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"The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 1 DEPARTURE part1" -> (5 skipped) -> "The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 5 THE OWNER" -> "The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 6 THE LOCKET AND THE GHOST part1"

The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 6 THE LOCKET AND THE GHOST part2  by jo_jovi

When I entered the room the windows were open, the breeze was strong. I saw Casity’s laptop on the drawer. As I took a step towards it a piece of paper blown out of nowhere got struck on my face. When I took it of I saw something in red, the note had only one word, a question in particular “why?” I was looking at the paper when in a split second the windows closed with a bang and a vase came flying toward me with great speed, but it missed me and hit the wall instead of me. For a second I stood there in shock. But as soon as I recovered I rushed out of the room holding the paper in my hand towards the games room where Casity was. When I came close to my destination I lowered my speed, I saw Carner and Udonna standing at there sight a hid the paper. I went close to Casity. Seeing her safe I was relieved I took her hand, it was burning with fever. Udonna and Carner had followed me in the room.

“Casity you’re suffering from fever why didn’t you tell us”, I inquired.

“No wonder I was getting shivers “, she said.

“Must be the weather” said Udonna, “I’ll get her some blanket and soup.

Mean while Carner threw some more wood in the fireplace.

When Udonna came back I took Carner outside the room saying that we were going to fix the G.P.R.

We walked out of the castle gate and to the car. I did not mention about the paper and the vase. But when we got in the car I handed Carner the piece of paper and told him to have a look at it.

“What’s this?” he inquired.

“Look at it carefully”, I suggested.

“It says “why”, wait a minute is it written in blood?” he asked.

“Let me take a look”, I said in a surprising manner.

****, bloody hell it’s written in blood”, I said handing it over to Carner.

“Trent, this is getting freaky”, Carner said.

“Tell me about it, Carner I think we should setup the cams”.

“Well, I have found three places for them, first the hall way, second the sitting and finally the room of Lady Kelley”,

“Wait a minute why Lady Kelley’s room”, I asked Carner.

“Well, to prove you what I saw was Lady Kelley’s ghost”.

“Ahhggg! Carner, I don’t know how you do it your just…. Forget it lets fix this thing and then take the cams and set them up.

It took us an hour or two to fix up the G.P.R.

After that Carner took the cams, some cables from the car and we went into the castle. I told Cadbury about the circumstance and asked him if we could set up the cams at first he hesitated for a while and refused to give permission, but after a little forcing, I made him realize that it was important. He finally gave permission. I went to the sitting to set up the video camera, while Carner went to set them in the hallway and in the room. After setting it up, I took Casity to the sitting it up I took Casity to the sitting room. Carner went to the room of Lady Kelley to set up the cam while fixing the cable he noticed something shining at a distance. When he came near it was a dagger in the balcony with blood all over, Carner freaked he quickly connected the last cable and rushed out of the room like a mad man.

He opened the door of the sitting and waved me to come out without a word he took me to the room. He was palpitating when he entered the room.

“Trent can you come outside for a minute”, he asked me.

I walked outside the door with him. “What’s the matter Carner you look like you have seen a ghost”, I asked him.

“Just follow me”, was the only reply that came from Carner.

We entered Lady Kelley’s room. Carner told me to take a look at the balcony. I saw nothing there.

“Where is it”, he cried.

“What, there nothing there Carner”, I said.

“I swear Trent there was a dagger and blood all over here”.

By his facial expression I knew he was telling the truth. “Have you setup the cam”, I asked.

He shook his head indicating that he had done so. “Then lets jet out of this room”, I told him.

When we reached down stairs the dinner was served.

None of us felt eating. After dinner we all went to sleep.

Carner asked if he could join me and Casity. Cause I was freaked out my self so I let him do so. Don’t know about Casity and Carner but I had a bad night with terrible nightmares!

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Date created: Oct. 21, 2011
Date published: Oct. 21, 2011
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Tags: horror, supernatural, suspense-and-humour
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