President’s life after all.

        George Felix walked towards his dining room. Then he was frightened when Glent kicked his door. The door opened wide. Felix stood there looking at him.

        Glent jogged towards him. He was catching his breath. “Sir, are you okay?”

        Felix looked startled. He was confused why he asked that. “I’m fine, what’s wrong?”

        Glent looked around. He jogged at Felix’s balcony. He slid the glass doors and peered around to see if someone is hiding in there.

        “What’s going on?” Felix asked. He looked displeased of Glent’s actions.

        Glent slid the glass door closed. He walked towards Felix and looked confused. He was confused someone is confusing him. “Did someone attack you?”

        Felix paused, he shook his head. “No, what’s going on?”

        Glent sighed in relief. “I thought someone just attacked you right now.” He remembered to check Felix’s comfort room. He checked Felix’s comfort room.

        Felix turned to Glent. “Hey, I just left in there.” Felix said. He feels like Glent is avoiding his question. “David, what the hell is going on?”

        Glent turned and walked towards Felix. “Someone just called me that you are in danger.” Glent answered. “That’s why I came here to check you out.”

        “I’m in danger?” Felix demanded, confused. He was hit by the words.

        Glent nodded. “Yes, he said that. I’m not joking around.”

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Date created: Jan. 8, 2009
Date published: Jan. 8, 2009
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Tags: action, rescue
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