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"The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 1 DEPARTURE part1"

The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 2 THE ROUGH WEATHER part1  by jo_jovi

It was just as Thomas had told about the weather. It was a safe flight though. The weather got a little foggy just half an hour after our flight landed. At the airport we met local employee of the firm. He was quite good at English, which gave me an idea how popular English was around there. He drove us to the hotel, dropped us there and then left. We checked in and the first thing I did was head off to bed. Carner and Casity said something about going somewhere which I didn’t get as I was too dizzy. I didn’t realize and the time passed by real quickly.

I was awaken by Carner and Casity who brought me coffee.

“Wake up sleeping beauty”, teased Carner.

“Stop it, here have some coffee”, said Casity while handing me the mug.

“What time is it?  Where were you guys?” I inquired.

“Well it has been almost four hours, since we got to Meer Stad”, answered Casity. Carner added, “And we went for a little sight seeing and shopping”.

I then suddenly remembered, “I totally forgot”, I panicked, “I had to call up Thomas, after arriving at the hotel”.

I quickly garbed the phone set and dialed Thomas’s number.

“Hi Thomas what’s up”, I said hoping he won’t be mad at us, mainly me.

“God! Where have you been? , I was so worried”, came the answer.

He was so loud that I had to put the receiver away from my ear. Carner broke out in a loud laughter.

“Sorry I forgot”, I apologized.

“Forget it and I was going to the airport if there wasn’t any news from, you”, he was quiet angry and was being very emotional.

“Well, good to know you made it there safely, listen don’t move from the city for three more hours cause there is a new spell of which the weather forecast just informed.

 It maybe like this as long as 5 hours. Go to the counter and ask if there is any package for you from my side. The package has a few important stuff and a sim card, activate it, and when the storm clears I will let you know till then take care and bye”.

    I send Carner to get the package but before that I told them about the delay. Casity jumped up to her feet in joy.

More shopping and site seeing”, she cried.

“Carner good news for you”, said I.

“Why aren’t you going with her”, asked Carner.

“No I am a bit tired, still,” I answered, “you only got 2 and half hour for your site seeing”, I added.

“What your preferring sleep over me”, Casity said in a heart broken way.

“Its like this Casity, I did go with you yesterday”, I sneered

“Come Carner lets go”, saying that she went out of the door and slammed it shut.

“Your in deep trouble, Trent”, Carner said while leaving.

After they left I cursed my self. I knew that they will take 3, 3 and a half hours after what just happened. I went back to my nap for like one hour. After that I went for a little wake, took some flowers and card for Casity with the wordings of sorry from the hotels gift shop and told the guy to send them up when Casity comes.

Then I went out, I saw a library nearby just one block away. I love old legends, ghost stories and war history. So I asked the in charge if he could guide me with some books about the regarding topics .he showed me the section for the books I could only find a three to four books in English, among which I like was by the name of “knight, castles and lords”.

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  'The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 2 THE ROUGH WEATHER part1' statistics: (click to read)
Date created: Oct. 12, 2011
Date published: Oct. 12, 2011
Comments: 0
Tags: horror, supernatural, suspense-and-humour
Word Count: 4558
Times Read: 244
Story Length: 8
Children Rank: 2.9/5.0 (1 votes)
Descendant Rank: 0.0/5.0 (7 votes)