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The Legend of The Castle Vandit.: Chp # 6 THE LOCKET AND THE GHOST part1  by jo_jovi

While I was touring the castle Casity went to the old garden. She always went to quiet place like the garden when ever she used to be upset. While in the garden she saw something shining at a distance. When she got closer she noticed it was locket of heart shape. The heart was quiet small. Casity took it and had a look at it. A few seconds later she decided to wear it. It started to rain again so Casity came back into the castle. She did not tell anyone about the locket. After lunch we had a little game of chess. Casity kept on winning. It was not like her to take interest in a game like chess. Finally I got fed up of losing and decided to quit but Casity did not spare Carner she told him to sit and play with her.

It had been almost a week to our stay at the castle it was the seventh day of the week. I went out to have little fresh air mainly to check the phone booth if it was back in order. I picked up the receiver but to my utter disappointment it was still dead.

  Suddenly a voice came from behind scaring me to death.

“It won’t be fixed this soon, it’s a stormy season it will take some time master Trent,” it was Cadbury’s voice in his usual tone.

“Jeez! Cadbury think you can give me a warning before doing that,” I cried still out of breaths.

“Sorry master Trent if I scared you”, he said with a smile on his face. (I suddenly got this idea so I am adding it, do tell if you like it, like Trent has this image of Cadbury that he is a vampire with blood dropping from his mouth and then he says sorry master Trent if I scared you hahahhhhahahah {laughing}).

“Master Trent, you there”, he asked.

I snapped out of that dream, “ya I’m here, let’s go in its raining quite heavily”.

Afterwards we both walked to the castle for dinner. It was again delicious. After dinner I went to the library and grabbed a book while I was reading Cadbury entered the room he came and stood besides me.

“Cadbury mind if I ask you something”, I said.

“Of course master Trent”, came his reply.

“The owner of this castle is not alive anymore then who owns this castle”, I paused then continued, “I mean to say where do you get the finance to run this place”.

“It now belongs to a distant relative of master Bit Vandit”, he answered.

“How come they or he does not stay here”, I asked.

“Actually her name is Lady Dagmar, she is the mistress of castle Klinge at Germany and is as rich as the Vandits, she comes here with her family only when she is in Gothar and that is for a day or two, she sends us a handsome amount enough to run the castle and serve any visitor in need.

“How come you let us stay without asking her as your phone line is dead”, I asked suspiciously.

“well she is a kind hearted person and does allow people to take shelter in her castle, to be honest you’re not the first ones to stay over here but the first ones to stay as long as a week”.

I smiled and kept on reading.

“Is there any thing else you would like me to do”, Cadbury asked while fixing his tie of his uniform. He dressed as the butler of the classic era the same stylish suit and glove on his hands.

“No that will be all”, I said politely.

After reading I headed towards my room Carner was also heading towards his room. We did not notice Casity coming to her room.

We all went to bed it must be half pass two in the morning when I heard a scream from the next room. It was Casity, I ran towards the door and out to her room Carner followed. We saw Jake coming too. As we entered the room we saw a figure floating in the air.

“It’s Lord Bit Vandit’s, it can’t be”, Jake cried.

“When the figure heard this it disappeared into the floor.

Just then Cadbury and Zake entered the room.

“What happened”, cried Cadbury.

I saw Casity was all pale. I went towards her to comfort her.

“It was him uncle it was him”, cried Jake.

“Who my boy, who”, cried Cadbury.

“Lord Bit Vandit”, came a cold voice, it was Casity.

“What, it’s impossible your making it up”, said Cadbury.

“It was his ghost Cadbury”, I said.

“You have never seen him before, how could say that lady Casity”, he asked Casity.

“Because he told me”, after pause she said, “why don’t you believe me, oh Trent it was horrible,” she said while putting her head on my shoulder. She was in tears.

“Welches schwaches es ist Cadbury”, asked Udonna (she said it in German, which week it is).

“No, no”, he said, “How could I forget”.

“Sie sollten nicht gehabt ließen sie bleiben”, said Udonna. (Good for me that I could understand German because she told Cadbury that he should had not let us stayed).

“What, what’s wrong”, I asked.

But they ignored me.

“But its three days from now”, Cadbury said.

“What, what is three days from now”, Carner cried.

“Mr. and Mrs. Bit Vandits death anniversary”, said a voice from the shadow of the door.

“Shish!” said Cadbury.

“So” I asked, “what’s the big deal”.

“Es geht nichts master Trent”, (there is nothing) said Udonna trying to stop me from asking more.

“Well then, I hope it is not going to come again so we better all go back to sleep”, he said. Before I could say something he continued.

“Without any question”.

“No please don’t leave me please”, cried Casity.

“I’ll stay”, said I voluntary.

“You sure”, asked Carner, “Do you want me to stay as well”.

“No its ok I’ll handle it just stay here for a minute I am going to get my pillow”, I ordered.

I went into my room and grabbed a flash light, some extra battery and a flare just incase and went back to the room I threw my pillow and case on the floor and laid down.

I pretended to sleep but kept awake as long as I could.

In the morning no one talked about the night’s incidence.

I was glad that the ghost of Vandit did not come again. After breakfast, Carner came to me when I was alone in the library.

“Hey Trent can I have a minute”, he asked.

“Ya sure, by the way where is Casity” came my reply.

“She’s with Jake and Zake playing chess”.

“So what was that you wanted to talk about”, I inquired.

“Well”, he sounded a Bit uncomfortable, “after that ghost came I went to the kitchen, I am not sure but I think I saw a figure of a woman passing by the door”,

“So, it must be Udonna”, I suggested.

“Ah! Trent it was kina floating in the air”, came an angry reply.

“Hey you did not mention that before, how was I supposed to know?” I continued, “Well what do you think it was”. 

Carner gave it a thought and said, “remember Demetrius said that it was the death anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Bit Vandit, so my guess is that it was lady Kelley, not her actually her ghost”.

“Ya right, why Carner why do you have to do every thing your cousin has to do, this serious (oops I think I forgot to mention that Casity and Carner were related. They are indeed cousins and from their childhood Carner had a habit copying everything Casity did or had happened to her even if he had to fake it, so I thought that he was again making it up as usual) Carner grow up” I said in an annoyed way.

“Believe it or not it was her ghost even if it was not Lady Kelley’s ghost, it was actually a ghost”, cried Carner.

“I say we put up cams in different areas of the castle”, he suggested.

“Carner I am not sure if you’re really telling the truth or making it up. Secondly we only have three cams and two laptops how can we make a surveillance system with them, you sure can think of stupid plans”.

“Leave that to me, just tell me if you’re in or not”, he asked

“Ya, ya do whatever you like, just don’t get us into any trouble (after a little pause) I have to check Casity”,

Casity was still playing chess with Jake and Zake. When I entered the room Jake and Zake saw me with a desperate cry for help. So went up to Casity and said, “Hey Casity what’s up”.

She was still in the shock, “oh nothing, just playing chess”, came the replied.

“Jake and Zake you can go now I’ll play with”, I told Jake and Zake.

“So how many times you won”, I asked.

“Don’t remember, I lost just twice”, she said.

She was sitting in the chair flintily.

“Every thing alright, want to talk about it”, I inquired.

“Ya everything is alright just that chills are running up my spine every few minutes”, she said

Carner entered in hurry, “all done Trent”, he said breathing heavily.

“What’s done, what are you talking about?” came a terrified question from Casity.

“Relax Casity we’re going to fix the G.P.R; I’ll call Udonna to stay with you”.

“Oh! Ok, I guess I’ll be alright you can go”, she answered.

“Call us if you need anything”, I told her.

“Yo! Trent I thought…”I interrupted Carner before he could finish his sentence, “not now Carner”, after which Carner gave me a confused look.

He and I walked out of the room. As soon as I closed the door I took Carner’s hand and forced him towards the wall facing him I scolded him, “You crazy man, what were you thinking don’t mention anything of that kind in front of her, just leave it, just keep your mouth shut in front of Casity for a while”.

“Ya chill man, its cool”, he said backing me off.

“I am sorry Carner it’s just that something’s not right, last night and than you telling me about the other figure”.

“Hey, hey”, he interrupted me, “its all right we are going to set things right, speaking of which, I need Casity’s laptop I already took yours”, Carner said.

 “I’ll get the laptop for you, mean while go and call Udonna. Carner be careful and wait for me here”, saying that I left for Casity’s room.


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