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The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 3 LET”S HIT THE ROAD  by jo_jovi

At last we were on our way to Refside. It was a true classic model. Thanks to the G.P.S I was on the right way. Carner had his cam rolling; he was quite fascinated by the surroundings.

Casity was checking her mails on the laptop.

We drove through the city seeing the site and the beautiful buildings. After 25 miles we were out of the city and were on the highway.

They weren’t many houses but we saw a few castles. One of the castles was turned into an inn. We had to stop there as Casity wanted to take pictures of it, then we were on our way back to Refside.

“We are already late according to the schedule”, I complained “no more stops until necessary”, I continued.

All agreed. Now we were almost 45 miles from Refside. From the last 10 mile we hadn’t seen any houses or castle. The weather started to get foggy an hour before. There came a small inn, Carner suggested that we should stop but I ignored him and kept on following the G.P.S, which showed another inn a bit far. I said to my self that if it gets foggier we’ll stop there. Now after another hour or so the weather got really rough. And unfortunately when we stopped at the inn it was closed. Nothing went in our way, it had started to rain due to which the G.P.S started to glitch and soon it blanked out. Now we could not see the road nor any place nearby. I knew we were in trouble and it was all because of me. Thunder struck scaring us to death. Casity started to freak out. Then suddenly we heard a high pitch scream.

The car was barely moving, I stopped the car.

“Did you hear that”, Carner asked.

“Yeah I did”, I answered.

“But that’s impossible, with all this rain how can we hear a sound wave so clear”, said Casity who was looking here and there.

I wasted no more time and headed towards the scream. With a little hope to find a shelter as it was getting cold outside.

I was not sure but I headed in the right hand direction. After driving a little far I got suspicious about the direction I was going in, I was about to stop when it came again but this time it was clearer. It sounded like as though some same crying for help.

Carner pointed towards a light which he spotted not far from our position.

“I guess this is our only hope” said Carner.

“But don’t you think it’s creepy like the scream than this light from no were”, from Casity’s expression she did not want to go towards the light.

“We don’t have much choice do we?” I asked.

I drove carefully towards the light, as it came near we came to light the picture got clear it was a light from the tower of a castle.

“Well we found a place to stay”, said Carner

“You sound like you own the place, ever consider the owner might not allow that” I said slowing the cars speed.

“In this creepy place never even if the owner allows for the stay”, said Casity.

I sounded the horn and waited, the door opened (actually it drew down and there was another door). A gentle man was standing holding a lantern.

“Kan ik u helpen, jonge meesters en maitresse?” he said in Dutch meaning “Can I help you, young masters and mistress?”

“Let me handle this” suggested Carner as my Dutch was in no position to be spoken.

“Vereis een pizza voor me en mijn paard”, Carner said proudly in Dutch.

“Huh, sir I do speak English and with all due respect you just said that u need a pizza for you and your horse”, said the gentle man.

“Great work Carner, so much for your Dutch”, Casity said.

“Leave this to me Carner”, I said turning to the old man.

“Can I help you”, he said again this time in English.

“Yes we were looking for some shade in this heavy rain”, I said, “Mr.??”

“How rude of me not to introduce my self to you, my name is Cadbury, I am the butler of this castle”, after a pause he said, “Pardon me I’ll will be back in a minute”.

He returned after a minute carrying three umbrellas and three young fellows.

“Come in sire, may I ask you your good names”.

His enunciation showed that he was from a British empire.

“My name is Trent Mercer; this is Carner Oliver and Casity Cornel”, I replied politely.

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Date created: Oct. 15, 2011
Date published: Oct. 15, 2011
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Tags: horror, supernatural, suspense-and-humour
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